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Webinar master presentation script final

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Webinar master presentation script final

  1. 1. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues 15 min. before start time... 4:00 p MT Audio checks (as we set up and Connect is loading)….. [Ambience music “F-Stop Blues” playing in background] [Ann music up] Start “Recording” as first person enters the meeting…. [All L, M, A : Welcome people as they come in the pod - through chat or mic… see sample welcome message in Notes] [ Moderator: Announce webinar start…… see sample announcement in Notes] [Ambience music playing in background] [Ann music down] ****** FLICKR WEBINAR BEGINS********* Group J photo pod* Audience pod* Q&A pod* “F-Stop Blues” audio pod* “Kodachrome” audio pod* *these are fixed throughout and will only be mentioned here “Flickr” main title slide in main share pod [I Intro PP] Camera/Voice pod (layered under Group J photo) Layered in MAIN SCREEN:(reverse order; top to bottom): -[ I Intro PP ] -[ Poll #1 ] -[ I Live Montage slide ]** -[ II Flickr-part one PP ] -[ II Live Demo slide ]** -[ II Flickr-part two PP ] -[ Poll #2 ] -[ III Addtl. Features PP ] -[ III Live Mapping slide ]** -[ IV Instructional PP ] -[ IV Brainstorm Chat ] -[ V Closure- HW PP ] -[ Closure- Survey PP ] In PRESENTER SPACE: [Presenter Chat] [Brainstorm Notes] [Presenter Q&A Manager] ** DRAG over LIVE SHARE SCREEN from presenter’s space As people enter (Moderator): If you’ve just joined us, welcome! This webinar’s scheduled to begin very shortly, in just about __ minutes. … We’re waiting for a few more participants to join us. If you’re having trouble hearing me, use the “raise hand” icon – or type a help message in the Q&A pod on your left… (Moderator): OK – it’s 4:00 MT in Colorado, so good afternoon (or good morning, or evening) to you- wherever you may be participating from….the Flickr Webinar is ready to begin…
  2. 2. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues 00:00 Ann START [ I Intro Audio ] [ I Intro PP ] Lynne ADVANCE All: mute “live” presenter mics Hello and welcome everyone to “Fun with Flickr - an overview of photo sharing and uses in the classroom! Slide 1 Mindy  FEEDBACK This webinar is brought to you by myself, Lynne Eyberg, Mindy Kittay and Ann Younce. We are excited to have you joining our webinar today. Slide 2 Before we get started talking about Flickr, we want to help you get oriented with our Connect interface. If you have any technical difficulties, please log them in to the “Q&A” pod that you see on the lower left hand side of the screen. We will do our best to help you work through any difficulties you encounter. Additionally, throughout the webinar, we will be compiling questions that you may have about the application. Please enter those queries in the Q&A pod as well. At the conclusion of the webinar, we will take some time to address these questions that arise. For the purpose of this webinar, we have elected to mute the participant sound so please utilize the various chat windows for all communication. Lastly, we have two poll questions that will appear throughout the webinar in the central presentation pod. Please take a minute select the appropriate multiple choice answer at those times. Slide 3 Ann, Mindy and I were very excited when we were informed we were on the Flickr team. There are a great number of features to Flickr that we are excited to share with you today. Some of those include the extensive list of possible instructional uses, Flickr’s social networking capabilities, and the variety of features, tools and toys that help enhance membership. Flickr is such a fun and valuable application, and we hope that you enjoy learning more about it today. Slide 4 In our webinar, there are three essential questions that we will be addressing in our content. They are: How do I create and use a Flickr account (or add to an existing one)? What are some unique applications of Flickr? And How do I generate ideas for using Flickr as a learning tool? Ann PAUSE [I Intro Audio] Slide 5 Lynne CLOSE Mindy READY
