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Lidings China & Pacific Expertise


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Lidings has further strengthened its leading position in providing legal support to clients from the Asia-Pacific region and actively developing their presence in the Russian market. Emphasizing Firm’s flagship areas of expertise, extensive experience in representing some of the largest international investors, and long fruitful collaboration with leading Chinese law firms are all among the main contributing factors.

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Lidings China & Pacific Expertise

  1. 1. LIDINGS EXPERIENCE IN ADVISING COMPANIES OF THE ASIA-PACIFIC REGION 亚太地区企业咨询行家 Leading the Way in Russian Law P. R. China 中国
  2. 2. ABOUT US 关于我们 Since its establishment in 2006, Lidings has been the leading legal advisor in the market supporting over 350 international companies operating in Russia on a wide range of legal matters across all key practice areas and industry sectors Lidings律师事务所自2006年建立以来,一直都是业内领先的法律顾问,为在俄罗斯 经营的350多家国际企业提供了涵盖所有主要业务领域和行业方面的法律咨询服务。 “Recommended legal adviser in all key practice areas” “俄罗斯房地产及纠纷解决最佳律师事务所” The Legal 500 EMEA, 2013 《 法律 500 EMEA 》 , 2013年 “Best Law Firm in Real Estate and Dispute Resolution in Russia” “俄罗斯房地产及纠纷解决最佳律师事务所” ACQ Finance, 2012 《ACQ财经》,2012年 “Best Life Sciences practice in Russia” “俄罗斯最佳生命科学业务” Who is Who Legal, 2012 《法律名人录》,2012年 “Recommended legal adviser in Corporate, M&A, Real Estate, and Dispute Resolution” “企业、并购、房地产以及纠纷解决业务推荐法律顾问” The Legal 500 EMEA, 2012 《欧洲、中东和亚洲地区法律500强》,2012年 “TOP-20 leading Russian law firms” “俄罗斯律师事务所20强” PRAVO.RU, 2011 《 PRAVO.RU》,2011年 “Second place in the rating of the most visible Russian law firms” “俄罗斯最著名律师事务所评选第二名” Martindale-Hubbell, 2011 《马丁代尔-哈贝尔》法律期刊,2011年 Leading the Way in Russian Law “TOP-15 leading M&A advisers in Russia” “俄罗斯并购顾问15强” Mergermarket, 2011 《并购市场》,2011年 “Foreign Business Advisory Law Firm of the Year in Russia” “俄罗斯年度对外商务咨询律师事务所” ACQ Finance, 2010 《ACQ财经》,2010年
  3. 3. PRACTICE AREAS 业务范围 We provide expert legal advice across 8 dedicated practice areas: 我们可以在8 个专业领域内提供专家级的法律咨询服务: BANKING AND FINANCE 银行及金融 CORPORATE AND M&A 企业及并购 DISPUTE RESOLUTION 纠纷解决 EMPLOYMENT 工作雇佣 GOVERNMENT RELATIONS 政府关系 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 知识产权 REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION 房地产和建筑业 TAX AND CUSTOMS 税务和海关 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  4. 4. CLIENTS 客户 Lidings is currently advising over 350 companies and corporations form 35 countries worldwide including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies represented in Russia and CIS Lidings律师事务所目前正为来自世界35个国家的超过350家公司和企业提供 咨询服务,客户中包括多家位于俄罗斯和独联体国家的全球财富500强企业。 Over 20% of our clients come from Asia-Pacific region, and over 10% is comprised of Chinese companies, prominent market leaders in their respective fields: 我们超过20%的客户都来自亚太区域,其中超过10%的客户是中国各领域市 场内的著名领军企业: Automotive industry 汽车行业 IT and Electronics IT及电子行业 Industrial manufacturing 工业制造业 Leading the Way in Russian Law Financial institutions 金融机构
