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Let's explore the animal farm via VR


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This animals farm 3D is your real farm VR in your mobile device. You can explore a new world and have an enjoyable journey to see a variety of animal. You can learn the names of animal and description of animals.

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Let's explore the animal farm via VR

  1. 1. Nama :Muhammad Azhan Bin Zakaria. No Matrix :047384 Course :IM4 Supervisor :Dr. Wan Mohd Amir Fazamin Bin Wan Hamzah
  2. 2.  Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. By simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, even smell, the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world. The only limits to near- real VR experiences are the availability of content and cheap computing power.
  3. 3.  There are less about Virtual Reality applications focused on learning about animals.  Some of us are afraid to get closer to approaching these animals.  Lack of space for people to see animals closer.
  4. 4. This animals farm 3D is your real farm VR in your mobile device. You can explore a new world and have an enjoyable journey to see variety of animal. You can learn the names of animal and description about animals. GET Information EXPLORE Knowledge COLLECT Memories and moment
  5. 5. To study and know the animals livestock with description. To design and develop the experience of being in the farm. To test the animals farm via VR that helps the student to feel and know basic knowledge of animals.
  6. 6. The scope of this application is :  Primary school students.  From year 1 to 4.  Identify and display virtual reality.  Display information and learning about animals.
  7. 7. • Limit only for mobile based • Need VR cardboard to play this application. • Focus some animals only. (cow , goat , deer, horse, )
  8. 8.  The application is expected to be implemented in the mobile based and user be able to explore this application virtual reality using VR cupboard.  Hope this application can give users experience feel like they are in the real farm’s animals.
  9. 9. Task Name January February March April May 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Topic Discussion And Determination Proposal Title Proposal Proposal Writing- Introduction Proposal Writing-Literature Review Proposal Progress Presentation& Evaluation Discussion Correction Proposal Proposed Solution Methodology Proof Of Concept Drafting Report of the Proposal Submit Draft of Report to Supervisor Preparation for Final Presentation Seminar Presentation Final Report Submission
  10. 10. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Can attract people using this application. Not have help button. Easy to use. Not get any knowledge. Animal Planet - 3D, VR, 360
  11. 11. PI VR Animals ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Have many function. Small text difficult to read. Easy to use. Not get any knowledge.
  12. 12. VR Virtual Zoo 3D ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Have beautiful graphics and sounds. Not have help button. Easy to use. Expensive to use this application.
  13. 13. ANALYSIS Content, Target Audience, Strategic, Requirement DESIGN Learning Objective, Delivery Format, Storyboard DEVELOP Pre- Production, Production, Post Production IMPLEMENT Test Run Project, User Test Run EVALUATE Result, Debug, Final Output METHODOLOGY ADDIE ANALYSIS, DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, IMPLEMENTATION, EVALUATE
  15. 15. Let’s explore animal (VR) HELP CREDIT PLAY VR VIEW LET’S EXPLORE
  16. 16. PROCESS MODEL FRAMEWORK Explore the animal’s farm (VR) Animal’s farm(VR) Application CONNECT VR VIEWIMMERSIVE APPLY GOOGLE CARDBOARD
  17. 17. Adobe Photoshop CC – Texture for 3D Model, dll
  18. 18. Autodesk Maya 2018 – Create 3D Model
  19. 19. Unity – Develop Application VR
  20. 20. 1. Christopher Hitchens (2003). Animal Farm. George Orwell 1984.  PT1&dq=animal+farm&ots=9_nKZJ6HZT&sig=Mse7o0utFGRKiWfCqESKK ME9nY0&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=animal%20farm&f=false 2. Fraser, A.F Broom, D.M (1997). Farm animal behavior and welfare.  3. Taylor, R.E (1995). Scientific farm animal production: an introduction to animal science.  4. Farm Animal Welfare Council(2009). Farm Animal Welfare in Great Britain: Past, Present and Future. Area 5A, 9 Millbank, c/o Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR. 