  3. 3. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues 02:15 02:25 Ann START [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] At this time, we would like you to take a quick poll about flickr in the main screen. Please check off what best describes you. Ann PAUSE [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] --- wait time ----- Ann START [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] If you haven't already, please make your poll selection now. Ann PAUSE [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] --- wait time ----- Ann START [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] OK. Thanks for your responses. We are going to close the poll now. Ann PAUSE [I Intro- Poll 1 Audio] [ Poll #1 ] Lynne SET-UP SCREEN SHARE… Ann CLOSE We should quickly enter our (as time permits) to help start the group Mindy DRAG Ann START [I Montage Audio]….. “Kodachrome” begins Ann PAUSE [I Montage Audio] [ I Live Montage slide ] [ I Live Montage share ] Ann WATCH for L. cursor Lynne READY to SHARE… Ann CLOSE Lynne RETURN to Connect Mindy  FEEDBACK Ann START [II Flickr-part one Audio] [ II Flickr-part one PP ] Ann ADVANCE until Lynne TAKES OVER ADVANCE We hope you enjoyed our slideshow. Now, it’s time to get started learning more about Flickr. Mindy, Ann and I have prepared a presentation that helps demonstrate the application and its many uses. There will be an opportunity for everyone to participate later on, but for now, please enjoy our presentation. Let’s begin with how to set up an account. the first step is to go to and create your account. There are two types of accounts: Free and Pro. Slide 1
  4. 4. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Free accounts have some limitations; firstly you have a 100MB bandwidth limit per calendar month. This isn’t the total space but the total amount you upload each month. If your photos are small, this limit will be adequate but as you become hooked on Flickr it may be worth upgrading. With the free account you are limited to displaying the 200 most recently uploaded images. After you reach 200 images the older ones are not deleted, just unavailable to be viewed until you upgrade. Another feature of Flickr is the grouping of photos into sets much like into albums, with the free account you are limited to 3 sets. Slide 2 A Pro Account is only $24.95 a year and offers the following benefits; unlimited uploads and storage, unlimited sets and collections and ad- free browsing. Slide 3 To sign up for flickr go to and click on the sign up button. You will be asked for your Yahoo ID and password. If you do not have an account on Yahoo, click the Sign Up link. You can see it here where it says “Don’t have a Yahoo! ID?” Fill in the form to set up a Yahoo! Account. When you have a Yahoo! ID and password, sign in on the page. Slide 4 The next step is to make your profile – while you don’t have to do this – it does make networking easier and you loose the block head which is a big plus in my opinion. Click on You and then Your Account and you will then see the options for editing your Icon. Slide 5 By using the “Icon Builder” you can easily make your icon. Here is an example of the Icon we used for our Group J flickr page. After you finish with your Icon you can move over to “Edit Your Profile”. Slide 6 You can add a lot of additional information to your profile if you would like. This makes networking much easier and more likely. Slide 7 Here you can see additional areas where flickr allows you to elaborate on your profile. Here again, you don’t have to complete these sections but the more information you provide the more likely you will be contacted by others with similar interests. Slide 8 Mindy READY
  5. 5. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Want to be more social in Flickr? You can have your friends and family link to your flickr so that you can see the images they are adding. You can also join groups with similar interests. One easy way to add friend or family is to search for them. Slide 9 Mindy SET-UP SCREEN SHARE… Mindy :MAKE sure you remove your trading card and TEAM J SET first When you put your mouse on a flickr member’s icon you will see a box with a down arrow. By clicking on the down arrow you will see the options that are available to you. The very first one is to add that member as a contact. Or you can send an invitation to someone who you would like to be a contact – to do this all you need to know is their e-mail address. Slide 10 Mindy: “live” mic Groups are a great way to share with others who have similar interests as you. There are a lot of groups in flickr, including groups about e- learning. A quick search came up with 65 groups with elearning either in their title or description. Slide 11 Mindy, our Flickr maven, belongs to seven groups right now – these groups represent areas of interest for her. Sometimes you will be invited to join a group. You can also create your own group and invite others to join it. Groups can be private or open to the public. Slide 12 There are five ways to upload images to flickr. Right now, Mindy is going to demonstrate how to upload images through a live flickr webpage. Take it away Mindy! Slide 13 Ann PAUSE [II Flickr-part one Audio] Lynne CLOSE [Mindy NARRATE LIVE] [ II Live Demo slide ] [ II Live Demo share ] Mindy READY to SHARE… Lynne  FEEDBACK When you first login to flickr your screen will look something like this. You may have to sign in – but as you can see I am already logged in. Click here on Upload Photos. (Click on “Upload Photos”) Step one is to choose the photo you would like to upload: Click here on “Choose Photos”. You can do this a number of times and add numerous photos to upload all at the same time. (Click on “Choose Photos & Videos” and find “Mindy’s Trading Card” photo on desktop)
