Session 1 networking skills


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Session 1 networking skills

  1. 1. SESSION NO 1BC –IIDr. Smita Dabholkar
  3. 3. HOW MANY SENIORS/SUPER SENIORS OF IMTARE YOU IN TOUCH WITH…????How many of you have a job experience?How many of you have thought of getting someone to the campus for a guest lecture?How many of you have got one here?
  4. 4. ROLE PLAY 1.1 Group of five- You have come to IMT Nagpur for the firs time and you are a group of five people. Someone from the host institute wants to be a part of your group. You are suppose to behave in the following manner. Person A. You will not even look at the person while he/she is trying to break ice with you. Person B. you will give a smile or two but not show any interest as such. Person C. You will listen to the host for a while and get back to the group. Person D.You are the dominant person in the group and you will keep the group members always with you except for person E. Person E.Is loosely attached with the group and is searching for someone else for giving him/her a company while his/her stay on campus. Host- You are required to break ice with this are given some ten minutes to do this.  ALL THE BEST!!!!
  5. 5. NETWORKINGEffective networkers understand that none of us can accomplish our goals alone; that we need others to fulfill our ambitions and dreams.Its about building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationshipsWhere cooperation takes precedence over competition.
  6. 6. NETWORKING Can be strategic or spontaneous Strategic networking prepares us for the spontaneous moments of discovery
  7. 7. HOW CAN YOU BUILD YOUR NETWORKINGSKILLS? Build your brand by finding your core values. Focus on your expertise and accomplishments. Create a self-introduction
  8. 8. LETS SEE IF IT WORKS.. You are organizing a national level intercollegiate event next month. How will you go about networking with the visitors? Develop a strategyGuidelines1.Understanding your core values2.Awareness about one‟s expertise and accomplishments3.Create a self-introduction4.Marshal your resources5.How will you maintain the data about people..card?6.Builidng up confidence-thinking about the „success episodes‟-rehearsing them7.Identifying goals
  9. 9. SKILLS OF NETWORKING CONVERSATIONS1.Establishing rapport2.Keeping the conversation going3.Joining groupsa.Arrive earlyb.Judge the tightness of the groupc.Exploit fracturesd.Pick of stragglerse.Use listening time to establish your presencef.Ask permissiong.Playing hosth.Pick up someone who is alonei.Closing the conversation-WASP(Welcome, acquire, supply and part).
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE OF BUSINESSCARDS Middle east -always offer your card by the right hand. China-Have one side of your business card translated into Chinese and in gold-coloured lettering, as that is considered auspicious. If your company has been established for a very long time, it‟s useful to state the year it was formed on the card. When offering the card you should do so with both hands. Japan-To give and receive cards in Japan is quite ceremonial. Status is important in Japan so make sure your title is prominent.
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE OF BUSINESSCARDSIndiaBusiness in India places a great emphasis on academic achievement. Your business cards should state any university qualifications you have, or any other kind of honor. As in the Middle East, always use your right hand when offering a business card.
  12. 12. EFFECTIVE NETWORKING RELIES ON THREEKEY QUALITIES:1. Abundance mentality2. Generosity3. Reciprocity
  13. 13. ABUNDANCE MENTALITYScarcity mentality Abundance mentality Victory means success at  Victory means success someone else‟s expense bringing benefits to all. Someone else‟s success  The possibilities of means we have missed growth and development an opportunity are unlimited and There are two ways to do common to all. it;My way and your way. My  There are three ways of way is the right way. doing it: my way, yourEveryone is out for way and a better way. themselves  Everyone has something unique to offer.
  14. 14. GAME.. How many times can you win a “panja” in 30 seconds? Networking is about sharing
  15. 15. GENEROSITY With an abundance mentality, we find it easier to give unconditionally. We can give attention to others, we can give information more easily less egotistically. Reciprocity Reciprocity is the recognition that none of us can survive without the help of others. Because human achievements rely on co-operation, we need to find ways of trusting each other; and reciprocity provides the currency of trust.
  16. 16. PREPARING TO NETWORKStrategic networking tends to work better when we are all prepared.Effective networkers know why they are at a networking event. They know what they want to achieve.
  17. 17. PREPARING YOURSELF Finding your core values Exercise no 1.1 (underlying assumption-Our values find expression in our accomplishments and accomplishments are simple talking points).
  18. 18. PREPARING YOURSELF Exercise 1.2It‟s upto you to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments..when you start to talk about what you‟ve achieved, you will begin to speak with passion about something you care about.
  19. 19. PREPARING A SELF -INTRODUCTION REMEMBER-You are your own best public relations consultant. You know what you can offer, and how good it is. You need to make it visible
  20. 20. MARSHAL YOUR RESOURCES1.Visual-look professional and behave professionally2.Vocal -make yourself heard3.Verbal-the self introduction and the rapport building remarks and questions..also listen!!!
  21. 21. SO LET‟S START THE NETWORKING.. First implication -SIP
  22. 22. THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME THE FEAR OFNETWORKING IS.. To rehearse your success…(recollecting successful episodes) Lets hone the abundance mentality and keep celebrating it.