  5. 5. COLLABORATION WITH CHINESE LAW FIRMS 与中国律师事务所 的合作项目 Following our joint projects with prominent law firms from Europe, America, and Africa Lidings has established strong and successful collaboration with China’s leading legal advisors: King & Wood Mallesons, Dacheng Law Offices, and Zhong Lun Law Firm 在我们和欧洲、美洲以及非洲的多家著名律师事务所开展合作项目后,Lidings律师 事务所已同中国领先的法律顾问公司建立了强大和成功的合作关系,合作伙伴包括: 金杜律师事务所、大成律师事务所、中伦律师事务所 Our partner relations with these law firms enable us to represent clients from the region in their investment projects carried out in Russia and ensure highest quality of legal support in matters of Russian legislation combined with direct access to Chinese law experts 与这些律师事务所建立合作伙伴关系使我们可以代理对方区域内客户在俄罗斯进行 的投资活动,并确保最高质量的俄罗斯法律事务支持,以及与中国法律专家的直接 联系。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  6. 6. LEGAL EXPERTISE 法律专长 Our experience in providing full-service legal advice on Russian law matters and carrying out joint projects with Chinese law firms makes Lidings the adviser of choice for clients who need to address to following legal issues: Lidings律师事务所在提供全方位的俄罗斯法律事务咨询服务以及与中国律师事务所共同开展联合项目 方面积累了大量经验,对需要解决以下法律问题的客户而言,Lidings律师事务所将是首选的咨询顾问: COURT REPRESENTATION 法庭代理 REGULATION OF BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES 银行和金融服务规管 PROTECTION OF IP ASSETS 知识产权资产保护 CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL MATTERS 企业及商业事务 TAX AND CUSTOMS REGULATION 税务和海关规例 SALE AND PURCHASE OF LAND PLOTS AND REAL ESTATE OBJECTS 购买销售地块及房地产项目 LABOUR AND MIGRATION LAW 劳动和移民法 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  7. 7. CORPORATE AND M&A 企业及并购 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Company) 北京汽车(北京汽车工业公司) Advising the largest manufacturer of commercial and agricultural transport in China on a joint venture project to establish a production line in the Ulyanovsk region 该公司为中国最大的商用及农用车制造商,我们就其在乌里扬诺夫斯克地区 建立生产线的合资项目提供了咨询服务。 Working closely with a prominent Chinese law firm King & Wood Mallesons our team is providing full legal support to the JV which includes advising on various Russian law matters and ensuring that the provisions governed by foreign law chosen by the parties are in compliance with the Russian legislation. Lidings also supports the acquisition of shares in the JV by the Chinese party 我们的顾问团队与中国著名的金杜律师事务所进行了密切的合作,为合资公 司提供了全方位的法律支持,包括对多项俄罗斯法律事务的咨询服务,并确 保各方当事人选择的适用管辖法律符合俄罗斯法律规定。Lidings律师事务所同 时还为中方收购合资公司股份提供了支持。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  8. 8. CORPORATE AND M&A 企业及并购 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 Lifan Motors 力帆动力 Advising one of the largest Chinese automotive producers in relation to setting up a car manufacturing plant in Cherkessk jointly with a major Russian automaker 该公司为中国最大的汽车生产商之一,我们就其在切尔克斯克同一家 俄罗斯主要汽车制造商共同建立汽车制造厂的相关事项提供了建议。 The project involved a comprehensive overview of Russian import regime and duties to elaborate the most efficient legal strategy for structuring and optimization of the client’s customs operations. Legal memo issued by the project team covered all key regulative aspects of customs declaration of CKD vehicles and profitable customs regimes to enable the client to reduce costs associated with importing automotive components and facilitate distribution and sale of passenger vehicles assembled in Russia 该项目涉及对俄罗斯进口制度和关税的全面介绍,并为客户构建并优 化海关业务提供最有效的法律策略。项目团队发布的法律备忘录中涵 盖了所有与CKD汽车报关及盈利海关制度相关的所有关键规管方面内容, 使客户可以降低进口汽车组件的相关成本,并方便客户经销在俄罗斯 境内组装的客运车辆。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  9. 9. CORPORATE AND M&A 企业及并购 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 Huawei Technologies 华为科技 Advising the world leader in the networking and telecommunications equipment development and production on restructuring of the company’s business in Russia 我们为这家世界领先的网络及电信设备开发及生产商提供了关于重组公司俄 罗斯业务的建议。 