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E Stream Brochure

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E Stream Brochure

  2. 2. ContentsEarthStream Overviewƒƒ Our Challengeƒƒ Our Capabilityƒƒ Our Focusƒƒ Our Value Propositionƒƒ Our Visionƒƒ Our ProcessService Portfolioƒƒ Permanent Placementƒƒ Project Recruitingƒƒ Contract AssignmentsMarket SectorsOil & GasMining & ResourcesTransmission & DistributionNuclear PowerClean Energyƒƒ Onshore & Offshore Wind Powerƒƒ PV & Concentrated Solar Powerƒƒ Hydroelectricity & Marine Powerƒƒ Biofuels & Biomass Energyƒƒ Geothermal PowerEnergy Efficiencyƒƒ Green Building Technologiesƒƒ Sustainable Transportationƒƒ Power Storage Technologiesƒƒ Smart Grid TechnologiesEnvironmental Technologyƒƒ Air & Climateƒƒ Water & Wastewaterƒƒ Waste & Recyclingƒƒ Contaminated Landƒƒ Carbon Capture & StorageGlobal Offices
  3. 3. Our Challenge The earth’s population is growing and we need access to more natural resources to provide energy security and fuel economic prosperity. However many of our traditional natural resources that produce energy and commodities are diminishing. The quest to deliver the world’s increasing energy and natural resources needs are now being joined in parallel by the need to protect the environment and minimize climate change. These collective challenges are driving a necessity for investment that is creating a global demand for specialist skills across the energy, natural resources and clean technology market sectors. EarthStream is a specialist global recruiting business dedicated to the energy, resources and environment sectors. With regional HQ’s in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa we provide specialist technical, engineering and scientific talent to all regions on the planet.4 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 5
  4. 4. Our Capability The industry’s key business challenges, such as the increasing global demand for energy and the continuous need for innovation in technology, cannot be resolved without a global talent supply. EarthStream specializes exclusively in the co-dependent energy, resources ƒ and environment sectors with our capability in providing staff across a range ƒ of technical disciplines that include engineering, project management, planning & design, geosciences, health safety & environment, quality assurance & quality control, research & development and environmental consulting & sciences. We provide an integrated suite of recruiting services that when required can be packaged as a bespoke solution. With operations in five continents we have the capability and experience to service our clients anywhere in the world supported ƒ by a truly global database of specialist technicians, engineers and scientists - ƒ many with transferable skills across the sectors we operate in.6 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 7
  5. 5. Our FocusEarthStream works across all market sectors in theenergy mix from power production to distribution grids.We work with traditional energy production companiesinvolved in hydrocarbons, hydroelectric and nuclearpower as well as companies involved in the developmentof low carbon new energy sources such as wind, solar,biofuels, geothermal and marine power. Our mining andresources practice provides specialist staff to miningoperators and their EPC suppliers in major mininglocations.As the landscape of energy evolves we also devote an increasing amount of focusto the energy efficiency segment and to emerging micro sectors such as greenbuilding technologies, sustainable transportation, power storage technologies andsmart grid technologies. Our rapidly expanding environmental technology practicecurrently focuses on providing highly sought after specialists in disciplines such asair & climate, water & wastewater, waste & recycling, contaminated land and carboncapture & storage. Our holistic focus is to provide the talent that helps deliver the earth’s globalenergy and resources needs in conjunction with the providing the critical talent thatconserves the earth’s environment. ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 9
