Global warming


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Global warming

  1. 1. By, Morgan Parker
  2. 2.  Global Warming is when the Earth’s atmosphere has an increase in temperature (Source 1). Storms, an increase in rainfall, flooding, the rising of sea level, and dry periods are some signs of global warming (Source 1). Scientists think global warming is caused by the gases produced when people burn fossil fuels (Source 1). The gases produced when people burn fossil fuels trap the sun’s heat in our atmosphere causing the earth to heat up (Source 1). The process of global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect (Source 1). The greenhouse effect is a component of global warming (Source 1). The greenhouse effect is when the earth’s atmosphere traps energy from the sun and doesn’t let it out (Source 1).
  3. 3. Earth’s greenhouse effect only allows a small amount of heat energy to passthrough the atmosphere into space. It usually is absorbed by the greenhousemolecules. The surface will cool by radiating heat upward and the warmer thesurface, the more heat energy is radiated upward. Increasing the amount ofGreenhouse gases increases the warming of the surface and slows the lossof energy into space.
  4. 4.  The earth’s usual weather patterns and climate will change. This is called climate change ( Source 1). Climate changes will change how plants and animals adapt to their environment, affecting our food supply (Source1). Earth has been experiencing cycles of warming and cooling (Source1). Global warming effects where polar bears, seals, and penguins live due to the heat melting the ice (Source 4). The greenhouse effect ( part of global warming) is destroying the ozone layer ( Source 4). Carbon dioxide plays a big role in global warming that is destroying our world one degree at a time (Source 3).
  5. 5.  Scientists predict the global average temperature will rise between 2.7 and 10.8 degrees Fahrenheit (Source 1). Scientists know that global warming is progressing due to businesses and factories in different countries (Source 3). Meteorologists can predict global warming through the weather. They use the data to investigate possible climate change. Climatologists make observations and measurements through data from remote-sensing satellites ( Source 1). To predict the future, climatologists use a computer program called general circulation models. They are mathematical models of the atmosphere (Source 3).
  6. 6.  To stop global warming a slight, we can use renewable resources such as solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and tidal power (Source 1). If you ride your bike you are reducing global warming (Source 1). Trying to stop global warming will cost a lot and cause a great financial hardship (Source3). Industries and countries are most threatened by the change (Source 2). Advantage The advantage that scientists are convinced by is that since the carbon dioxide levels are high, earth will do better ( Source 3).
  7. 7. • Oxlade, Chris. Global Warming. Mankato, Minnesota: Capstone Press, ©2003.o Peggy J. Parks. Global Warming. New York: Thomas Corporation, ©2005.0 Laurence Pringle. Global Warming. New York: Seastar Books, ©2001.2 Laurence Pringle. Global Warming. New York: Arcade Publishing, ©1990.
  8. 8. This is a picture of what the earth’s temperature will increase to if we do notcut down on burning fossil fuels and the amount of carbon dioxide we useand put into the air. The South is going to increase in temperature due to itbeing near the equator. The orange areas are where the temperature hasreached its half mark and will keep increasing. The ocean water is yellowand will create a phenomena with the coral reef. If the temperature getswarmer, the coral reef will not be able to bear the heat, turn white, and diecausing them to become extinct.
  9. 9. Does Earth’s atmosphere protect us from the sun’s rays heating up the Earth, causing global warming?
  10. 10. If I were to model the earth’s atmosphere and measure the temperature with and without a “atmosphere”, then I think the model with the atmosphere will create a heat phenomena than those without an “atmosphere” because the earth’s temperature is a result of sunlight penetrating the earth’s atmosphere, and warming the planet. The glass container will act like a greenhouse trapping the reflected heat energy. Certain gases in the atmosphere trap the heat energy. This trapping of sunlight energy creates the greenhouse effect. This process will keep the energy from the sun and will not let it out causing an increase in temperature. The things we put in the air, may have profound effects on human health and the environment itself.
  11. 11.  One clear, sphere shaped, glass container (large enough to fit a plastic cup inside). Two plastic cups. Soil (such as potting or topsoil). Outdoor thermometer (small enough for the base to fit in the cup). One spray bottle with water
  12. 12. Independent Variable- One cup with an “atmosphere”, one without.Dependent Variable- The temperature of both of the soils.Controlling Variables- The soil (1 ½ cups) The outdoor thermometers The two plastic cups The environment in which it is placed in.
  13. 13. 1. Place the soil in each of the plastic cups so the cups are almost full. Label one cup “A” and one cup “B”.2. Place one thermometer in cup “A” and one in cup “B” so that the base (the bulb of the thermometer) is slightly buried by the soil.3. Place both cups in direct sunlight. Wait about ten minutes and record the temperature of both the cups.4. Wait until both of the soils are the same temperature before beginning experiment (if not), wait a few more minutes.5. Place the glass container over cup “A”, keeping the thermometer in the soil.
  14. 14. ˆ Wait 30 minutes and remove the jar, record the temperature in both of the soils.o Repeat steps 3-6 for 3 trials to perform the experiment correctly.c Have fun while doing the experiment 
  15. 15. Trials for Experiment: TRIALS: Cup "A" Cup "B" 99 Degrees Fahrenheit or 36 91 Degrees Fahrenheit or 34 Trial 1- Degrees Celsius Degrees Celsius 99 Degrees Fahrenheit or 36 91 Degrees Fahrenheit or 34 Trial 2- Degrees Celsius Degrees Celsius 98 Degrees Fahrenheit or 37 90 Degrees Fahrenheit or 32 Trial 3- Degrees Celsius Degrees CelsiusWhat is shown in the information above, is that cup “A” (the cup with the“atmosphere”) had a larger temperature than cup “B” (the cup without the“atmosphere”) due to the greenhouse effect going on inside. Since cup “B”had no covering, the heat was able to escape into the air not heating up the soilcausing the temperature to rise.
  16. 16. I have concluded that my hypothesis was correct due to my knowing of the greenhouse effect and its contribute to global warming. The results of my experiment was that cup “A” was warmer than cup “B”. If I could perform this experiment again in the future then I would change the soil into water and see is water with an atmosphere would become warmer than one without. The atmosphere does cause our earth to warm up creating global warming and this experiment showed me this through science.
  17. 17. According to NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the temperatures will keep increasing over the years. We will experience a warm/dry period in 2011 (as we did). The next warm/dry phase is scheduled to arrive in 2030 and early in 2038. It is expected to produce extreme weather patterns, worse than what we saw in the 1990’s and early 2000. This “warm dry” weather will be a new adjustment to the North Pole and the organisms living in that biome.
  18. 18. The End 