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Ear parts and its function


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Published in: Education
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Ear parts and its function

  1. 1. Ears
  2. 2. We have two ears. Each of our ear has thesame parts. The picture below shows the partsof the ear. Observe this parts.
  3. 3. The three main parts of the ear are theouter ear, middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear is separated from the middleear by a thin membrane called eardrum. The middleear is separated from the inner ear also by amembrane. The outer ear has a canal. This canal is linedwith wax and tiny hairs. These keep dust fromentering further into your ear. The canal leads tothe middle ear. There are three tiny bones in themiddle ear. In the inner ear there is a coiled tubecalled cochlea which contains fluid. The cochlea isattached to nerve cells.
  4. 4. Sound travels like waves. When sound wavesenter the outer ear, they pass through the canaland strike the eardrum. When the eardrummoves or vibrates, it moves the tiny bonenearest to it. This bone, in turn moves thesecond bone which in turn, moves the third bone.The third bone touches the membrane betweenthe middle ear and the inner ear. When thismembrane vibrates, the fluid in the cochleamoves. The nerve cells then send the message tothe brain which tells you what you hear.