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IIIF Presentation API


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IIIF Presentation API

  1. 1. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Introduc7on   to  the   Presenta7on  API   Rob  Sanderson   @azaroth42   #iiif   hCp://  
  2. 2. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Images  are  Fundamental  Disseminators   of  Cultural  Heritage  
  3. 3. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   More  than  one  image  is  needed  per  object  
  4. 4. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   How  do  I  know...   ...  which  images  to  use?   ...  in  which  order?   ...  what  they  depict?   ...  how  they  can  be  reused?   ...  who  should  be  aCributed?   ...  which  other  resources  to  display?   ...  which  other  objects  are  related?  
  5. 5. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Actually,  How  do  I  ...   ...  provide  a  rewarding  user  experience?    
  6. 6. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   IIIF  Presenta7on  API  2.0   hCp://     Scope:   Provide  only  the  informa7on   necessary  for  an  applica7on  to   present  the  object  to  the  user     Uses  the  Shared  Canvas  model  
  7. 7. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas Abstract  space  used  for     building  a  view  of  the  object  
  8. 8. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas Abstract  space  used  for     building  a  view  of  the  object     Think:    Powerpoint  Slide  
  9. 9. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas
  10. 10. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas
  11. 11. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas
  12. 12. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Shared Canvas
  13. 13. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Why?
  14. 14. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   One Canvas, Multiple Images Archimedes  Palimpsest  Mul2-­‐Spectral  Images   h7p://  
  15. 15. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   One Canvas, Multiple Images Archimedes  Palimpsest  Mul2-­‐Spectral  Images   h7p://  
  16. 16. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   One Canvas, Multiple Images Archimedes  Palimpsest  Mul2-­‐Spectral  Images   h7p://  
  17. 17. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   One Image, Multiple Canvases h7p://www.e-­‐  h7p://www.e-­‐  
  18. 18. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Not Just Images h7p://  
  19. 19. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  20. 20. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  21. 21. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  22. 22. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  23. 23. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  24. 24. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Structure
  25. 25. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Properties Descriptive label Name of the resource description Textual summary thumbnail Image summary metadata Pairs of Label and Value Metadata Example: label:"Created", value:"1300"!
  26. 26. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Properties Rights license Link to license description attribution Text required to be displayed logo Image required to be displayed Linking service Additional service endpoint seeAlso Semantic metadata resource related Resource to display to the user
  27. 27. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   How?
  28. 28. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   JSON:             Ease  of  Development   Linked  Data:   Plays  Nice  with  Others  
  29. 29. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   {! "@context":"",! "@id":"",! "@type":"sc:Canvas”,! "label":"p. 1”,! "height":1000,! "width":750,! "images": [! {"@type":"oa:Annotation”,! // annotation linking image to canvas …! }],! "otherContent": [! {"@type":"sc:AnnotationList",! // reference to list of non-image annotations …! }]! } ! {}s are the new <>s
  30. 30. Sharing  Images  of  Global  Culture,  Na7onal  Gallery  of  Art,  May  5th  2015   @azaroth42  #iiif  hCp://   Summary Presenta7on  Data  not  Metadata   Shared  Canvas  Model   JSON  based  Linked  Data