  6. 6. Our Value Proposition The skills gap in the energy, resources and environment sectors is predicted to increase dramatically over the coming years. This is due to a combination of the aging workforce in traditional sectors such as oil and gas, utilities and mining running in parallel with the predicted workforce growth in clean energy, clean technology and environmental sciences. EarthStream has built a truly global database of energy, resources and environment professionals that can assist organizations in overcoming skill shortages in critical technical and scientific disciplines in these sectors. Our specialized recruiters understand the unique skills and requirements of the sectors they cover which enable them to rapidly identify and assess specialist skills. We leverage our specialist market sector knowledge, global reach and local client service capability to deliver tangible results. We are unique in our breadth of global coverage, dedicated sector focus, high quality service levels and innovative approach.10 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  7. 7. Our VisionOur vision is to become the world’s leading recruitingprovider to the global natural resources, clean energy,energy efficiency and environment sectors.We aim to be at the leading edge of providing the talent that will help deliver theworld’s energy and resources needs while also providing the talent that will help theplanet’s transition to the low carbon economy. By working with both traditional andnew energy and environmental organizations we believe we can help deploy theworkforce to help meet these challenges.A gradual transition to a low-carbon economy creates a more sustainable planet aswell as creating a large numbers of jobs across many countries and many sectors ofthe economy which can become an engine of development and prosperity. Greateraccess and distribution of energy aids developing countries, provides energy securityand helps reduce poverty. All these factors inspire ƒus to work in this sector. ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 13
  8. 8. Our Process Upon engagement, our requirement definition process includes understanding a detailed technical specification that capture a thorough understanding of the position, project, nature of work, company, environment and culture. We then benchmark this with an ideal candidate profile fit. Our recruiters mostly specialize in one specific functional discipline and market sector. Therefore they have a both a competent candidates from all parts of the internet appreciation of the requirements but from employment site databases, to also in most cases already have a strong business networking sites to trade network of candidates working in this associations. All our consultants are Our selection process is to go through Our account management process discipline or sector. We work with our extensively trained in ‘Web 2.0’ networking a rigorous screening and qualification ensures we stay involved with both the customers to develop a clear strategy for techniques and will apply these strategies process that assesses the candidate’s client and candidate for the duration of the each hire within realistic timelines and to the search process. competency as well as technical and interview process to ensure it progresses compensation guidelines. We can provide cultural fit. Our recruiting experts then efficiently and effectively. When the ideal advice on compensation through market The search process uncovers a long list ƒ validate their opinion by undertaking match is found we can provide a range of intelligence or provide a salary survey. of relevant candidates whom will be a mix a referencing process and technical value added services from employment of both active and passive job seekers. testing if required. The outcome of our offer management, official reference Our candidate search process begins with Our role is then to represent our customers’ selection process is to present a maximum checking and if necessary relocation or searching our global database of 100,000 business and requirement in a professional, submission of four candidates per position. visa support. plus energy, resources and environmental thorough and consultative manner in order This process saves our customers’ time technical specialists to find relevant skills. that every candidate experiences a positive and money by reducing their workload In addition to this we have a dedicated message about the business we are as we only present highly relevant and research team that can trawl and mine representing. ƒ motivated candidates.14 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  9. 9. Service PortfolioPermanent PlacementEarthStream connects clients with hiring needs ƒ We manage the full lifecycle of the recruitingto potential full time employees via our Permanent project from evaluation, planning and logisticsPlacement service. We bring a high-quality, that enables our customers to focus on theirfocused, personalized, approach to every search core activities while we co-ordinate dedicatedby fully understanding requirements and then interview slots. Project Recruiting can alsodeveloping a customized strategy for identifying entail locating more senior level hires whereand securing this critical talent. We are able to clients require a fully managed search projectlocate specialist candidates rapidly through our and pro-active solicitation of suitable targetedglobal database and technology sourcing tools. candidates.Our regional recruiting experts