  6. 6. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues At this point you can select your level of privacy. We will discuss this further in the webinar but you should note that this can be changed at any time. The next step is to click on “Upload Photos” (Click on “Upload Photos”) Well that didn’t take long! Now we are going to add some descriptions to this photo. Click on “Add a Description” (Click on “Add a Description”) You could add your descriptions here but I think the easiest way is to “open in organizer” and start there. First I am going to edit my Title. The title that was in your computer or on-line will automatically populate this box – just highlight it and type over it. Next I will add a description. (Click on “open in organizer”) (Type in “Mindy’s Trading Card”) (Trading Card– Mindy Kittay– IT5660 elearning Group J) Next is tags. A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information that help describe the item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. I’m going to add trading card and Mindy Kittay. Note that I use a comma between tags to differentiate them (Trading Card -Mindy Kittay) You could click the “save” button at this point or you could change your dates and times by clicking the dates link. (Click on the “dates” link) By clicking on the “permissions” link you have the options for changing who can view your image and you can also change the photo licensing. When I click here on “change” you see a multitude of options for creative commons licensing. We will discuss this further later in the presentation. (Click “permissions” and then “change”) I am going to click “save” to save everything I have done to this point. (Save) Now I have the option of putting my photo into a set, sending it to a flickr group or mapping my photo. We are going to put this photo into a set so I am going to click on “sets & Collections” (Click “sets & Collections”) I don’t have a set yet for Trading Card photos and I would like one so I am going to create a set by clicking here. (Click “create set”) I’m going to type over NEW SET and rename it Trading Cards (Type Trading Cards)
  7. 7. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Then I am going to drag my photo on top of the box that says “the photo you drag here will represent the set”. As I add more photos to the set I can change the photo that represents the set at any time. Since I only have one photo in the set right now this will be the one that represents the set. Click “save” and we have now saved our image into a set. Drag Photo. Click Save We have uploaded an image and we have added a title, description and tags to it and we have put it into a set. These are all things that will make it easier for us to find the image and for others to find it as well. We have also determined who can see and what rules are required for others to use the image. That is all there is to it! Ann CLOSE Mindy RETURN to Connect Mindy: MUTE “live” mic Ann START [II Flickr-part two Audio] [ II Flickr-part two PP ] Lynne ADVANCE Mindy  FEEDBACK As Mindy mentioned, you can organize your images into sets or collections. Sets are groups of images that you select and are usually related to a theme such as a vacation or family event. Collections are groups of sets. For example you might want to put all of your sets from your various vacations into one collection called vacations. Slide 1 You can use the Organizr tool to create a set and place a photo into the set. The great thing about the Organizr is that it allows you to perform tasks such as tagging, placing photos into sets and setting permissions to batches of photos instead of one at a time. This can be a great time saver when you have a number of photos that you would like to perform the same task to. Here is an example. You have uploaded 100 photos from your recent vacation to Hawaii. In the Organizr you can move all of these photos to your set called “Hawaii Vacation”, tag them all Hawaii, and set them all as public in one step rather than doing it photo by photo. Slide 2 You can also access sets and collections by clicking on the Organize tab as shown above. Here are some samples of sets. Slide 3 To create a collection click on “create a new collection”. Next give your collection a title. Once you have created the collection you can then drag sets to the title and they will be added to the collection. You can also edit your Collection at any time. Slide 4
