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Overview of dta offering to lic


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Overview of dta offering to lic

  1. 1. Training Services At-a-Glance
  2. 2. Our Training Service Spectrum Skills Transforming Courses Domain Refresher Programs Advanced One Day Workshops Training Need Analysis Learn on the GO
  3. 3. Skills Transforming CoursesDatacomp Training Academy (DTA) offer a plethora of long term and short termcourses aimed at transforming the business capabilities of L.I.C. intermediariesat different levelsCourse Description Suitable For Duration ResidentialFoundation Program Newly recruited agents who have just 3 days completed IC-33 PThe First Level New or Low performing agents who 8 half dayProgram are yet to take off in their career with sessions spread LIC. over 4 monthsThe First Level Express Same as above but for those who 4 days want to complete in a fast track PThe Next Level Aspiring agents who want to break 12 half dayProgram their barrier of growth and want to sessions spread elevate to next level of success. over 12 months Typically Club members are ideal candidates for this courseThe Next Level Same as above 6 daysExpress PMission MDRT Potential or aspiring MDRT Agents 3 days P
  4. 4. Skills Transforming Courses (cont.)Course Description Suitable For Duration ResidentialThe Top Level MDRT qualified agents, experienced 2 daysProgram CM Club agents and Corporate Club P membersEffective Development Officers, CLIAs 2 DaysRecruitment & Team PManagement All our short term courses are available as non-residential programs also With our vast experience and extensive faculty we can also tailor make a course for your intermediaries based on your specific needs
  5. 5. Domain Refresher ProgramsIn the fast changing environment, it is challenging for any insurance professionalto keep pace with the changes that are relevant to him. New products, regulatorychanges, competition, etc. are the compelling forces for him to keep himself up-to-date and sustain in the Life insurance eco-system.DTA offers comprehensive domain refresher capsules of 1 to 3 days to overcomesuch challenges and maximize the potential of the L.I.C. agent. Some of the manysuch programs are as below: Mastering Plans  Competition Update ABCs of Underwriting  Understanding Financial Market Taxation & Life Insurance  The Insurance Sales Cycle
  6. 6. Advanced One Day WorkshopsThese are specialized workshop where we strive to deal with one aspect ofagent’s business function in full detail. These workshops are conducted by seniorfaculty (in-house / external) who have the credibility to share their views on therespective subject. A list of few such workshops are enumerated below: Business Insurance  Customer Relationship Management The Power of Social Media  Building & Managing an Prospecting through Facebook organization Prospecting through LinkedIn  Leadership Qualities & Team Objection Handling & Closing Management Techniques  Communication Skills & Business Big Ticket Selling Etiquettes
  7. 7. Training Need Analysis LIC has an herculean task of managing a HUGE sales-force. Some agents perform well while many don’t. It will be fair to mention that the reasons for not performing or underperforming are varied with each person.While it is evident that training is the KEY to performance,what is most important is to analyze what kind of trainingwill get a turn-around in the agent’s performance. Trainingrequires a lot of effort, time, energy and investment. Andif the strategy is not right then the entire exercise can go invain. Therefore to ensure result oriented training DTA offers a platform which will help you analyze the strengths & weaknesses of each agent and also prescribe the right kind of training needed for him / her. This will help LIC get the best out of every buck it spends on every agent’s skill development.
  8. 8. Training Need Analysis – Typical Process DTA TNA Platform Online Agent’s SWOT analysis and Test Training recommendationAgent Zone / Division / Branch Interprets Validates Delivers Data Results Agentwise Training as per Training requirement Requirements DTA Analytics Team Identifies suitable vendorTrainingProvider Prepares Schedule for trainings HRD Department
  9. 9. Learn on the GO tools CD’sE-Books Magic Learning Gyan Magic Chapter Paathshala