all have a deep Contract Assignmentsunderstanding of their individual industry sectorsthat enable them to quickly identify candidates EarthStream can provide access to qualified,and then assess technical and cultural fit. ƒ talented professionals on demand from allBy sharing our knowledge effectively and utilizing technical, engineering and scientific disciplines ƒour global contacts, we are able to achieve rapid in the energy, resources and environment ƒhigh performance candidate delivery. sectors. We supply specialists on a contractual or temporary basis that help our customers manageProject Recruiting their workforce more effectively.EarthStream delivers Project Recruiting solutions This flexible resource allows our customers ƒwhen business requirements call for multiple hires to buy in the skills exactly when needed whetherthat need a managed solution. This can often ƒ it is for a specific project or simply to supplementbe where timescales are tight and possibly where the team during busy periods. Our contractorshires are required across multiple locations or across the globe receive a dedicated service fromcountries. We manage multiple hires within ƒ our contractor care team, ensuring smooth on-a specific timeframe, price and quality deliverable boarding, full compliance and efficient paymentthat can help you secure the right talent as quickly processes. This allows them to focus on providingand effectively as possible. professional service during their engagement. ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 17
  10. 10. Market Sectors Energy Resources Environment 19
  11. 11. Market SectorsOil & GasEarthStream delivers specialist engineering, technical,project management and QHSSE skills to the globalhydrocarbons industry. We provide experts on a fulltime or contractual basis anywhere in the world tothe onshore, offshore and subsea sectors.We are able to provide staff in multiple oil industry disciplines across the ƒspectrum of oil projects from conventional oil to heavy oil & oil sands. ƒIn addition we are experiencing high demand in the natural gas sector ƒwhere we provide essential skills to LNG related projects. With our offices spanning five continents ƒƒ Drilling Specialists – Drillers,it enables us to provide comprehensive Directional & Cyber Drillers, ƒservices to our customers wherever ƒ Tool Pushers, Derrickmen, OIM’swe are needed and we are able to ƒ ƒƒ Design & Construction Engineers –work with our customers throughout Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Process,the full lifecycle of oil and gas upstream Chemical, Pipingexploration and production. Ourcustomer base includes IOC’s, NOC’s, ƒƒ General Engineers – Electrical,EPC vendors, equipment manufacturers Instrumentation, Commissioning,and specialist oil and gas consultancies Project, Subseaand the range of specialists skills we ƒƒ Oil & Gas Management –provide include the following; Project, Operations, Engineering,ƒƒ Geosciences – Geophysicists, Superintendents Petrophysicists, Geologists, ƒƒ Contracts & Procurement – Geoscientists, Seismologists Officers, Specialists & Managers,ƒƒ Petroleum Engineers – Reservoir Supply Chain & Logistics Managers Engineers, Petroleum Engineers / ƒƒ Quality, Health, Safety, Security Technologists, Production Engineers & Environment (QHSSE) – HSE Officers & Managers, QRA Specialists ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 21
  12. 12. Market Sectors Mining & Resources EarthStream provides specialist engineers, technicians and natural scientists on a full time or contractual basis to the global mining and resources sectors. We provide experts with hands-on experience in precious metals, base metals, coal and diamonds, as well as in surface mining and shallow, deep and ultra-deep underground mining. We provide staff throughout the ƒ ƒƒ Geologists – Mine Geologists, full lifecycle of mining projects from Exploration Geologists, Geo concept through to preliminary studies, Technicians through to detailed design, construction, ƒƒ Design & Construction Engineers – excavation, project management, process Civil, Design, Electrical, Mechanical, and chemical engineering. Project With offices across five continents ƒ ƒƒ Specialist Mining Engineers – it enables us to provide comprehensive Project, Drill & Blast, Mine & Quarry services to our customers in any ƒ Mangers, Surveyors of the world’s key mining locations. ƒ Our customer base includes mining ƒƒ Processing Specialists – Process operators in base metals, coal chemicals Engineers, Metallurgists, Metallurgical ferrous metals, alumina, aluminium and Technicians, Chemical Engineers iron ore as well as global EPC providers ƒƒ Maintenance Engineers – to the resources and mining sectors. Mechanical & Electrical The range of specialist skills we provide include the following; ƒƒ Mining Management – Mine Managers, Maintenance, Operations, Engineering, Superintendents ƒƒ Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (QHSSE) – HSE Officers & Mangers, QA Managers, EIA Consultants.22 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  13. 