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What will events of the future look like

Azavista, the leader in corporate event technology, participated in the EIBTM conference last week, in Barcelona. Cassandra Michael, Sales and Marketing Manager at Azavista, gave a presentation about the future of events as the company envisions it.

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What will events of the future look like

  1. 1. What will events of the future look like? Insights from
  3. 3. Augmented Reality Supplier Sourcing We are seeing various augmented reality headsets like Oculus Rift being launched. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: -- Hotels will allow planners to view facilities virtually -- Planners will use AR to select and experience destinations
  4. 4. Setting up the venue With Leap Motion you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: Hotels and venues will allow you to create your event set-up in this interactive and virtual way.
  5. 5. Your future contingency plan for rain This is a real“invisible umbrella”, which takes advantage of the air flow as shelter from the rain. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: We can see this technology expanding and possibly being using for big outdoor events
  6. 6. Real-time translated conversations Microsoft's Skype Translator automatically translates your voice and video calls with real-time translation FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: It will replace translation booths. Delegates will be able to follow any presentation in any language just from their smart-phones.
  8. 8. Smart Luggage... and clothing Bluesmart is the first smart carry on to be released in August 2015. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: Most of our personal belongings will be interconnected with smartphones.
  9. 9. Social Check-in & Inflight Networking Quicket and other emerging apps allow you to identify fellow passengers to sit next to and network with. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: EEvveenntt aappppss wwiillll ooffffeerr tthhiiss iinn ccoommbbiinnaattiioonn wwiitthh tthhee cchheecckk--iinn pprroocceessss.. NNeettwwoorrkkiinngg wwiillll ssttaarrtt bbeeffoorree tthhee eevveenntt bbeeggiinnss!!
  10. 10. Self Driving Cars Google, Audi, Mercedes, GM and more are all working on self driving technology. By 2020 these vehicles will probably be on the road FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: Self driving cars will be notified automatically when a delegate lands and be at the pick-up point right on time
  11. 11. AT THE EVENT
  12. 12. iBeacon Technology The iBeacon is essentially a transmitter. It sends a push notification when a device with an app that uses iBeacon is in proximity. Future Scenarios: - Personalized recommendations on workshops, stands and activities in all events. - IBeacon will pull visitors' QR codes on event tickets automatically before entering. Beacons are low cost and low maintenance, as a result there will be more than 4M devices in use by end of 2018.
  13. 13. Social Robotics From double robotics to robots with artificial intelligence, we are already seeing the unlimited possibilities. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriiooss:: Post event surveys will be substituted by robots that will collect participant feedback on the spot! Blabdroids are a good example of that emerging trend.
  14. 14. A Wearable Thermostat Wristify is a bracelet that controls your body temperature using thermoelectric material and sensors . Future Scenarios: These bracelets will be handed out to event attendees ensuring everyone is 100% comfortable and the temperature is according to their personal preferences.
  16. 16. Sensory Fiction MIT’s new Sensory Fiction project uses wearable technology in the form of a vest peppered with sensors to help you feel — literally — the emotional twists and turns of your favorite books. FFuuttuurree SScceennaarriioo:: Someone couldn't make it to the event? Create a post event book using sensory technology and let the attendees experience the event to the max. We will see this technology linked to video as well.
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