Restructuring of business in Russia was a part of the major Huawei holding’s restructuring process which implied consolidation of all types of the company’s business in Russia as a single legal entity. Following elaboration of a merger strategy for the client’s subsidiaries in Russia we have worked on drafting of the merger documentation, regulatory filings, corporate registrations, and share transfer. In order to save time on antimonopoly clearance we have first conducted disclosure of the client’s group of companies worldwide 重组俄罗斯业务是华为控股重组进程的主要环节之一,其目的是将公司在俄 罗斯的所有类型业务整合成唯一的法律实体。在起草客户俄罗斯子公司的合 并战略后,我们参与起草了合并文件、监管机构备案、企业注册、以及股权 转让等内容。为缩短反垄断审查时间,我们首先对客户在全球范围内的集团 公司信息进行了披露。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  10. 10. DISPUTE RESOLUTION 纠纷解决 __________________________ RECENT DEALS 近期业务 Qingdao Fang Yue Textile 青岛方乐纺织 __________________________ Court representation of four Chinese textile companies in collaboration with Dacheng Law Offices in a debt collection claim related to unpaid letters of credit 我们与大成律师事务所合作,代表中国四家纺织品企业出庭,对关于未付信 用证追收债项索赔的案件进行了诉讼。 Hong Feng Printing and Dyeing Mill Jinzhou 锦州鸿丰印染厂 __________________________ Our clients’ counterparty had opened letters of credit in one of the Russian banks which subsequently went bankrupt and has been acquired by a major Russian financial group. Despite numerous negotiations the counterparty refused to pay the credit amount referring to the change occurring in the stockholder's structure and criminal proceedings in relation to one of the bank’s directors. We have prepared a detailed assessment of legal risks related to initiating litigation against the bank and elaborated all documentation for the client to initiate court proceedings 我们客户的交易方在一家俄罗斯银行开具了信用证,该银行之后破产并被一 家俄罗斯主要金融集团收购。尽管经过多次谈判,但交易方仍拒绝支付因股 东结构变化以及与银行董事之一相关的刑事诉讼程序导致的信用款项。我们 详细评估了银行启动诉讼程序相关的法律风险,并制订了客户启动法院诉讼 所需的所有文件。 Nantong Jukun Import & Export 南通巨鲲进出口公司 __________________________ Shenzhen Richeswin Development 深圳富利昌发展有限公司 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  11. 11. PROTECTION OF IP ASSETS 知识产权资产保护 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 ZTE Corporation 中兴通讯 A leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions appointed Lidings as its strategic legal counsel to provide full-service legal advice on its operations throughout the Russian Federation. In this capacity we have advised the client with respect to using its IP assets for the purposes of charter capital increase in the Russian legal entities 作为一家全球领先的特种设备及网络解决方案提供商,中兴指定Lidings律师 事务所作为其战略法律顾问,为客户在俄罗斯的所有业务提供全面法律咨询 服务。在此方面,我们已建议客户使用其知识产权资产以增加其在俄罗斯所 注册法律实体的注册资本。 Lidings’ team has conducted a thorough review of the client’s IP portfolio which includes trademarks, patents, know-how, and other IP assets. We subsequently proposed ways to improve legal status of the client’s IP assets and elaborated a step-by-step mechanism for contribution of each to the charter capital of the desired legal entity Lidings团队对客户的知识产权组合,包括商标、专利、技术、以及其他知识 产权资产进行了全面深入的审核。在此之后,我们提出了改善客户知识产权 资产法律地位的方案,并制定了一项逐步为所需法律实体增加注册资本的方 案机制。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  12. 12. EMPLOYMENT 工作雇佣 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 Hunan Zoomlion International Trade Co. 