  8. 8. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Flickr is very flexible – there are often many ways that you can perform a function. For example, after you have uploaded a photo and you are looking at it you will see the box highlighted above. From there you can: add notes to the photo, send it to one of your groups, add it to a set, send it to your blog, edit it, delete it, add or change tags, change who can view the photo and change the creative commons licensing. Slide 5 Notes are great fun! You can add a note to any photo by clicking the “add note” link above the photo. Notes are not the same as comments. Comments can be added by anyone to any public photo and show up below the photo. Notes are actually on the image and can only be seen if your mouse hovers over them. Slide 6 You can tell that an image has notes because it will say so below the title of the photo as shown above. Although you cannot see the mouse in this picture it is hovering above the box and that is why the note is visible. Slide 7 In just about every page of flickr you will find the option of searching. By clicking on the down arrow you will be given a list of options of where and what to search for. You can search for images, groups, other flickr members and locations. Slide 8 There are many options for searching for images, from everyone to just from your friends or specific contacts. You can search by tags or by all text such as descriptions and titles. You can even search by the type of camera that took the photo. Slide 9 Ann PAUSE [II Flickr-part two Audio] Lynne CLOSE Ann START [II Flickr- Poll 2 Audio] Now, please take a minute and answer the following poll question. Ann PAUSE [II Flickr- Poll 2 Audio] --- wait time ----- [ Poll #2 ] We should quickly enter our (as time permits) to help start the group Ann START [II Flickr- Poll 2 Audio] Thank you! We will now close the poll, and turn the mic over to Mindy to tell us more about Additional flickr features. Mindy? Lynne CLOSE
  9. 9. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Ann CONTINUE [III Addtl. Features Audio] [ III Addtl. Features PP ] Mindy ADVANCE (?) Mindy SET-UP SCREEN SHARE; There are numerous additional features of Flickr that result in a fulfilling user experience. These features are provided within Flickr itself, as well as third party tools and toys that enhance user membership. In the bibliography you will find links to some of these applications. Slide 1  UN-MAP PHOTO Flickr is an excellent social networking tool. It is a great application to stay connected with friends and family as well as to make new acquaintances. Flickr makes it easy to share your photostreams, slideshows and sets with your contacts with their intuitive Flickr mail tool. Additionally, Flickr brings people together who share common interests, so users can expand their contacts beyond their friends and family. Flickr is truly a global application, and a simple way to extend beyond geographic boundaries and develop friendships worldwide. Slide 2 Mindy: Be in my account with Gloria Steinem 3 picture selected Flickr mail provides users with automatic notifications when you want to publicize updated photostreams, sets or slideshows. You also have the ability to send a custom email. Slide 3 Lynne  FEEDBACK Here is an example of a Flickr automated email notification Slide 4 Flickr Mail is also a great tool to stay in touch with your contacts, notifying members of a group about important updates or generally checking in. The application is extremely intuitive and straight forward, and simplifies the email process for users of all technical abilities. Slide 5 The Search tool in Flickr is a wonderful resource for users. It is easy to make new acquaintances with people who share common interests. Here, I have entered “gardening” in the search field, and it returned a list of 18,808 groups with gardening referenced. Slide 6 Don’t know where to begin? Flickr offers something that they call “Interestingness”. They have created an area for users to share content, based on elements like clickthroughs, tags, and favorites. Flickr culls the site content that they feel is the most interesting to the Flickr community, and showcase it daily. Here is the month of October, and the featured “Interestingness” content for each day. Slide 7
