The Reason of people anti transgender


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This is about the reason of people about anti-transgender

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  • The Reason of people anti transgender

    1. 1. aboutANTI - TRANSGENDER
    2. 2. Created by :Ayu Melati Class : R4L Indraprasta Universitas Jakarta 2011-2012
    3. 3. The meaning ofTransgender What is FTM and MTF Transgender Signs Conclusion
    4. 4. THE MEANING OF TRANSGENDERTransgender is a phenomenon of dissatisfaction the person because they feel the lack ofcorrespondence between the physical and sexwith a psychological or dissatisfaction with the sex they have.
    5. 5. FTM FTM (Female to Male) refers toindividuals that are born female but identify as male Thomas Beatie
    6. 6. MTFMTF (Male to Female) refers toindividuals that are born male but identify as female
    7. 7. Transsexual Signs1. feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied with one of his sexual anatomy;2. hope to change sex and living with the other sex; experiencing shocks continued for at least two years;3. the appearance of physical intersex or genetic abnormalities,4. because environmental factors include education wrong in childhood by letting the boys grow in the behavior of women,
    8. 8. The reason why we are anti- transgender1. Because in Islamic law , Transgender surgery conducted on the sex organs are normal and changes the result creation of God without the right reason is haram. This is explained in the Quran surah Al-Hujurat, verse 13, An- Nisa verse 119, and the hadiths of Nabi Muhammad. Hadisth Nabi who said "Allah has cursed men who like women and women who like men".2. Because they are not grateful to Allah who has created them. For example, They are actually normal because no abnormalities or hormonal genetikal and have a tendency to look like the opposite sex just to indulge the passionsso that they do transgender surgery .
    9. 9. 3. Transgender is distorted and not a good example for the younger generation. Because with existence of transgender people, young people can be influenced and distorted as they do. 4. Because they are against the nature of God They were created as a female / male, but they change that has been created by God. 5. Transgender people is scare when he/she loved someone. Usually, transgender people, if they liked someone, they were very possesive and do anything to make them get their lover. And this is very scary and uncomfortable for the partner. 6. Transgender people most likely affected by HIV / AIDS. Their interaction with their fellow would bring to the worlds deadliest diseases, namely HIV / AIDS,
    10. 10. Conclusion1. This case rooted in the mental health treatment rather than by changing creation of God, but through spiritual and psychological therapy2. We should guide the transgender to return to normal3. Transgender surgery is performed on the sex organs are normal then the law is haram or is not permitted by Islamic law, because of changing Gods creation without the right reasons. Since it has been described in the Quran surah Al-Hujurat verse 13, An- Nisa verse 119, as well as the hadiths of Nabi Muhammad.4. And is allowed in Islamic law is the surgical repair or improvement of the genital organs of one sex for the creation of a disability benefit, and also to eliminate the danger posed. And repairs or improvements to people having multiple sex organs, it is required to shut down one of the genital organ genital organ fit in it, because it is useful to clarify the status and eliminate the psychological and social disorders that do not fall into the misleading and sin.