English ii, unit 11


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English ii, unit 11

  1. 1. ENGLISH II, UNIT 11 AB
  2. 2. Tell us about yourself What’s your name? How old are you? What are your hobbies? What is your favorite school subject? Where are you from? Where do you live? Do you live alone or with your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Where are your parents from? Do you have a lot of friends? What is your best friend like? What are you studying in school? I am studying ________________.
  3. 3. IYouWeThey+ HavegotHave Got I have got brownhair. You have got onebrother. We have got blackhair
  4. 4. HeSheIt+ has gotHas Got He has got blackeyes. She has got browneyes.
  5. 5. IYouWeTheyHaven’t gotHaven’t Got I haven’t got blackhair. They haven’t gotblue eyes. We haven’t got anysisters.
  6. 6. HeSheItHasn’t gotHasn’t got She hasn’t got longhair. It hasn’t got greeneyes. He hasn’t got abrother.
  7. 7. Have IHave youHave weHave they+ gotHave ____ got? Have I got blueeyes? Have we got blackhair? Have you got anybrothers?
  8. 8. Has heHas sheHas it+ gotHas ____ got? Has he got shorthair? Has she got longhair? Has she got asister?
  9. 9.  Ponytail He has got aponytail.
  10. 10.  Spiked Hair He has got spikedhair.
  11. 11.  Cornrows She has gotcornrows.
  12. 12.  Braids She has got braids.
  13. 13. Long Hair Short Hair
  14. 14. Curly Hair Straight Hair
  15. 15. Hair Color Dark Hair Brown Hair Black Hair Light Hair Blonde Hair
  16. 16.  Mustache Has he got amustache?
  17. 17.  Goatee He has got agoatee.
  18. 18.  Beard Has he got a beard?
  19. 19.  Glasses She has gotglasses.
  20. 20.  Pierced Ear (One ear only) Pierced Ears )Two ears)
  21. 21.  Braces The girl hasgot braces
  22. 22.  Bald  Muscular
  23. 23. Using to be BaldCorrect:He is bald.Incorrect:He has got bald. MuscularCorrect:She is muscular.Incorrect:She has got muscular.
  24. 24. Pronunciation of New Vocab Ponytail Spiked hair Cornrows Braids Straight hair Curly hair Long hair Short hair Beard Mustache Goatee Glasses Braces Pierced Ears Bald Muscular
  25. 25. by HERBER
  26. 26. CHARLES MARGE MEGANJENNY GREG PAUL JOHNIt has got green eyes, thick eyebrows, short hair,a big nose and big ears. Who is it?Click on the correct namePETER1/6
  27. 27. BETTY NORA MEGANJENNY GEORGEPAULJOHNIt has got blue eyes, thin eyebrows, red curlyhair, a small nose and big ears. Who is it?JAMES2/6Click on the correct name
  28. 28. BETTY ROSE MEGANJENNYGEORGEGREGJOHNIt has got green eyes, thin eyebrows, brown longcurly hair and a small nose. Who is it?NORAClick on the correct name3/6
  29. 29. BETTY NORA MEGANJENNYLISAGREGJOHNIt has got green eyes, thick eyebrows, dark shorthair and a big moustache. Who is it?GEORGEClick on the correct name4/6
  30. 30. BETTYROSEMEGANJENNYLISAGREGROBERTIt has got blue eyes, thin eyebrows, light shorthair and a big mouth. Who is it?JOHNClick on the correct name5/6
  31. 31. BETTYNORAMEGANJENNYLISAGREG MARGEIt has got brown eyes, thin eyebrows, brownshort hair, a small nose and thick lips. Who is it?ROBERTClick on the correct name6/6
  32. 32. It has got blue eyes, thineyebrows, fair short curly hair,a small nose and a small mouth.Click on the correct letterAIt has got blue eyes, thineyebrows, fair short straighthair, a small nose and a smallmouth.It has got blue eyes, thineyebrows, fair short straighthair, a big nose and a smallmouth.BC
