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Ayushi Travel

  1. 1. Ayushi Travel (Fly With Pleasure) TRAVEL PROPOSAL Ayushi Travel 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville VA, 20155 Local Phone 571-261-1964 Fax 703-738-7266 Toll Free 1-800-379-3811 E-Mail info@ayushitravel.com Web Site http://www.ayushitravel.com OVERVIEW OF AYUSHI TRAVEL. Ayushi travel is a leading travel company offering low airfare to all international and domestic destinations. Ayushi Travel was established in January 2004. Our mission is to offer you the highest quality service at the lowest possible prices. At Ayushi Travel, the customer relation continues after the purchase of air tickets. We care our customer 24/7 a year. We are your money saving source for US domestic and International airfares. We are the best choice for cheap airline tickets. Our well-trained professional staff is always there to help you in all your travel needs. They are committed to provide hassle-free service to you in order to make your trip enjoyable and affordable. We specialize in W Discounted domestic and international travel. D Specialized in Business and First Class Air Tickets. 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville, VA 20155. Phone (800) 379-3811, Fax (703) 738-7266
  2. 2. Organized group tours. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Ayushi Travel is capable of providing the prompt, courteous personalized service that clients expect from travel professionals. We can also offer: • Innovative new products and services. • Enhanced purchasing power creating cost savings and service concessions for clients. Ayushi Travel's corporate mission distinguishes the company from other travel vendors. Our goal is to set the standard of service excellence with care and concern for the traveler by providing quality services, innovative products, and readily accessible support systems. • Place the customer's satisfaction and sense of security above every other business consideration • Establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers of the highest quality products and services. • Our agents have a minimum of 8 years experience in both international and domestic reservations. Our customers receive consistent, caring, responsive services, provided at competitive prices. Comprehensive travel management and expertise is available to clients of our agency and serves to set us apart from our competition. TRAVEL AGENCY SERVICES Ayushi Travel offers a comprehensive range of corporate travel services that will be made available to you. Below is a recap of the services currently offered by our agency and the list can be expanded to include any additional requirements for your company. Toll Free 800 Number A toll free 800 number will be provided to all your personnel. This number will enable all employees to access their dedicated staff Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM from anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 24-Hour Service 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville, VA 20155. Phone (800) 379-3811, Fax (703) 738-7266
  3. 3. Through this service all travelers can receive "on the spot" assistance. THOR 24 can quickly access the travelers full itinerary and process enroute changes, or assist the traveler in solving problems with airlines, hotels, or car rental companies. In the event of an emergency situation that cannot be resolved, this service with contact Ayushi Travel staff members at home. Ticket Delivery Service Your travelers will receive tickets in a timely fashion to all offices by email or FedEx. Corporate Hotel Rate Program The key to hotel savings is providing analysis, and then recommending a course of action. We would be pleased to analyze any hotel reports that are currently available from existing vendors to better discern travel patterns and hotel utilization. This will allow us to aggressively negotiate and establish additional or improved preferred rates at any one of your frequently utilized hotel properties. Meeting & Group Travel Ayushi Travel maintains a Group and Incentive Department. Due to the significant volume of the agency, as well as our proven track record with large groups, we can assist with site-selection, negotiated airfares and free tour conductor tickets, as well as all paperwork associated with meeting departure/arrival and rooming lists. Travelers Profiles Ayushi Travel will maintain an unlimited number of profiles for your company without requiring a minimum number of trips per employee. The information includes seating preference, frequent flyer information, meal service preference and any additional key information to provide the most accommodating travel arrangements. This information will be kept confidential by our agency. Car Rentals Ayushi Travel has been able to negotiate special concessions from auto rental companies. These concessions include price and the ability to upgrade car category for the original rate. Vacation Travel Planning 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville, VA 20155. Phone (800) 379-3811, Fax (703) 738-7266
  4. 4. Ayushi Travel can arrange any vacation plans for employees from cruises to complicated itineraries. We can also offer to develop special vacation packages exclusively for the employees and family members. Lost Ticket Follow-Up Our dedicated staff in tandem with our accounting personnel will provide timely follow-up of all outstanding lost ticket applications. Limousine Service Our agents can handle limousine coordination by utilizing limousine companies that we work with on a nationwide basis. SERVICE APPROACH & QUALITY CONTROL We assign a team of dedicated agents to your account who will handle all transactional activities according to your travel policies. These individuals will make all air, hotel and car reservations utilizing the best routing providing the lowest rates possible. Our staff will also handle any other situations such as VIP amenities, accounting and data management programs, international travel documentation, and personal travel. We can also network our services to provide your company with reservations and ticketing for all your offices nationwide. Our specific approach for your additional locations would be subject to further review of each of the locations volume and needs. SUMMARY As one of the best corporate travel agencies in the country, Ayushi Travel has the clout and more importantly the resources to help manage spiraling travel costs, while improving your overall travel services. Multiple automation systems and quality control checks are two major components of our travel management program. Add this to state-of-the-art Management Information Systems technology and ticket distribution, along with experienced and caring personnel and you have the basic formula for realistic and cost effective travel management. Service that is claimed by many, but delivered by few, is the element that distinguishes us from our competition. Our agency has never lost a client to another agency for service related reasons. In conclusion, our business approach and our credentials have earned us the 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville, VA 20155. Phone (800) 379-3811, Fax (703) 738-7266
  5. 5. recognition as one of the leading business travel management companies in the United States. 8308 Double Eagle St. Gainesville, VA 20155. Phone (800) 379-3811, Fax (703) 738-7266