  10. 10. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Tag clouds are an interesting way to observe what user generated tags are the most popular. They give an overview of the most popular themes in the Flickr universe. Slide 8 Flickr tag clouds are constantly updated, as users regularly upload their new photostreams and tags. The larger the typeface, the more commonly used tags within the Flickr world. As you can see, some of the most popular tags at the time of this screenshot are family, japan, london, party, vacation and wedding. It’s an interesting way to get perspective on how members are using Flickr, and what some of the common denominators are. Slide 9 Picnik is a third party company that offers free photo editing tools to Flickr users. Picnik and Flickr have developed a partnership, so that Flickr users may utilize Picnik without ever having to leave the Flickr environment. Some of the photo editing tools include resizing, cropping, filtering, and framing, as well as special effects. There is also a Picnik group within Flickr, so that you can learn about using Picnik techniques in a variety of creative and interesting ways. Slide 10 There is an endless variety of Flickr toys available on Big Huge Labs is another third party, free service for Flickr users that provides some of unique and clever widgets for your photos and images. Examples include map making, mosaics, billboard maker, cd covers and more Slide 11 Here is an example of the Jigsaw puzzle maker in Big Huge Labs. It is simple to upload a photo, see an image of the resulting jigsaw puzzle, and receive your 252-piece puzzle shipped to your door. Slide 12 Using the same photograph, we have used the Big Huge Labs “Warholizer”, which is a fun tool for demonstrating Art History or just simply a way to look at yourself in a new, creative light. Slide 13 Mindy: “live” mic Flickr also makes it easy to automatically upload photos and images to your blogs. Please for step by step instructions on how to do it. Now I’ll do live demonstration of mapping a photograph….. Ann PAUSE [III Addtl. Features Audio] Slide 14
  11. 11. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues [Mindy NARRATE LIVE] [ III Live Mapping slide ] [ III Live Mapping SHARE ] Mindy READY to SHARE… Lynne  FEEDBACK Mapping is one of my favorite things to do with images in flickr. So lets get started. The first thing you want to do is select your image. As you can see I have an image already selected. To get started click on “add to your map” (Click on “add to your map” - FAR RIGHT COLUMN) The easiest thing to do at this point is to type in the address that is as close as possible to where you want to be on the map. I am going to do that now. Then click “go” (270 S 8th Ave, Brighton, CO)……….(GO) This is the correct location on the map so I am going to click on “save to map” and then “done” (Click on “save to map”…Click on “done”) Once your photo is mapped you can go back and look at your photo and other mapped photos in the same location. I’m going to click here on the right on “map” (Click on “taken in…map” - FAR RIGHT COLUMN) By clicking on “go to map” I can see a much larger image. (Click on “go to map”) Each pink dot represents a photo. Lets look at a few. (Click on some) I’m going to change the map to “hybrid” to get a better view and now I can see the photo and exactly where it was placed. And now back to Ann… (Click on “hybrid”) Ann CLOSE Mindy RETURN to Connect Mindy: MUTE “live” mic Ann START [IV Instructional Ideas Audio] [ IV Instructional PP ] Ann ADVANCE Lynne  FEEDBACK Thank you, Mindy….. We’ll now be taking a look at various ways in which Flickr can be used for instruction. As you explore this part of the presentation, we’ll ask you to keep in mind any ideas that you may have for the instructional use of Flickr in your classrooms, offices, or personal lives. At the end of this segment, we will all be participating in a brainstorming activity to share our ideas….. Slide 1 Mindy  FEEDBACK
