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The perfect nude


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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The perfect nude

  1. 1. Enrique RogerIsabelle Fordea
  2. 2.  WHAT IS NUDITY ?
  3. 3.  Nudity is the state of wearing no clothing. The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic. The amount of clothing worn depends on functional and social considerations.
  5. 5.  TO BE NUDE … in RARE and CONTROLLED circumstances is perceived as an ACT OF INMORALITY.
  6. 6. IT IS JUST OUR BODIES !!! …… that we have BORN WITH …… that we are forced to carry around OUR LIVES …… that we actually LOVE and CARE …
  7. 7. NUDITY IS SEXUAL !!! …… The sight of a nude body is SEXUALLY SITIMULATING and … We SHOULD NOT BE SEXUALLY STIMULATED …… except by certain people and in certain circumstances.
  8. 8. We perceive that SEXUAL DEVIANCY is on rise …Most of people understand this fact, but they also are able to appreciate the positive and, of course, beautiful faces ofnudity.One of the most remarkable aspects of NUDITY is found in ART.
  9. 9.  A breast, a thigh ... black and white. Something like this would be the classic image that can express a person discovered (without clothes) in a picture. Simple, but at the same time abstract, because of his position
  10. 10.  As when you analyze a text, the same thing would happen with the picture ... if you have an in-depth analysis you might conclude that an image can reveal a lot of things. But how would it be if you replace that person in the picture with her nude personality. Could you talk about that perfect nude?
  11. 11.  You could you say that appearances can be deceiving sometimes. Although the packing may be brightly,what it contents can be disappointing or enough disgusting, but that person´s transparency remains often bashful , because of his unwillingness to be understandable. Why do we always hide behind the fruit trees and have no strength to prove that we can be naked until the depths of our truth?
  12. 12.  On the contrary, we impose an image to others that we want to show to actually living in a false comfort. Someone said that "the great virtues are found in trivial facts". As well as the simplicity of the discovery of a body, the nakedness of his personality could be also simple. Life can be as color of water … the only thing you should do is to keep it clear and crystalline, and all this to say at an age (when only your soul has been forever young) that you just simply lived. So ... what do you think? Isn´t it better if you weren´t so bashful with yourself?
  13. 13.  Perhaps some people that keep in their shells, help them for not to be judged in one way or another, by the others, probably are the same who feel not very free about the nudism. In my opinion, it would be better if you free your mind of preconceived thoughts and so think freely, because statements of fact about others can be vulgar, as not removing clothes from a person or a personality.
  14. 14.  Nudity ... which some people could considered vulgar, can be an art, and the same word can define even an inside nudity ... a perfect nudity = art of courage .
  15. 15. Would you dare to pose ???