湖南中联重科国际贸易有限公司 Advising China’s leading manufacturer of construction machinery equipment on a wide range of matters related to employment and labour legislation of the Russian Federation 我们为中国领先的建筑机械设备制造商提供俄罗斯联邦雇佣及劳动法方面的 广泛咨询服务。 Project involved drafting a legal memorandum and elaboration of employment solutions that would be consistent with the client’s internal policies and compliant with the applicable Russian legislation. The resulting legal memo, drafted under extremely challenging time constraints, provided a comprehensive overview of all key Russian employment law aspects 项目涉及起草一份符合客户内部政策以及适用的俄罗斯法律的法律备忘录, 并制定相应的雇佣解决方案。在起草该法律备忘录时时间极其紧迫,但我们 仍然努力提供了一份包含俄罗斯雇佣法所有关键问题的全面概述。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  13. 13. BANKING AND FINANCE 银行和金融 RECENT DEALS 近期业务 ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) 工商银行(中国工商银行) Jointly with Australian law firm Gadens we have advised Australian branch of the bank in the process of granting a USD35 mln loan to a Russian subsidiary 我们与澳大利亚嘉登律师事务所共同合作,在工商银行向俄罗斯子公司授予 3,500万美元贷款的过程中提供咨询服务。 Lidings conducted a thorough review of transactional documents and issued a related legal opinion. Our participation in the project extended to coordinating the work of the bank’s and the borrower’s in-house legal counsels and advising the client with regards to currency, customs, and tax regime applicable in Russia Lidings律师事务所对交易文件进行了全面审核,并发表了相关的法律意见。 我们在项目中参与的工作还包括协调银行及借款人内部法律顾问间的工作, 并为客户提供关于俄罗斯货币、海关、以及货币制度等方面的咨询服务。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  14. 14. LIDINGS’ EXPERTS ASIA-PACIFIC TEAM LIDINGS事务所亚太团队专家 Andrey Zelenin Partner 合伙人 Tel.: +7(495) 989-44-10 电话: +7(495) 989-44-10 Sergey Patrakeev Counsel 律师顾问 Tel.: +7(495) 989-44-10 电话: +7(495) 989-44-10 Dispute resolution 知识产权资产保护 Corporate and M&A 企业及并购 Banking and finance 银行和金融 Real estate and construction 房地产和建筑业 Stepan Guzey Partner 合伙人 Tel.: +7(495) 989-44-10 电话:+7(495) 989-44-10 Vadim Konyushkevich Senior Associate 资深 律师 Tel.: +7(495) 989-44-10 电话: +7(495) 989-44-10 Dispute resolution 纠纷解决 Banking and finance 银行和金融 Tax and customs 税务和海关 Corporate and M&A 企业及并购 Real estate and construction 房地产和建筑业 纠纷解决 Banking and finance 银行和金融 Protection of IP assets * Leading the Way in Russian Law For a detailed overview of the team credentials please refer to the next slides 团队记录详细综述参见以下幻灯片
  15. 15. ASIA-PACIFIC TEAM 亚太团队 Andrey Zelenin Partner 合伙人 Head of Dispute Resolution practice at Lidings 律师事务所争议解决 业务主管 Representing a large Czech FMCG company in a trademark infringement dispute against a Russian producer 在一起商标侵权纠纷案中代表一家捷克大型快速消费品公司对俄罗斯生产商提起 诉讼。 Representing an American oil and gas giant before the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation 在俄罗斯联邦工商协会国际商事仲裁法院代表一家美国石油和天然气巨头出庭。 Representing a large Swedish provider of packaging solutions in litigation proceedings related to debt collection, foreclosure of the mortgaged property and in bankruptcy proceedings 在一项与追收债款、取消抵押品物业赎回权相关的诉讼程序以及破产程序中代表 一家大型瑞典包装解决方案供应商。 Advising a Turkish holding in the course of acquisition of a Polish furniture factory in Vladimir 在一家土耳其控股公司收购位于弗拉基米尔的波兰家具厂的过程中为其提供建议。 Advising a Korean pharmaceutical company in relation to protection of IP assets in Russia 为一家韩国药品企业就在俄罗斯保护知识产权方面的相关事宜提供建议。 Leading the Way in Russian Law Representing a large Turkish bank in relation to bankruptcy of an agricultural holding in Krasnodar 代表一家土耳其大型银行参与一家位于克拉斯诺尔达的农业控股公司的破产过程。
