Farooqi, A Policy Paper 7132


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Farooqi, A Policy Paper 7132

  1. 1. Administrative Policy Handbook-7132 Farooqi, A The policies provide the framework for school and it is the direct link between the school’s vision and their day - to -day operations. Policies identify the key activities and provide the general strategy to decision-makers on how to handle issues as they arise. The procedures provides clear plan of action required to carry out or implement policies. The policies and procedures are important as well they allow the people related to school to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. Relevant Policies Redan Middle County Strengths/weaknesses New Policy Needed or Changes School Media Policies Center policies Mission Statement, 2003-2009. We 2003-2009 It is very clear and No changes needed. Vision, and Goals have a mission specific. statement, vision, and goals for our MC Staffing We have the same Adopted With the budget cuts they It is good but could be rewritten Requirements requirement as 5/14/1998 cut on the Media http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/aasli district Clerk position ssues/positionstatements/appropriatestaffing .cfm Media Specialist/ We don’t have Revised It has clear specifications http://cnet.dekalb.k12.ga.us/internal/edmedi Library Media Clerk one. 5/2008 about MS roles but the a/curins/files/role_of_the_librarian.ppt (It is Roles and school does intranet and could not be opened but Responsibilities provides good information) These are some good sites http://www.clayton.k12.ga.us/departments/i nstruction/mediaservices/handbook/schoolli brarymediaspecialist.asp http://glma-inc.org/handbook_techroles.htm Cataloging Policy We have Destiny Adopted 2007 District uses Destiny I did not see anything written for this policy 1
  2. 2. Administrative Policy Handbook-7132 Farooqi, A at school (OPAC) but this example could be used. OPAC http://library.nisd.net/Library/Procedure %20Manual/prodocs/Cataloging_policies_n ov8_2007.pdf Selection Policy We have selection Revised and Contained in this policy It is detailed and requires no change. Acquisition Policy policy and it was Updated by is selection Reconsideration revised 2007 the DeKalb responsibility, print, non- Policy Educational print and electronic Gifts and Donations Media materials, reconsideration Department materials, donations, October, instructional equipment, 2007. consideration files, selection aids, and special needs. Scheduling Policy It is clear and in Revised 2007 I like it as it is flexible It is not very detailed the student and also allows students http://www.bhsonline.org/library/showfile.p handbook and teachers access hp?policies.htm#flexible Revised 2008 whenever needed Circulation Policy It is clear and in Revised 2007 They do have certain No change required the student number of items for each handbook grade level to be checked Revised 2008 out Deselection Policy CREW method Revised The district uses the same The district does not have a policy but Weeding which is 4/28/2008 procedure CREW and provides a link below. Discarding Library Continuous MUSTY. It is important http://www.sunlink.ucf.edu/weed Media Resources Review to reflect the current GPS Evaluation and students interest in Weeding topics of personal And MUSTY enrichment. Acceptable Use of It is mentioned in Adopted It provides student and The policy does not need change but could 2
  3. 3. Administrative Policy Handbook-7132 Farooqi, A the Internet/Intranet the MC handbook 6/11/2001 teachers with guidelines be written in simple language like Internet for use of the internet to http://www.tsba.net/production/detail.asp? Acceptable support education and iFile=5622&iType=4&iBoard=16 Use research. Employee Computer Not on our Adopted The Do’s and Don’ts of The policy does not need change but could & Internet Use website but on the 6/10/2002 the policy are clearly be re-written like this with clear sub - county website. mentioned. headings MS always http://www.maranacook.org/Employee forward this %20AUP information via email. Copyright Policy MS always Revised and Ensure that DCSS The districts provides the following links Guidelines for Fair updates and Updated by employees comply with http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_F Use reiterates about the DeKalb the federal copyright air_Use_Overview/chapter7/7-b.html#2 the copy right and Educational laws. fair use Media http://www.leasttern.com/Tech/CopyrightG Department uidek12.html October, Some other resources are 2007. http://www.copyright.gov/ http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html I liked this link as it interactive and students will motivate the students http://www.cyberbee.com/cb_copyright.swf (Interactive activity for students) Challenged We do have a Adopted Library media committee No changed required. Materials procedure and 10/9/2000 and follows through the Library Media revised procedure and it is clear. Committee is in 4/14/2008 3
  4. 4. Administrative Policy Handbook-7132 Farooqi, A charge of it Library/Media We do a Issued Listed what each member No changes required Technology committee and we 8/23/2007 is responsible for. http://glma-inc.org/handbook_techroles.htm Committee meet once a Technology Plan month Lost/Damaged We do follow that Revised A policy is set up for It is clear and could be rewritten as this also Books and Media policy 11/30/2004 holding report cards due mentions about the teacher and parents Center Materials to lost/damaged books. loosing things. Overdue The students are http://library.nisd.net/Library/Procedure Books/Fines expected to pay and if %20Manual/prodocs/Damages%20and Restitution Policy they are not in the %20Overdues.pdf position of paying, they have Restitution Policy in Lieu of monetary payment Withdraw & We do follow this Instructional The students transferring No changes are required Clearing Students policy Materials to another school within (of fines) Issued the county or outside the 9/11/2000 and county are responsible revised for the lost materials and 2/10/2003 fines and it will not be taken away from their records. Confidentiality of We do have the Adopted Confidentiality is a It is good enough but need to mention some Library Records confidentiality 6/14/2007 board policy and any about Media center confidentiality issues policy at school effective information regarding the and this link could be use to add to the 7/1/2007 student should not be policy discussed to anyone other http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/aaslp than the legal guardian roftools/positionstatements/aaslpositionstate mentconfidentiality.cfm 4
  5. 5. Administrative Policy Handbook-7132 Farooqi, A Information Literacy We do use this in Revised 2009 A checklist was broken http://www.clayton.k12.ga.us/departments/i Skills Development our school down for each grade nstruction/mediaservices/middleschool.asp# level (k-12) 8thgrade Dekalb County needs to come up with its own Literacy Skills Dev. Instead of having to go to another counties website. http://cnet.dekalb.k12.ga.us/internal/edmedi a/curins/files/information_literacy_skills.ppt ppt from Dekalb Webpage Policy School does not Adopted The webpage policy is This policy is not mentioned in our school adhere to this 6/11/2001 and very clearly mentioned in media center policies and the teachers don’t policy. revised the district policy. It take advantage of this resource. This is a 4/11/2005 states the privileges, great tool of the teaching and learning responsibilities, and other process and is not much emphasized in our guidelines for proper web school. site and web page publishing. Permission to Our School uses Webpage It is up to the point and No change required. Display Student the same forms as Issued needs signatures from all Work/ Use Third district 6/11/2001 the parties involved Party work Student Code of Available in Revised 2009 Very Clear and Detailed No changes required. Conduct school and the Behavior in the students are also Media Center expected to pass the discipline test. 5