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Profile Maj 2011 Feb9


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Profile Maj 2011 Feb9

  1. 1. BUSINESS PROFILEMOHAMED AZAHARI BIN JANTAN (Business Registration No: 001840476-W) Dated: 9th February 2011 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. ABOUT THE BUSINESSMohamed Azahari Bin Jantan (MAJ) was founded by Azahari Jantan in 2009 to provideprofessional consultancy services to enable cost effective contracts and commercial riskmanagement. Primusar Enterprise, was also founded in 2009 and is the training arm of MAJ. VISIONTo be the consultancy of choice for contract and commercial risk management forbusinesses to enhance commercial efficiency and effectiveness MISSIONTo be the consultancy of choice for the provision of contract , commercial ,operational,claims services for the industry sectors of general construction ,EPCC, oil & gas, landdevelopment, bio-technology, aviation, plantation, transportation, manufacturing ,ICT andservices BACKGROUND  MAJ is a “boutique” consultancy as we cater for different clients’ needs and expectations  MAJ offers services in the following areas:- o Development of business focused training modules o Contract & Commercial Risk Management o Audit and Consulting  Business Risk  Commercial and Bid Process support  Business Process Improvement  Risk Management Framework/System  Founded in 2009  Services to Client Organisations, Consultants, Main and Subcontractors  Client locations: International  Smart Collaborations with:-  Legal firms-Shaikh Harun and Co, Bahari & Bahari  Construction consultants-KA Associates (QS Services), Abadi (M&E, C&S)  Various Independent ConsultantsVALUES  Integrity  Quality  Value  Agility  Proactive  CreativityPage 1 of 6 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. CONTACT DETAILS  Business Name: Mohamed Azahari Bin Jantan  Address: No 5, Jalan 4B, Ampang Jaya,68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia  Mobile: +6012-2098959  Email 1:  Email 2: azahari@primusar.comWHO IS AZAHARI JANTAN ?Qualifications  Azahari is a creative commercial professional who strives to formulate and implement commercial solutions that balances the need to close business deals and manage risks appropriately.  Azahari, a Malaysian National, read law at Brunel University of West London and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honours in 1993.  He became a full member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2000.  He is also a member of the International Association of Commercial and Contract Managers(IACCM).  Pursuing his MBA in Strategic Management and expected to graduate in 2012.  Adept in using lateral thinking to find creative solutions to challenges.  Azahari is fluent in both English and Malay.  His pet interest is in using lateral thinking to find creative solutions to challenges.Work Experience  Over the years, Azahari has worked in various local and foreign multi-national companies, government led companies and private enterprises.  In these organisations he was exposed to non-legal but crucial areas of finance, operations, technology, procurement and other relevant business processes/functions.  He began his career in 1994 and has since gained valuable experience in the following: o Maritime and shipping (primary focus on negotiating and managing the execution of charterparties). o Construction and engineering from conventional to design and build(primary focus on contract and claims risk management) for KLCC and Putrajaya projects encompassing infrastructure, civil, commercial and residential developments. o Risk Management. Instrumental in formulating and setting up a risk management framework for the UMMB organisation as part of UMMB’s corporate governance initiative. o ICT from the contract risk management perspective, negotiating and managing contract claims for the APAC region including leading the business process for bidding functions dealing with clients from various industries that required IT systems to be implemented.Page 2 of 6 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS
  4. 4.  Sample Client List Telco/ICT: Central Bank of Fiji, MISC, SingTel, Optus Australia, Indosat, Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, GLOBE, SUN CELLULAR, U Mobile, Telkomsel, BSNL India, Bharti India, Hutch Hong Kong and Australia, Taiwan Mobile ,Macau Telecoms, Telenor Pakistan,Reach Telecom(Kuwait),SLA Mobile(Ireland), Salamfone, Baraka Telekom, JALENAS,Sedania Group,TIME Dot Com Bhd.  