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Riddles on the solar system


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Review Quiz for Elementary Grade 3 ; Solar System Riddles

Published in: Science
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Riddles on the solar system

  1. 1. Riddles on the Solar System How well do you know the Solar System ? Aysha Hoosen Grade 3
  2. 2. Are you Ready ? Rules first...  Rule # 1: Listen to the rules !!  Rule # 2: Get your Boards and Markers Ready.  Rule # 3: One person must be score keeper. Choose that person now.  Rule # 4: Each team member must have a chance to write an answer.  Rule # 5: When teacher says pens down, stop writing !!
  3. 3. Riddle # 1 Nine of us travel around the sun, you live on one. What am I? A planet
  4. 4. Riddle # 2 Hot glowing gases keep me bright. You can wish upon me at night. What am I? A star
  5. 5. Riddle # 3 I am the star in the middle. Isn’t that neat? I give the Earth light and heat. What am I? The sun
  6. 6. Riddle # 4 I have water for oceans and streams. I am the only planet with life, so it seems. What am I? Earth
  7. 7. Riddle # 5 My planets are many but I have just one sun. To explore me in a spacecraft will be much fun. What am I? Solar System
  8. 8. Riddle # 6 I am found after Mercury, but I am hotter. I have lots of clouds but not one drop of water. What am I? Venus
  9. 9. Riddle # 7 We are called the outer planets. Who are we? Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune
  10. 10. Riddle # 8 On its axis Earth will spin, if this should stop what will happen. No night and day
  11. 11. Riddle # 9 I am something in the sky That seems to shine at night However, I’m not a star I am Earth’s satellite What am I? The Moon
  12. 12. Riddle # 10 When looking at all of the planets This is the second largest one It has rings made of ice, dust and rocks And is the sixth one from the sun What am I? Saturn