13. Market SectorsTransmission& DistributionEarthStream provides specialists engineers, techniciansand project managers on a full time or contractualbasis that provide services from initial feasibility andenvironmental studies to ongoing care and maintenanceof the electricity transmission infrastructureAs many of the national electricity grids To these customers we provide a range ƒare aging we provide the experts needed of skills that include;to upgrade or replace transmissionnetworks to maintain levels of reliability ƒƒ Infrastructure Engineers – Civil,for utilities around the globe. We provide Design, Structural, Mechanical, Sitestaff across the entire spectrum of ƒƒ Transmission Engineers – Lineelectricity networks, from high voltage Engineers, Relay Engineers, ƒpower transmission grids, to low voltage Relay Testers , SCADA Engineersindustrial power distribution and controls. ƒƒ Transmission Planners - PlanningOur customer base consists of global Engineers, Project Managerselectric utility companies, their EPC ƒƒ Substation Specialists – Designers,vendors and specialist consultancy and Engineers, Technicians, ƒtechnology suppliers. Inspectors, Managers. ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 25
  14. 14. Market Sectors Nuclear Power EarthStream provides business critical engineers, technicians, project managers and QHSSE skills to the global nuclear power sector. We provide experts on both a full time or contractual basis that span the entire lifecycle of complex nuclear assets; from building and refurbishing nuclear assets, operational reactor support, decommissioning, waste management and robust nuclear safety services. We aim to provide the staff that will ƒƒ Nuclear Research & Development help our customers deliver the next Specialists – Scientists, Chemists, generation of nuclear power plants while Research Associates safely decommissioning legacy facilities ƒƒ Nuclear Design & Construction and maintaining any existing assets. Engineers – Civil, Design, Our customer base consists of ƒ Mechanical, Commissioning, Project global nuclear operators, their EPC ƒƒ Nuclear Operations & Maintenance vendors and specialist consultancy and Engineers – Electrical, Mechanical, technology suppliers. ƒ Power, Controls & Instrumentation To these customers we provide ƒ a range of skills that include; ƒƒ Nuclear Health & Safety Specialists – Safety Engineers, HSE Professionals, Inspectors26 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  15. 15. Clean Energy ƒƒ Onshore & Offshore Wind Power ƒƒ PV & Concentrated Solar Power ƒƒ Hydroelectricity & Marine Power ƒƒ Biofuels & Biomass Energy ƒƒ Geothermal Power ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 29
  16. 16. Clean EnergyOnshore & OffshoreWind PowerEarthStream provides specialist technicians, engineers,project managers, analysts, consultants and QHSEstaff to the global wind power sector. We provideexperts on a full time or contractual basis that design,construct and operate wind power facilities includingthe full lifecycle of initial site analysis, project design,turbine acquisition, and infrastructure constructionthrough to final connection to the grid.We subsequently provide a range of ƒƒ Design & Construction Engineers –safety, environmental and analytical Civil, Design, Electrical, Mechanical,staff that measure risk, impact and Installation, CFD/FEA Engineers,performance to ensure optimum efficiency Control Systems Engineers, PM’sfor our customers. We are equally adept ƒƒ Operations & Maintenanceat providing professionals to both onshore Engineers – Turbine / Gearboxand offshore wind farms and can provide Technicians. Reliability Engineers,them to any part of the globe. Field Service Engineers, OperationsWe provide our services to utility scale Managers.wind farm developers, their EPC vendors ƒƒ Analysis & Consultingand to specialist turbine equipment Professionals – Wind Analysts,manufacturers. Energy Yield Consultants, GIS AnalystsTo these customers we provide ƒa range of skills that include; ƒƒ Health Safety & Environment Specialists – HSE / RAMS Officersƒƒ Development & Planning Experts – & Managers, EIA Engineers & Project Developers, Land Acquisition Managers & Contract Specialists ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 31
