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The Great Mind Challenge


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Daryl Pareira interviews Tony Pearson (IBM), the #1 most influential blogger on IBM DeveloperWorks in 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Great Mind Challenge

  1. 1. The Great Mind ChallengedeveloperWorks blogging best practices
  2. 2. Why did you start the blog?
  3. 3. Who do you consider your target audience when you write?
  4. 4. Do you consider blog promotion?
  5. 5. Top referrers to Inside Storage Systems Facebook Xakep Stumbleupon fark Yahoo ycombinator Other NoneIBM reddit Google
  6. 6. How do you deal with comments/feedback?
  7. 7. Analysis of top posts
  8. 8. How to build your won ‘Watson, Jr.’ in your basement
  9. 9. IBM Japan – Mailbag of Interesting Reactions
  10. 10. Double Drive Failure Debunked
  11. 11. Q&A