  33. 33. It has got purple eyes, thineyebrows, white straight hair, asmall nose and small ears.AIt has got purple eyes, thineyebrows, white straight hair, asmall nose and big ears.It has got purple eyes, thineyebrows, white straight hair, abig nose and big ears.CBClick on the correct letter
  34. 34. She has got pink eyes, thineyebrows, light brown curly hairand a long nose.AShe has got pink eyes, thineyebrows, light brown straighthair and a long nose.She has got pink eyes, thineyebrows, dark brown straighthair and a long nose.CBClick on the correct letter
  35. 35. She has got blue big eyes, thineyebrows, white long hair andbig ears.CShe has got blue big eyes, thineyebrows, white short hair andbig ears.She has got blue big eyes, thickeyebrows, white short hair andsmall ears.ABClick on the correct letter
  36. 36. She has got green big eyes, redcurly hair and thin lips.CShe has got green big eyes, redstraight hair and thick lips.She has got green big eyes, redstraight hair and thin lips.BAClick on the correct letter
  37. 37. It has got a narrow headHEAD
  38. 38. It has got short brown hairHAIR
  39. 39. It has got thick eyebrowsEYEBROWS
  40. 40. It has got blue eyesEYES
  41. 41. It has got a big noseNOSE
  42. 42. It has got a small mouthwith thick lipsMOUTH/LIPS
  43. 43. It has got big earsEARS
  44. 44. It has got a big moustacheBEARD/MOUSTACHE
  45. 45. It has got a big moustacheThankyou!
  46. 46. Writing Practice• Write 8 sentences about these two people
  47. 47. ENGLISH II, UNIT 11 CD
  48. 48. A.He has got bald andmuscularB.He is bald and muscular.C.He is got goatee.D. He have got a goatee.
  49. 49. A. They have gotshort, blonde hair.B. They’s hasshort, blonde hair.C. They is short, blondehair.D. They has got short, blonde hair.
  50. 50. A.She is piercedears.B.She have gotpierced ears.C.She has gotpierced ears.D.She is wearingpierced ears.
  51. 51. A.She hasn’tgot brownhair.B.She iswearingglasses.C.She has gotblonde hair.D.She has gota ponytail.
  52. 52. New Vocab Guy = man Wore = wear Baggy = too big Pockets Cargo pants
  53. 53.  Open your book to page one hundred andtwelve 112
  54. 54. Read the Dialogue
  55. 55. True or False1. Jin Ho & Lori are talking abouta classmate.2. The classmate used to have agoatee.3. The classmate looks the sameas he did before.4. The classmate always has hadshort hair.5. The classmate has short hairnow.1. T2. T3. F4. F5. T
  56. 56. ReadThere are 5 people at a party. Three are men and two arewomen. One man is named Jim. He is very tall. He has gotbig eyes, freckles, and a tattoo. He is wearing a big coatand boots. A different man is named John. John is shorterthan Jim. He is fat, and bald. He has got a beautiful smileand a small nose. He is wearing a hat and a tie. The thirdman is named Carl. Carl is taller than Jim and John. Carlhas got one pierced ear, a tattoo, and big eyes. He iswearing glasses. He is very muscular. The women are verybeautiful. One woman is named Julia. Julia is wearing alovely dress and sandals. She has got long, straight hairand is wearing it in a braid. Julia is tall and thin. The lastperson is named Anne. Anne is taller than Julia. She iswearing a skirt and a striped shirt. She is also wearing
  57. 57. Draw! Draw the 5 people described in the text.
  58. 58. He _____________________ a cat.He _____________________ two mouths.He _____________________ three eyes.He _____________________ big ears.If there is extra time:
  59. 59.  Does he have a bigmouth? Does he have 3arms? Does he have 7teeth?
  60. 60. He ___________________ big eyes.He ___________________ a horse.He ___________________ four ears.He ___________________ a happy smile.