  16. 16. ASIA-PACIFIC TEAM 亚太团队 Consulting a major transportation company on a multibillion infrastructure project for the construction of a high-speed railway 为一家大型运输企业在一项价值数十亿美元的高速铁路基础设施建设项目中提供 咨询服务。 Stepan Guzey Partner 合伙人 Head of Tax and Customs practice at Lidings 事务所税务和海关业务主管 Advising a prominent Chinese financial institution in relation to investment in a large mining project in Russia 为一家著名的中国金融机构就在俄罗斯大型采矿项目内的投资提供建议。 Advising a large Russian holding on a pre-export finance facility from an international bank syndicate 为一家俄罗斯大型控股公司就从一家国际银行集团获得出口前融资提供建议。 Advising one of the largest power generating companies in relation to financing apower station construction 为最大的发电企业之一提供关于电站建设融资方面的建议。 Advising one of the largest Russian oil companies on tax planning following a thorough due diligence of the client’s assets 在对客户资产进行尽职调查后,为俄罗斯最大的石油企业之一提供税务计划方面 的建议。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  17. 17. ASIA-PACIFIC TEAM 亚太团队 Sergey Patrakeev Counsel 律师顾问 Co-Head of Banking and Finance practice at Lidings 事务所银行和金融业务联合 主管 Advising a leading Scandinavian household furniture producer in relation to construction of trade centers in Moscow and across a number of Russian regions 为一家领先的斯堪的纳维亚家庭家具生产商在莫斯科和俄罗斯各地区兴建 交易中心一事提供建议。 Advising a major Russian bank in relation to investment into a PPP project in Russia 为一家俄罗斯主要银行就投资俄罗斯PPP项目相关事项提供建议。 Advising a major international bank on financing of a development project for reconstruction of a wagon factory in Leningrad region 为一家大型国际银行就投资列宁格勒地区一家旅行车制造厂的重建开发计 划提供建议。 Advising a leading Russian telecommunication company on acquisition of a nationwide broadband operator 为一家俄罗斯领先电信企业就收购一家全国宽带运营商一事提供建议。 Advising a leading German energy equipment manufacturer on implementation of its investment project for modernization of a Russian steel plant 为一家领先的德国能源设备制造商就一家俄罗斯钢铁厂的现代化投资项目 一事提供建议。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  18. 18. ASIA-PACIFIC TEAM 亚太团队 Advising a large Slovenian company in relation to a debt-for-equity swap in its Russian subsidiary 为一家斯洛文尼亚大型企业就其俄罗斯子公司债券转股权事务提供建议。 Vadim Konyushkevich Senior Associate 資深律师 Senior Associate at Corporate and M&A practice at Lidings 事务所企业及并购业务資深律师 Conducting due diligence of five land plots and real estate objects in various regions of Russia in support of their subsequent acquisition by a major German distributor of power generating equipment 为一家德国发电设备主要经销商后续收购工作提供支持,并为其在俄罗斯 各地的五处土地和房地产项目进行尽职调查。 Advising an a large international corporation on the establishment of a representative office in Russia 为一家大型国际企业在俄罗斯建立代表办事处一事提供建议。 Advising a Latvian meat producer in relation to current permissions for the export of stock – raising products from Latvia to Russia 为一家拉脱维亚肉品生产商就当前获取拉脱维亚向俄罗斯出口募股产品许 可一事提供建议。 Advising a major Turkish producer of flat glass for the automotive industry in relation to establishment of a joint venture for production of goods located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of the Russian Federation 为一家土耳其汽车行业平板玻璃主要生产商在俄罗斯联邦特别经济区(SEZ) 内建立生产产品的合资公司一事提供建议。 Leading the Way in Russian Law
  19. 19. CONTACTS 联系人 MOSCOW 莫斯科 Naberezhnaya Tower, Block C 10, Presnenskaya nab., 俄罗斯,莫斯科, 纳别列日纳亚陶埃尔 (纳别列日纳亚塔), C段, 普列斯年斯卡亚 纳别列日纳亚10 号, Moscow, 123317, Russia 邮编123317 Phone: +7 (495) 989-44-10 电话: +7 (495) 989-44-10 Fax: +7 (495) 989-44-20 传真: +7 (495) 989-44-20 E-mail: 电子邮件 Leading the Way in Russian Law THANK YOU. 谢谢