  12. 12. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Quite possibly the best uses for Flickr in an instructional setting are for its capabilities to add dimension as a social networking, digital storytelling, and visual literacy tool…. Best practice calls for accommodating different types of intelligences through multiple approaches (as described in Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”), as well as taking into consideration individual preferences and needs across all subject disciplines. Flickr definitely addresses the visual learner, but can appeal to other styles of learning as well through: collaboration, analysis, reflection, communication, ordering, describing and manipulating…. Of course, it can also be used to create FUN ways to learn… Slide 2 Social networking trends in education are growing exponentially with the use of web-based tools, and Flickr goes beyond simple photo management and sharing, to offer the potential for increased interactivity, collaboration and community-building on a global scale. Slide 3 For an instructor or student, Flickr makes it easy to create and manage photos, sets, or groups for sharing. It allows for flexible groupings, and visual aids can be quickly accessed. A “photo-stream” slideshow (like the montage you saw at the beginning of our presentation), can be used in Flickr as an alternative to Power Point. Let’s now take a look at some specific classroom examples… Slide 4 Flickr can be used to explore exciting locations by allowing students to conduct research or report on virtual field trip experiences. Learners can also create photo journals or slideshows of travels and field studies. Slide 5 For classroom research activities, such as historical venues, Flickr can be used to incorporate photos, maps and build onto descriptive information with additional links to sites like Wikipedia; Or, it can simply provide a place for Civil War enthusiasts to share information and display events. Slide 6 Learning activities can be designed using photographs to create virtual timelines, or to create memory maps using Flickr’s “notes” feature, which can provide detailed information or reflections along the map route…. Slide 7
  13. 13. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Original map drawings and projects can be shared. Or, as you saw earlier in this presentation, maps can be created making connections between photos and the places around the world in which they were taken- In this case, the primary locations of various flora and fauna specimen…. Slide 8 Database-type collections can be created with photos, explanatory text, and additional information links, or users can create activity cards, flash cards, and the like…. Slide 9 I used Flickr here to create visual representations of a science notebook, as a way to label diagrams, or by utilizing the Flickr Toys “trading card” feature from the “Big Huge Labs” partner site, to have students build their own version of the Periodic Table of Elements… Slide 10 Flickr groups can be set-up for creative writing clubs, to share graphic novels, or works-in-progress during Writer’s Workshop. There are even journaling groups using Flickr to submit selected journal entries and share in each others’ reflective writing…. Slide 11 Younger students can combine selected photos with text to form ABC books or alphabet cards to share. A collection of Flickr photos can be used as writing prompts or a springboards to inspire photo poetry. Use of Flickr’s “comments” feature can even help a group of writers “build on a story” adding facts or imagery….. Slide 12 By utilizing the Flickr Toys “CD cover” feature from the “Big Huge Labs” partner site, participants can create soundtracks for novels. Or, utilizing the “Framer” tool from the same site, photos and text can become word building activity cards… Slide 13 Flickr “sets” encourage collections of student work product, or documentation of activities. Flickr “groups” allows for collaborative lessons on a theme, such as creating tessellations. Slide 14 Student work can be showcased in Flickr for classmates, family or friends to view. Daily or weekly problem sets can be posted for participant response. And instructional diagrams with directions in text can be created. Slide 15
  14. 14. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Photos can be taken and re-purposed on a walking activity; or students can use the Flickr “notes” feature to provide snapshots of their thought processes when explaining mathematical calculations and problem- solving. Slide 16 Journal pages can be created combining photos with comments, or actual pages can be uploaded and shared. The “comments” area and dedicated discussion sections in Flickr “groups” allows for group commentary and analysis. Slide 17 Share collages of student works of art, create expositions on a theme, or use the Flickr Toys “mosaic” feature from the “Big Huge Labs” partner site to create artistic tiles….. Recognize these? We used those fun “Mr. Picasso Head” class contributions to create this mosaic. Slide 18 Individual students can contribute multiple art pieces for a retrospective, or art exhibits and gallery walks can be organized around