Free resources for blended and flipped learning


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Free Resources for Blended and Flipped Learning

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Free resources for blended and flipped learning

  1. 1. Teachers can find more than 24,000 video presentations and interactive assignments here. There are also PD videos for teachers and a support blog for tips.
  2. 2. This famous site features K-12 video tutorials created by Salman Khan and his team. It currently gives students access to thousands of video tutorials that explain the ins-and-outs of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Finance, Physics, Economics and more.
  3. 3. Power My Learning offers thousands of free games, videos, and interactives in all major K-12 subjects.
  4. 4. Gooru is a free, teacher-curated search engine for multimedia resources quizzes, assessment tools and lesson plans for grades 5-12. Sign-in isn’t required, but if teachers set up a class page by signing in, they can track each student’s topics and performance on the assessments, and suggest additional resources to help them achieve mastery of a topic.
  5. 5. HippoCampus is a collection of online presentations and activities on math, science, history, and other academic subjects, created by the Monetary Institute for Technology and Education. Most of the content is geared toward high school and college students. Anyone can view the lessons, but registration is required for personalized activities.
  6. 6. Curriki is an exciting community filled with volunteers, teachers, contributors, and partners who support technology blended with teaching. Teachers can either sign up for membership or peruse over 50,000 free resources that are accessible without joining.
  7. 7. The Gateway contains a variety of educational resource types from activities and lesson plans to online projects and assessment items on all subjects.
  8. 8. CK-12 Foundation provides a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications for over 5000 concepts in Math and Science.
  9. 9. The maker of TED Talks now provides carefully curated educational videos or lessons worth sharing. Topics range from Literature and Language, to Mathematics, Science and Technology. Teachers can flip these videos to create their own lessons by adding their questions, notes and resources.
  10. 10. A curated collection of educational videos from sources ranging from Sesame Street to Harvard. YouTube EDU provides a way to organize YouTube’s educational content into one location. Users can search by categories: K-12, Higher Ed, or Life-Long Learning.
  11. 11. YouTube for Schools is what makes YouTube EDU a great tool for educators. It allows schools to block the rest of YouTube while providing access only to the educational videos found on YouTube EDU.
  12. 12. Teacher Tube is a video sharing website by teachers for teachers. Hundreds of K12-appropriate videos in a variety of subject areas as well as videos for professional development uploaded by teachers worldwide are available here.
  13. 13. This website offers interactive courses for K-6 students in Math, Science, Language Arts, Health, Environmental skills, Computer skills and life skills. Most of the interactive Math lessons are based on the International Baccalaureate standards and they say new Science lessons based on IB standards are on the way. They also offer free online courses for teenagers on information, media, technology, life, career, learning and innovation skills.
  14. 14. Discovery Education offers a broad range of free learning resources in Math, Science, English and Social Studies for K-12.
  15. 15. Education Portal offers high school and college courses to help students earn credits. High school students can benefit a lot from these free videos on the portal in all subject areas including AP courses.
  16. 16. Lesson Paths allows you to create, share and explore learning playlists made by teachers. Online lessons on all subjects, including College Prep, are available for all levels.
  17. 17. Run by The Annenberg Foundation, hosts high-quality multimedia resources for teachers and students.
  18. 18. This site has indexed over 33,000 educational videos from YouTube and placed them into a directory of over 3,000 categories. The videos are available without registration or fees to teachers in the classroom and to students at home 24/7.
  19. 19. A collection of online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, diagrams, games and puzzles for K-12 students on all subjects.
  20. 20. MIT is now producing ”short videos teaching basic concepts in science and engineering” for K-12 students. The videos are generally created by MIT students. You can sort the videos by topic and grade level.
  21. 21. offers hundreds of Math and English Language resources for grades 2-12 that have been developed by expert teachers.
  22. 22. You can find information about free online courses, links to free movies, audio books, eBooks, textbooks, language lessons, business courses and 200 free educational resources for students here.
  23. 23. Online, interactive, educational games and simulations for K-5 students in all subjects.
  24. 24. Sometimes called the ”YouTube of the Arts,“ the site offers high definition video of art that ranges from classical to contemporary.
  25. 25. K-12 mathematics teaching and learning through multimedia website with thousands of videos and tutorials.
  26. 26. MathLive is a math website for students in grades 1-6 hosted by Learn Alberta from Canada. Each lesson is presented with animated stories that offer some real world examples of the uses of mathematics and accompanied by a worksheet that students complete either while watching the lesson or after viewing it.