  17. 17. Clean Energy PV & Concentrated Solar Power EarthStream provides specialist scientists, technicians, engineers and project managers to the global photovoltaic and concentrated solar power sectors. We provide the experts on full time or contractual basis that manage every phase of utility scale solar energy projects; from technology development , facility planning and permitting, to engineering and construction, through connection to the grid. We collaborate closely with our Engineers, Firmware Engineers customers throughout both the product ƒƒ Manufacturing Engineers – development phase and the project Semiconductor / Thin Film PV lifecycle to help our customers take Engineers, Process Engineers, Test advantage of the earth’s most abundant Engineers, Quality Assurance/Control resource. (QA/QC) We provide our services to utility scale ƒƒ Installation Specialists – Solar PV solar park developers, their EPC vendors Engineers, Solar Thermal Engineers, and to specialist solar equipment Integration Engineers manufacturers. To these customers we provide a range of skills that include; ƒƒ Maintenance Engineers – Reliability, Field Service ƒƒ Researchers & Developers; Solar / Photonics Scientists & Physicists, ƒƒ Operations Management - Project Product Development Engineers, Managers, Operations Managers, Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Managers32 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT Energy Resources Environment
  18. 18. Clean EnergyHydroelectric& Marine PowerEarthStream provides specialist scientists, engineers,technicians and HSE staff to the global hydroelectricand marine power sectors. We provide experts ona full time and contractual basis throughout the fulllifecycle of hydroelectric production from research anddevelopment to design and construction to operationsand maintenance.More recently we have been working with technology developers in the growingmarine power sector encompassing innovations in wave and tidal power. We provide our services to utility hydroelectric developers, their EPC vendors and to specialist hydro and marine power equipment manufacturers. To thesecustomers we provide a range of skills that include;ƒƒ Hydrogeologists, Hydrologistsƒƒ Engineers - Civil, Design, Piping, Electrical, Mechanical Controls & Instrumentationƒƒ Hydropower & Marine Power Project Engineers, Project Managersƒƒ HSE Officers, EIA Specialists ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 35
  19. 19. Clean Energy Biofuels & Biomass Energy EarthStream provides specialist R&D staff, technologists and project managers to the global biofuels and biomass energy sectors. As alternative fuel sources such as biogas, biomass, and waste fuels, are becoming increasingly adopted it is leading to a dramatic shortfall in biosciences skills. Through our global network we have ƒƒ Biochemists, Chemical access to highly specialized and sought & Process Engineers after biosciences talent who have helped ƒƒ Fermentation Scientists, develop bioenergy solutions such R&D Scientists, Research as cellulosic ethanol, biobutanol and Associates, biodiesel technologies. ƒƒ Feedstock Technologists We provide our services to biofuels and biomass developers whether they are ƒƒ Molecular Biologists, early stage biotechnology start ups or Microbiologists, divisions of established chemical and ƒƒ Biofuels & Biomass petrochemical companies. To these Engineers, Project Managers, customers we provide a range of skills that include;36 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  20. 20. Clean EnergyGeothermal PowerEarthStream provides specialist engineers, techniciansand geosciences experts to the global geothermal sector.We provide staff on a full time or contractual basis thathave experience with all phases of geothermal explorationand development, from definition of geophysical studies,to permitting direct use applications, to well installationfor exploration, to construction and operation of steampower plants.We can provide personnel whom have ƒƒ Geologists, Geoscientists,direct experience with geothermal Geophysicistsdevelopment, analysis of geothermal ƒƒ Geothermal Reservoir Engineers,environmental impacts and who have Geothermal Engineersknowledge of the constraints posedby development of geothermal energy ƒƒ Geothermal Drillers, Derrickresources. Hands, Site ManagersOur customer base consists of geothermal ƒƒ Geothermal Mechanical Engineers,developers, their EPC vendors and Systems Engineers, Projectspecialist consultancy and technology Managerssuppliers. To these customers we provide arange of skills that include; ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 39
  21. 21. Energy Efficiency ƒƒ Green Building Technologies ƒƒ Sustainable Transportation ƒƒ Power Storage Technologies ƒƒ Smart Grid Technologies ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 41