numerous artists’ work. Slide 19 Flickr can increase collaboration; such as the primary school’s “Flat Stanley” project, or using photos to enhance “pen pal” conversations, or joining a web-based challenge. The Flickr Toys “magazine cover” tool from the “Big Huge Labs” site can even be used as a formative assessment of current events study….. Slide 20 Learning can be evident in written travel logs, and detailed information on sites and locales, through guides, brochures and virtual tours. A traveling journal project has writers start in their own journal then pass it on to others for collaborative entries. Slide 21 The simple collaboration aspect of Flickr encourages finding common interests and building social networks, by joining groups and clubs, sharing hobbies and talents, or displaying collectibles with others who share your same interests, values, ideas, innovations or vision. Slide 22 Flickr can showcase a variety of individual products or inventory, or special projects can be made. The name badge was created utilizing the Flickr Toys “badge maker” feature from the “Big Huge Labs” partner site. For special events like weddings, guests can upload and share photos… Slide 23
  15. 15. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Groups (such as teachers) can come together for sharing classroom layout ideas, reflection on professional growth, portfolio archives, or creating “make-and-take” manipulatives in a workshop-type setting. The “words” mini cards were created on the “Moo” site that prints things with your Flickr photos…. Slide 24 Flickr photo sharing can help users monitor project timelines, take photo tours of buildings and sites, learn from diagrams, and share ideas and collaboration among remote workers…. Slide 25 Finally, Flickr can simply be used for fun! The Polaroid snapshots of our team and the spelling tiles were both created on the “big Huge Labs” partner site. Flickr can also be used to simply enjoy great photography!! Slide 26 One final thing to remember when using Flickr, or any type of work product found online….. Become informed regarding rights under copyright law and guidelines for fair use. This is an example of the “Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers”…. Outlining what you are and are not allowed to do. Slide 27 A copy of the “Fair Use Guidelines” chart for teachers can be found at the link above. Whenever possible, locate and utilize either copyright- free images, or provide your own personal photos. The Flickr site offers access to great photos, however there does need to be some user responsibility. Flickr has additional support for this in the attribution parameters set for its users. Slide 28 Accessing the Creative Commons site, which is in partnership with Flickr, photos can be tagged with certain attribution requirements and conditions of their use. The stipulations above are just one example from a tagged photo. Slide 29 Creative Commons provides for various levels of copyright and fair use scenarios for you to select for your photos…. “Attribution” is the most liberal…. “No derivatives” means no changes can be made to the original….. “Noncommercial” means you can’t make money from it…. And “share alike” means that you have to attribute back to the original license…… Slide 30
  16. 16. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license. You can also browse or search through content under each type of license. As you upload a photo you can set the license at that time, or you can choose to apply a specific license level to everything you upload from a certain point on…. Remember: you should only license photos you own the copyright on. You can use a special “wizard” link to help you choose the license most appropriate to your needs….. Slide 31 Privacy is a common area for concern on the web…. Flickr makes it easy to control who you share photos with and different levels may be selected for each photo or video. The Flickr site is not to be considered “safe” or “child friendly”, in that a simple search may yield inappropriate views for young students….. However, a teacher may create a group and set parameters on the photos so the group members can only see certain photos. As with most web-based tools, a certain amount of monitoring needs to occur where younger viewers are involved. Slide 32 Lynne READY Mindy READY for brainstorm input So, this brings us to the end of the instructional portion of the presentation…… Hopefully you have gained many good insights on how to utilize Flickr. Now it is you turn…. We are going to conduct a live brainstorm activity using the special “Brainstorm Chat” pod. Did you remember to jot