Sample Client List Non ICT: Masmirin Corporation Sdn Bhd,Utusan Melayu Malaysia Bhd, POS Malaysia Bhd, Malaysia Technology Development Corporation, Myagri Group, Jai Maju Group ,OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd, Petra Energy Bhd, AZRB Bhd o Telecoms exposure includes negotiating agreements for MVNO,MVNE, networks infra, VAS, content ,VSAT ,hosted and managed services including revenue sharing commercial models. o Oil & Gas exposure includes negotiating on-shore and off-shore agreements covering engineering, fabrication and services as well as commercial due diligence exercises in this industry. o Training exposure since 2005 as in-house trainer and currently conducting public and private courses on commercial risk management and project management for various industries. o Bio-technology experience includes IP registration, commercialisation and change management initiatives as well as commercial risk management. o Aviation and Mining experience has been in the sale and purchase of aircrafts and mining concessions. o Facilities Management Systems experience has been in the installation of building systems like O&M,BSS,BCS,SCADA and scheduled waste treatment and disposal agreementsMAJ PORTFOLIO (non-exhaustive)2011/10  Appointment as construction and ICT contract and claims risk consultant extended by Utusan Melayu Malaysia Berhad until end 2011  Appointed contract risk management consultant for Petra Energy Berhad for its ICT and Oil & Gas contracts  Appointed as claims consultant for ICT and Marketing agreements for Baraka Telecoms  Appointed as panel member of POS Malaysia Bhd for ICT and project risk management services  Appointed as commercial risk consultant for MVNE and MVNO agreements for Baraka Telecoms  Appointed as commercial proposal consultant for ICT proposals submitted to Utusan Melayu Bhd (UMMB)  Appointed as a commercial risk/business advisor for a bio-technology company collaborating with a state GLC in the development and commercialisation of hybrid plants  Speaker for conference on “Successful Project Management in Energy, Power and Utilities Industry” on the topic of Project Management Office(PMO) from 28 th-30th September 2010Page 3 of 6 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS
  5. 5.  Appointed as contract risk management consultant and in-house trainer for AZRB, a public listed construction company with operations in Asia and Middle East  Appointed as legal/contract risk management consultant for a local broadband telecoms(JALENAS) start up with roll out costs for about RM2b  Appointed as corporate/contract risk management consultant for a Government Linked Corporation(MYAGRI) in bio-technology field with annual revenues of RM50m  Appointed as contract/commercial risk management consultant for a public listed media company (UMMB) for its commercial office development project with a value of RM80-120m  Refining utilisation of Balanced Score Card(BSC) with Risk Score Card(RSC) into Balanced Risk Score Card(BRSC)as enterprise risk management tool which was first used in 2002  Contract risk advisor for sale and purchase agreement of 50 passenger aircraft worth RM17b  Setting up and implementation of Project Management Office (PMO) for client in Sarawak  Setting up and implementation of risk management framework and system for client in Sarawak(OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd)  Setting up and implementation of contract and proposal documentations standardisation for local ICT company  Contract risk advisor for sale and purchase of coal mining concession worth USD 28m  Appointed as contract risk management consultant for a newly set up oil & gas service company  Corporate advisor for a local group involved in plantations ,catering and construction  Corporate advisor for Sarawak based conglomerate involved in property, plantations, oil & gas, construction , IT , food and beverage industries.  Undertake Variation Order valuation exercise for GLC worth RM12m  Risk management consultant for construction of bungalows in Kelana Jaya worth RM15m  Public and in-house trainings on “POs-Do’s and Don’ts”  Review of Qatar contracts for Ireland based client-USD 3m  Preparation of risk management templates for pre and post contract project management for global frame contract for MSC status company  Speaker on Effective Risk Allocation in the Contract Optimisation Conference held in July 2010  Contract risk advisor for local broadband service provider  Contract risk management advisor for a Netherlands based IT start up2009  Team leader for the operational due diligence of Petra Energy Bhd share sale worth RM120m  Cost due diligence on PEB projects with consultant Quantity Surveyors  Rolled out SEEQ(Standard Effort Expense Quote) process for use in APAC to facilitate efficiency in proposal submission for standard products  Drafted standard contract, consultancy and proposal templates for MSC status company with headquarters in IrelandPage 4 of 6 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS
  6. 6.  Drafted revenue sharing and marketing collaboration agreements for MSC status company with headquarters in Ireland  Formulated Contract Advisory Note(CAN) process and documentation for use in Europe  Drafted professional services agreement (T&M) for local MNC  Negotiated contracts for local ICT company involving GLCs-RM3m  In-house training for Russian MNC on 19th August on PO risk management as issuer and receiverPage 5 of 6 BUSINESS RISKS, COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS