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Using Redis As a PHP Session Handler


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Redis is great for optimizing the performance of a PHP website. You can use Redis as a server for handling PHP sessions. Installing and configuring Redis on a Cloudways server is really easy. You can install it in one-click and configure it by two variables.

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Using Redis As a PHP Session Handler

  1. 1. Session Management With Redis in PHP Using Redis As a Session Handler
  2. 2. Understanding Redis • An open source cache and data storage server • Supports various type of data • Used for session management, increase site search and load time on the browser.
  3. 3. Understanding Sessions • A method of storing data of individual users against a unique session ID. • Use for validating state of users
  4. 4. What is Session Handler in PHP • Session handling refers to storing and retrieving data from stored sessions. • Outer session handler provides a place for overlapped session data to reside • It is important for creating highly scalable PHP apps
  5. 5. Using Redis as a Session Handler • Redis can be installed on a Cloudways server in one-click. • For using redis as a session handler in PHP, you need to define to variables. • session.save_handler & session.save_path
  6. 6. • Read the full article on Using Redis as a PHP Session Handler.