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Copy Of Ipmi Presentation By Dr Azfar


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Copy Of Ipmi Presentation By Dr Azfar

  1. 1. ALFALAH INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED International Private Medical Insurance
  2. 2.  Backed by the Abu Dhabi Group  Assisted by the world’s leading re-insurers  Topped by a team of professionals  Innovative insurance solutions comparable with world standards  Growing nationwide network with presence in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot & Gujranwala…. (Opening in more cities soon) ALFALAH INSURANCE COMPANY LTD
  3. 3.  One of the fastest growing international private medical insurance provider  Winner of numerous international awards like  “Best International PMI Provider" Cover Insurance Awards - 2009  “Treating Customers Fairly" Cover Excellence Awards - 2008  "International PMI" Cover Excellence Awards - 2007  "Best Individual International Health Insurance Provider" Portfolio International- 2006  "Best Individual International Health Insurance Provider" Portfolio International - 2005  “Best International Private Health Group" International Investment Offshore Fund & Product Awards in association with Standard & Poor's – 2005  “Best International Health Insurance Provider" Portfolio International – 2004 INTERGLOBAL
  4. 4.  Many Pakistanis seek overseas treatment from USA, Europe, Singapore, or India because of; o Unavailability of highly advanced treatment options in Pakistan o Better care  However, affordability may be one of the problems OVERSEAS TREATMENT-FACTS
  5. 5. Alfalah Insurance Company Ltd Health Coverage for SGM Sugar Mills
  6. 6. • 4 Plans with limits from $ 850,000 to $ 3,400,000 per annum • Flexibility in case of group coverage • Options of OPD, Dental and Maternity coverage • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Chronic Medical Conditions coverage • Premium according to area of coverage • Optional add on maternity, personal accident, travel benefits ULTRACARE PLANS
  7. 7. COVERAGE OF DIFFERENT PLANS Plus Comprehensive Select Standard US$ 3.4 Million US$ 1.7 Million US$ 1.275 Million US$ 850,000
  8. 8. Area of Cover Area of Cover Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Europe – only Europe & Rest of World (USA Excluded) USA & Rest of World
  9. 9. Inpatient & Daycare Treatment  Accidents and Emergencies  Hospital accommodation  Nursing fees  Surgeon’s, anaesthetists’ and medical practitioner’s fee  Prescribed medicines and Drugs  Specialized Investigations  Diagnostic Tests  Physiotherapy  Dental treatment in case of emergency  Psychiatric treatment (only in plus Plan)
  10. 10. Out Patient Treatment  Primary consultation  Diagnostic tests  Prescribed drugs and dressing  Physiotherapy  Out patient surgical operations  Post hospitalization treatment *OPD is not covered in standard Plan.
  11. 11. Other Benefits  Dental treatment ( only covered in plus and comprehensive plan)  Wellness Benefit ( only covered in plus and comprehensive plan)  Terminal illness ( not covered in standard plan)  Emergency local ambulance  Organ transplant  Nursing at home ( does not apply to terminal medical conditions)  Compassionate emergency visit ( not covered in standard plan)  Hospital Cash benefit  Emergency evacuation  Repatriation of mortal remains  Emergency treatment outside area of cover ( not covered in standard plan)

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