down some ideas for instructional uses along the way? If not, take a moment while we transition to think of some ways that you might use Flickr in an instructional setting….. Slide 33 We would like each of you to enter an idea into the “brainstorm” chat pod that will appear shortly…. While the clock counts down, be thinking of how you would use Flickr in an instructional setting…. Slide 34 Ann: “live” mic Ann PAUSE [IV Instructional Ideas Audio] (for silent countdown…) Slides 35-43 Ann ADVANCE SLOWLY “Timer Countdown” slides Ann START [IV Instructional Ideas Audio] OK….. Are you ready? You can start typing in the “Brainstorm” chat pod now… We’ll check-in with you as the brainstorm list grows….. Ann PAUSE [IV Instructional Ideas Audio] Slide 44 Ann CLOSE We should quickly enter ours to help start the group
  17. 17. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues [Ann NARRATE LIVE] (Give positive motivation……. Using prompts in presenter’s pod) [ IV Brainstorm Chat ] All L, M, A COPY/PASTE Ann START [IV Instructional Ideas Audio] Ann: MUTE “live” mic We’re going to be closing the group brainstorming session at this time. Again, great ideas everyone. Thank you so much for contributing. Now, here’s something we want you to try using flickr. We’ve prepared a special assignment for you to try immediately following this webinar, or at your leisure. So, Mindy, if you’re ready, please take us through our fun homework project. [ V Closure- HW PP ] Ann: CLOSE Mindy READY: prepare for Q&A Lynne READY: prepare for Q&A Ann CONTINUE [V Closure- HW Audio] [ V Closure- HW PP ] As part of this learning experience, we are requesting that you make a trading card and upload it to the team J group. In order to do this, you will need to either create a flickr account or use your existing flickr account. You’ll need to make your trading card and then upload it to your flickr account. And then finally you will upload your trading card from your account to the team j group. We have provided you with two job aides – or handouts- that will give you step-by- guidance on how to complete these tasks. Ann PAUSE [V Closure- HW Audio] Slide 1- HW Mindy ADVANCE Mindy READY: “live” mic Lynne READY: “live” mic [Mindy LIVE] At this point, we would like to address any questions that came up throughout the presentation… or, feel free to ask any questions that you have now using the Q&A pod…. [Mindy LIVE]…. Fields any Q&A…. [Lynne LIVE] …. Tosses questions to Mindy… [Mindy LIVE] Now, if there are no (further) questions, I’ll turn it over to Ann who will close out our presentation…. Slide 2- Q&A Don’t Close Slides!!!!!!!!
  18. 18. Flickr Webinar: “Master Presentation Script” (11/15) (Key: Lynne is in PINK; Mindy is in YELLOW; Ann is in GREEN) Time What is Heard (script narrative) What Is Seen [Connect Screen] What Is Hidden (behind the scenes) Notes/ Cues Ann START [V Closure- Survey Audio] Thank you, Mindy…. We’re winding down or presentation as our time will soon be up…. Before we leave, we would like to remind you of a few things: First, please remember to log into flickr for homework and create your own trading card to add to our Team J Group. Also, we’ve provided the following job aides for you: 1). Handouts with instructions for getting started on flickr and completing your homework 2). We’ll also be providing you with a copy of the powerpoint and bibliography 3). If you missed any portion of this presentation, we have recorded it and will make the link available to you soon. And finally, please take a moment to respond to our survey. The link is provided for you here. We will also send out a reminder as well, if you prefer to complete it at a later time. If any of you still have questions, we will remain in the meeting for a while to speak with you. So, at this point, we would like to thank you for joining us for the “Fun with Flickr” webinar, and we appreciate you spending your time with us. On behalf of the entire flickr team, Lynne, Mindy, and me, Ann, we’ll say “thank you” and “goodbye”. Ann LET AUDIO RUN OUT [V Closure- Survey Audio] [Mindy LIVE]…… “goodbye” and “thank you” [Lynne LIVE]……. “thank you” and “goodbye” Slide 3- Survey Ann ADVANCE Mindy MUTE: “live” mic temporarily Lynne MUTE: “live” mic temporarily Mindy READY: “live” mic Lynne READY: “live” mic Ann READY: “live” mic Monitor the chat pod… responding “thanks” and “goodbye” there as well, in response to their ending notes and “applause” icons…Be prepared to grant microphone rights if someone has an extensive question……. Stop Recording after everyone has left the meeting….. Great Job Team J!!! 

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