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Top Twitter Automation Tools for Auto Follow and Unfollow


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Marketing on twitter is a hot thing for affiliates and it is tough to figure out the differences between the dozens of twitter automation tools that keep coming out. I listed three very best twitter automation tools available.

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  • I am using FriendorFollow tool due to reason that it is more effective than other tools. Another benefit i am getting from this tool is that number of my twitter followers are increasing. Regards
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Top Twitter Automation Tools for Auto Follow and Unfollow

  1. 1. Top Twitter Automation Tools for AutoFollow and UnfollowMarketing on twitter is a hot thing for affiliates and it is tough to figure outthe differences between the dozens of twitter automation tools that keepcoming out. I listed three very best twitter automation tools available. 1. Tweet Attack 2The best thing with this software is that itdoesn’t use the twitter API; this means thatyou are no longer limited. It is packed withfeatures, some which is extremely good like“wait and reply” and some which I neveruse. “Wait and reply” is what I use to makemoney, with that tool you don’t have tohave followers to make sales anymore! Whatit does is simply that you write some wordslike “wish i had more money” (you canchoose both broad and phrase match) thenthe software works like a bot that runsautomatically day and night and sends out amessage to everyone that tweet those wordswith an automated message with a link to your website or wherever youwant the traffic. No other twitter software on the market can do this, and ithink that’s one of the best things with tweet attacks. You can also trackseveral phrases with multiple twitter accounts so you can scale this systemup.Feathers: • Manage Unlimited Accounts • Don’t Use API • Search and scrape tweets and users talking about your targeted keywords • Automatically generate replies for twitter users talking about your target keywords • Use jetspinner syntax to spin replies and generate multiple variations of your reply
  2. 2. • Automatically retweet very targeted tweets • Optionally ignore tweets with or without links so you don’t accidentally retweet messages links from competitors • Automatically retweet links talking about your target keyword to build relationships with other users writing about your niche • Automatically follow users with the same interest • Automatically follow users that are in real need of your products and services • Automatically follow the followers of users who are already popular in your niche • Ignore users with no pictures and who tweet links to minimize following spammers • Follow and unfollow users using the web browser and not API to look more natural • Auto unfollow users who don’t follow you back • Auto unfollow users you followed in a specified number of days • VIP list and protect very special users from unfollowing even if they don’t follow you back • Automatically scrape and generate tweets from your blog • Automatically create tweets from your favorite quotes or jokes website • Automatically create tweets from any website of your choice • Automatically copy tweets of your selected twitter users • Generate thousands of tweets and send to tweeter poster for schedulingDownload Tweet Attack Here 2. Tweet Adder 3.0This software allows you to pick whichpeople you want to follow. You can findpeople by keyword used, bio, location orother user’s followers. I really like thisfeature as you can hand pick people whohave similar interests as you. This softwarealso automates unfollowing people. Theseare people you followed but they didn’tfollow you back. This is important becauseyou can only follow up to 2000 peoplebefore Twitter stops you, unless you haveover 2000 followers yourself.
  3. 3. This software can automate sending direct messages and tweets. Overall, Ifound the software very useful. You can set a timer for the software to runeach day or manually press a button to make the software run. I did noticethat many of the processes do take a good deal of time. If you follow say100 people and also unfollow 100 people in day, it may take the software 30to 60 minutes to do this, but you can set it and forget it. It will run with youaway from the computer. You can also buy more licenses in case you havemore than one twitter account.Feather: • Automated Tweets post throughout the day • Don’t Use API • Post Tweets to Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace!! • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically • RSS Tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source • @Reply Tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you • Re-Tweets- Automatically retweet another user • Url shortener – Shorten long URLs automatically • Mp3 Poster – Bands and artists can upload Mp3s to and share on twitter • Symbols – Access to special UTF8 characters like stars, arrows, and smileys • Link History – Easy access to previously shortened URLs and Mp3s • Post Tweets with random time delay • Many more…Download Tweet Adder Here 3. TwittenatorIt is basically a program that is speciallycreated to help anyone quickly and grow hisor her Twitter account followers in a fast andeasy manner. Twittenator is a reliablemarketing strategy that will put your socialmarketing from trash to cash. If you’reengage into online business and wants to befeasible and profitable in a long termstructure, it requires having an efficient
  4. 4. marketing plan, which is exactly what this package is offering us.Feathers: • One-time low price for the software • Grow unlimited Twitter Accounts • Automated promotion scheduling • Pre-Written Tweets for Major ClickBank, RAPbank and CBLeads • Custom Quotes and Social Marketing Messages allows you to enter into the social conversation • Add your own unlimited number of tweets • Automatic lifetime updates and upgrades. Your software is never out of date • It takes no more then 5 Minutes Per Day • Newbie Friendly • And many more…Download Twittenator HereIn my opinion Tweet attack is best non API tool and Twittenator is best APIusing tool and both gives unlimited account option.Let me know which one you choose?I am using both Tweet attack and Twittenator.Author,Azad ShaikhBlog: http://www.internetgeeks.orgNotice: You cannot copy this document but free to distribute it without anychanges.