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Bael Soonth Churna Ayurvedic Medicine


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Bael Soonth Churna is extraordinarily helpful for Diarrhea, Dysentery etc.

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Bael Soonth Churna Ayurvedic Medicine

  1. 1. Category: Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Products, Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda
  2. 2.  Unripe Bael Fruit produces ant-inflammatory, inhibitor and mast-cell helpful results demonstrating protecting effect in IBD (Inflammatory bowel organ Disease)  The fruit possesses vital cardio protecting activity due to its ability to scale back aerophilous stress  Exerts vital anti diarrhetic and antibacterial drug effects  The fruit protects against liver, kidneys, abdomen and intestines against radiation injuries likewise. Source:
  3. 3.  Ayurvedic Medicine Bael Soonth Churna is extra ordinarily helpful within the following conditions:  Diarrhea, Dysentery  Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)  Hyperacidity, Gastritis, biological process Ulcers and associated stomach upset Source:
  4. 4.  ½ - one teaspoon (3-6 g) double daily with water when meals or as directed by the medico. Source:
  5. 5. 100 gm & 500 gm Pack. Source:
  6. 6. For Business Enquiry Please Contact: Source: