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  1. 1. Created by : 1) Amalia Puspita Jannah 2) Ayu Melati 3) Dewi Asih Arryani 4) Maemunah 5) Serra Ranna Octaviani
  2. 2. Outline about Plastic Surgery : 1. The Meaning of Plastic Surgery 2. The reason people do plastic surgery 3. The advantage and Disadvantage of plastic surgery 4. The cause of Plastic Surgery Failure 5. The solution : a. Before do Plastic Surgery b. Will do Plastic Surgery c. After do Plastic Surgery
  3. 3. 1. The Meaning of Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery is a branch of medicine that aims to reconstruct or repair the humanbody through medical operations.Plastic surgery is divided into 2 types:1) Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.Reconstructive plastic surgery is an operation intended only to make the defect becomes normal again.2) Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.Aesthetic Plastic surgery is operation conducted for the purpose to make the normal for the better.
  4. 4. 2. The Reasons People do Plastic Surgery1). Repair their body are disabled and want to be normal again2). Because they are obsessed to become like the people they love3). Because they feel pressured by their bodies and they are uncomfortable with their appearance.4). Because they want to look beautiful and attractive5). Getting competitive edge in the job market, or just self- satisfaction
  5. 5. 3.The Advantage and Disadvantage of Plastic SurgeryAdvantage: 1. Improve Self-Esteem and Confidence. 2. looks comfortable and beautiful in public. 3. Improve the appearance. 4. Help in getting a job or promotion. 5. Body repair defects caused by accident or from birth
  6. 6. Disadvantage of Plastic Surgery : 1. The bleeding 2.Infection 3.Seromas 4. scarring 5. necrosis 6. nerve damage 7.Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia
  7. 7. 4. The cause of Plastic Surgery Failure1.An unsafe place for plastic surgery2.Not be handled by a plastic surgeon or doctor who trusted3.Not according to the procedure4.Not consult a doctor5. Hasty decision6. Doing something that is instant
  8. 8. 5. Solution of Plastic Surgerya. Before do Plastic Surgery:1. Consider what impact that will be generated after the plastic surgery.2. Consider whether the plastic surgery you will feel happier3. Consider your health. b. Will do Plastic Surgery: 1. Prepare the required fee 2. Choose a qualified surgeon and has a special certificate 3. Choose a safe place and can be trusted 4. Consult in advance to discuss the desires and expectations as well as medical history they have. 5. Ready to accept the risks after surgery plastic
  9. 9. After do Plastic Surgery:1. Post-operative care of plastic surgery2. Consultation and discuss any questions and concerns with your doctor
  10. 10. Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that aims toreconstruct or repair the human body through medicaloperations. Plastic Surgery divided 2 types that isReconstructive and Aesthetic plastic Surgery. We should begrateful for what God has given us and the natural beauty it isbetter than artificial.