  22. 22. Energy Efficiency Green Building Technologies EarthStream helps organizations realize greater energy efficiency in the built environment by providing a range of engineering specialists, technicians, architects and analysts to the rapidly growing green buildings sector. We provide the experts that help Within this emerging sector we provide organizations be resource-efficient a range of skills that include; throughout a building’s life-cycle: ƒ from design, construction, operation ƒƒ LEED AP Architects, Project and maintenance by supplying Designers, Project Managers personnel that use processes that ƒ ƒƒ LEED Mechanical, are environmentally responsible. Implementation Engineers We find professionals who specialize in ƒƒ Building Sustainability building technologies that develop or Design, Systems Performance implement products around insulation, Consultants components, HVAC, lighting and smart ƒƒ Building Energy Modellers, systems. We also identify and supply Energy Auditors Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals. ƒƒ Technicians - H VAC / LED / C&I / BiPV42 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  23. 23. Energy EfficiencySustainableTransportationEarthStream provides specialist engineers and technologistsfor transportation technologies that include hybrids,electric vehicles, fuel cells, alternative fuels and efficient railtransportation. As hybrids and electric vehicles becomeincreasingly mainstream so does the need for innovationand technical talent.Similarly as hydrogen and fuel cells We can provide a range of skills ƒbecome more cost competitive it drives that include the following; a need to identify highly specializedscientific and technical expertise. ƒƒ Electrical, Mechanical & Design EngineersThe re-emergence of the rail sector as a ƒƒ Transmission & Controls Engineersmore sustainable and efficient mode oftransportation is also creating a demand ƒƒ Manufacturing, Firmware,for skills. Our extensive network of Production, Test Engineers,transferable skills can help organizations QA/QC Engineersacquire the brainpower required to drive ƒƒ Hydrogen Research Scientiststhese micro sectors forward. & Engineers ƒƒ Fuel Cell Design, Processing & Materials Engineers ƒƒ Project & Operations Managers ƒƒ Civil Engineers, Transit Engineers & Project Managers ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 45
  24. 24. Energy Efficiency Power Storage Technologies Given the global drive to increase energy efficiency, power storage is a critical area of innovation and in particular nanotechnology is playing an increasing role in creating the next generation of lithium batteries. EarthStream assists power storage technology companies in finding specialist technical and engineering talent throughout R&D, manufacturing, pre-sales and implementation functions. We provide a range of skills that include; ƒƒ Systems & Applications Engineers ƒƒ Manufacturing Equipment & Quality Engineers ƒƒ Controls & Instrumentation Engineers ƒƒ Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers ƒƒ Battery Technicians ƒƒ Chemists, Battery Material Scientists46 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  25. 25. Energy EfficiencySmart GridTechnologiesEarthStream can help organizations find the specialisttalent that will be at the forefront of the smart gridrevolution. As more intelligent and efficient technologiesare adopted traditional information technology skills willmigrate to smart grid energy supply but the rate of marketgrowth is likely to supersede the supply of talent.We work with both smart grid technology developers and utility companies whoare in the process of upgrading their aging transmission networks with advancedmetering software, intelligent systems management and integrated distributedenergy resources. We provide a range of skills that include;ƒƒ Smart Grid Consultants & Project Managersƒƒ Smart Grid Software & Systems Engineersƒƒ Smart Grid Planning & Design Engineersƒƒ Smart Grid Architect & Integration Engineersƒƒ Smart Grid QA/QC & Test Engineers ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 49
  26. 26. Environmental Technology ƒƒ Air & Climate ƒƒ Water & Wastewater ƒƒ Waste & Recycling ƒƒ Contaminated Land ƒƒ Carbon Capture & Storage ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 51
  27. 27. Environmental Technology Air & Climate Earthstream provide specialist scientists, technologists, strategists and consultants to the global environmental consulting and environmental engineering sectors. Within our air and climate practice we provide the qualified staff that understand air pollution control processes, economic impacts, detailed process emission analysis and emission control system design. We also provide climate change experts that can help our customers define climate change strategy, assess and reduce carbon footprints. We provide a range of skills that include. ƒƒ Air Quality Consultants ƒƒ Acoustic Consultants ƒƒ Environmental Consultants (Air & Climate) ƒƒ Climate Change Research Associates ƒƒ Climate Change Scientists & Strategists52 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  28. 