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Quickly Host PHP App on Linode Server


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Instantly launch a managed Linode server and deploy PHP app on it by using Cloudways platform. This platform makes hosting PHP website on Linode quick and easy. Save your time and cost that would have otherwise went into manually setting up server and hiring sysadmin for server management. With Cloudways platform you get 24/7 server management and system administration.


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Quickly Host PHP App on Linode Server

  1. 1. How to Host PHP On Linode Using Cloudways
  2. 2. Why You Should Host on Linode? 01 Uptime Linode was available for more than 99.9% of the times. 02 Speed In terms of speed, cloud hosting experts rate Linode amongst the top tier. 03 Reliability Linode uses the same infrastructure as The Onion and we rarely see these services go down.. 04 Scalability Linode servers are highly scalable and able to handle traffic spikes with ease..
  3. 3. Why Host With Cloudways • If you try to Host PHP website on Linode directly, it may take you some time and expertise (and a lot of help from Google) to get somewhere. If you want a quick deployment, then launch Linode through Cloudways where everything at the server level is managed by cloud experts. You only need to focus on your PHP. • Cloudway is a managed hosting platform for developers, designers, bloggers, agencies and ecommerce stores. Just sign up and in few minutes, you will have a managed cloud server waiting for you with PHP already installed on it.
  4. 4. Why Host With Cloudways 24×7 tech support and server management Dedicated Ips and Servers 1-click installers Easy UI to control servers and applications Real time Billing & server performance monitoring Optimized servers with Cloudways’ well-known recipe (Nginx, Varnish, Apache, Memcached, PHP-FPM) Ability to clone servers and applications Free SSL Automated Backups Team Collaboration Integrated Git client Unlimited staging URLs and unlimited websites on a single server
  5. 5. Launch Your First PHP app on Linode Using Cloudways >> You can sign up for free and take a Linode for test drive for 3 full days. This provides you a chance to get acquainted with the UI of our platform and the power and flexibility it provides. 1. Sign up for FREE account
  6. 6. Select App and Add Details • Select Custom App. • Name your App, Server and Project
  7. 7. Select Linode • Select Linode from the list of 5 cloud providers listed.
  8. 8. Select Server Size
  9. 9. Select Server Location
  10. 10. Launch • That’s it! • Wait for few minutes as a Linode server with a staging URL and default PHP instance is being assigned to your Cloudways account.
  11. 11. All PHP Frameworks Supported • You can easily install almost any PHP frameworks and micro- frameworks through a simple composer command. • Composer comes pre-installed on all servers.
  12. 12. PHP Frameworks Installation Guides • How to Install Symfony on Cloudways • How to Install YII on Cloudways • How to Install CodeIgniter on Cloudways • How to Install CakePHP on Cloudways
  13. 13. Signup for Free Get Started for Free