Promoting workplace safety and health


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Promoting workplace safety and health

  1. 1. Strategic Importance of Workplace Safety and Health Pentingnya Strategi untuk Keselamatan Kerja dan KesehatanManfaat dari tempat kerja yang aman dan sehatKonsekwensi dari tempat kerja yang tidak sehatdan aman
  2. 2. Manfaat dari tempat kerja yang aman dan sehat  Produktivitas yang tinggi karena hari kerja yang hilang lebih sedikit.  Peningkatan kualitas dan efisiensi dari tenaga kerja yang lebih baik kesehatannya.  Pengurangan biaya medis dan biaya asuransi  Tingkat kompensasi dapat ditekan karena klaim yang diajukan lebih sedikit.  Meningkatkan reputasi perusahaan.
  3. 3. Konsekwensi dari tempat kerja yang tidaksehat dan aman Injury & Desease : Back Injury, Eye Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Mental Health : Depressive Disorder Death & Violence : Transportation incidents, Contact with object and Equipment, Assaults and Violence acts Economic Cost
  4. 4. Promoting Safety and Health Within an Integrated HRM System HR Activities Strategic Objectives for Job Analysis and Promoting Workplace Competency Model Safety and HealthPerformance Management Enhance productivity Training & Development Manage Costs Safety and Health Benefits and Services Reduce Injuries, Desease Outcomes Unionization Physiological : Accidents, Desease, Injury External EnvironmentTechnologi, Industry , Laws Phsycological : Mental & Regulations (OSHA), Strategies Improve Health, Job Burnout, Stress Globalizations, etc Workplace Safety and Health Organizational Measuring and Monitoring Environment Accident/Desease Prev. Leadership, Culture Stress Management
  5. 5. Safety and Health Hazards in The Workplace Ancaman Kesehatan dan Keselamatan di Tempat Kerja Occupational Accidents (berhubungan dengan kecelakaan) - Organizational Quality Working conditions & times, Tools & technology - Individual Qualities The degree to which a person contributes to an accident Violent Employees (gangguan pekerja) Verbal threats, Physical Action, FrustrationObsession Occupational Desease (berhubungan dengan penyakit) OSHA : categories of occupational disease & illness Poorly Designed Job
  6. 6. Strategies for Improving Workplace Safety and HealthMonitoring Safety and Health RatesAccident PreventionDesease PreventionStress ManagementWellness Program
  7. 7. Monitoring Safety and Health Rates Incidence Rate : account the number of injuries and illness in a year Number of Injuries and Illness * 200.000 Number of Employee hours worked Frequency Rate : the number of injuries and illness for every million hours worked Number of Injuries and Illness * 1.000.000 hours Number of Employee hours worked Severity Rate : the hours actually lost owing injury or illness Total hours charged * 1.000.000 hours Number of Employee hours worked
  8. 8. Accident Prevention Ergonomics vary the tasks during the day, 10 to 30 second breaks every 30 minutes, every 2 hours take longer break from monitor display, reduce sources of environmental stress, discover the feature & function to adjust Health and Safety Commitees take responsibility for identifying issues that need to be addressed -> recommendations for how to improve Behaviour Modification offering to subsidize health club membership, building exercise facilities , incentive based health care programs Assessing Intervention Effectiveness
  9. 9. Desease Prevention Record Keeping to measure the chemicals in the work environment like incubation period Monitoring Exposure ex : monitor genetic changes due to exposures to carcinogens -> different jobs, conditions modified Genetic Screening
  10. 10. Wellness Program Weight Loss Smoking Cessation workplace offers an important opportunity for improving the health the health of workers who wish to stop smoking HIV/AIDS
  11. 11. Current Issues Preparation for and Recovery from Diseases and Disasters How much should I get involved, especially in a proactive way Safety around the world preparing employees to work and live overseas