28. Environmental TechnologyWater & WastewaterEarthStream provides specialist scientists, engineers andtechnicians to the global water and wastewater sectors.The experts we supply can provide environmental and engineering support acrossthe sector and can assist on water projects at all stages of planning, study, designand construction and help our customers overcome issues around water supply,storm management, hazard mitigation, water/wastewater treatment watershedmanagement, water purification and filtration. We work with water authorities andenvironmental consultancies and provide a range of skills that include the following; ƒƒ Water Treatment Scientists & Analytical Chemistsƒƒ Water Quality Technicians , Water Treatment Consultantsƒƒ Water Process Engineers & Technologistsƒƒ Water Hygiene Engineers & Techniciansƒƒ Water EIA & Flood Risk Consultantsƒƒ Hydrologists & Hydrogeologists ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 55
  29. 29. Environmental Technology Waste & Recycling Earthstream provides qualified waste consultants and waste engineers to the waste and recycling sectors. These specialists can assist environmental consultancies with environmental and flow logistics services , site remediation, pipe systems maintenance, collection, consolidation whilst also helping with hazardous and non-hazardous waste sorting, treatment and recycling, composting, land filling and physical-chemical treatment and where applicable conversion of waste to energy. We provide a range of skills that include the following; ƒƒ Waste Consultants & Planning Managers ƒƒ Waste Auditors & Assessors ƒƒ Waste to Energy Specialists ƒƒ Recycling Maintenance Engineers ƒƒ Asbestos Consultants ƒƒ Landfill Engineers56 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  30. 30. Environmental TechnologyContaminated LandEarthStream provides specialist scientists, engineersand consultants that work on contaminated land andremediation projects.We provide experts on a full time or contractual basis who specialise in theinvestigation, remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land, from deskstudy, through site investigations, audit, risk assessment, remediation planningand design, bioremediation, to soil and groundwater remediation, insurance andaftercare planning. We provide a range of skills that include the following;ƒƒ Environmental Scientists – Contaminated Landƒƒ Environmental / EIA Consultants – Contaminated Landƒƒ Environmental & Geotechnical Engineersƒƒ Contaminated Land & Remediation Project Managersƒƒ Contaminated Land & Remediation Investigators & Auditors ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT 59
  31. 31. Environmental Technology Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) EarthStream provides specialist scientists, engineers and project managers to the embryonic carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector. We provide staff with highly specialized skills in sequestration techniques, ƒ flow dynamics, economic assessment of CO2, capture of CO2 from point sources, transportation and storage in underground geological formations. ƒ We work with petrochemical companies and pure play CCS developers ƒ and provide a range of specialist skills that include the following; ƒƒ CO2 Capture Specialists ƒƒ Carbon Chemists ƒƒ CCS Research Engineers ƒƒ CCS Process Engineers ƒƒ CCS Project Managers60 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT
  32. 32. Global Offices Europe Middle East & Africa UKƒ Abu Dhabi 350 Euston Road Regents Place ƒ Al Odaid Office Tower, 10th floor Airport Road, London England NW1 3AX ƒ Rashid Al Maktoum Street 2 PO box 128 161 ƒ +44(0)20 7953 0030 ƒ Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates ƒ +971 (0) 2 404 7196 ƒ Italy Via Senigallia 18/2 - ƒ Dubai Torre A Milan 20161 Italy ƒ Office 156 Building 17 Dubai Internet City ƒ +39 02 64 67 2 647 ƒ Dubai United Arab Emirates PO Box 500801ƒ +971 (4)4456 998ƒ Spain Ribera del Loira 46 ƒ Cape Town - Madrid 28042 Spainƒ 153 Kloof Street Cape Town 8001 ƒ +34 91 503 00 17 ƒ South Africa ƒ (0027) 021 422 0851 ƒ The Americas Asia Pacific USAƒ Malaysia 5299 DTC Blvd. Suite 280 ƒ Suite 24.3 Level 24 Menara IMC ƒ Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA ƒ Letter box 62 8 Jalan Sultan Ismail ƒ +1 303 712 0000 ƒ 50250 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ƒ +60 2072 4604/4605 ƒ Brazil Centro Empresarial Barra Trade V Av. ƒ Singapore Luis Carlos Prestes, 180 - 3º Andar Barra da Tijuca 1 Fullerton Road #02-01 ƒ - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil CEP: 22775-055ƒ One Fullerton Singapore 49213 Singapore ƒ +55 21 2112 4981 ƒ +65 6408 3800 ƒ Australia Level 3 267 St Georges Terrace Perth ƒ WA 6000 Australia ƒ +61 (0) 8 9261 7786 ƒ www.earthstreamglobal.com62 ENERGY RESOURCES ENVIRONMENT

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