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Prezi Custom show

  1. 1. INSTRUCTIONS Click on picture to start view a lesson To go next slide To go the end of lesson To go first slide of lesson Back to previous slide Back to the main slide
  3. 3. INSTRUCTIONS  This lesson take about the basic information about Prize and how to create account to use Prize online .  You have to submit the assignment at time  Try out every points to ensure the understanding of the lesson  You have to ensure the network is available.
  4. 4. Open the browser and write : . Then, press enter to go to the page or if you don’t know the URL search for it in google.
  5. 5. This is the prezi home page. There are two ways to create accounts in prezi. Choose one from them to create your account.
  6. 6. Prezi has 3 license. For free choose the public license by press the gray icon.
  7. 7. Complete the information need to sign up on Prezi.
  8. 8. Identify your Prezi interface. You will learn how to use Prezi to create presentations.
  9. 9. INSTRUCTIONS This lesson talk about how you can use the free Prezi templates, write text and change its characteristics and edit the Presentation path. Before you start this lesson review the last lesson because it is related You will learn by pictures ,please follow the steps one by one. The activities are for increase understanding
  10. 10. OBJECTIVE: At the end of this lesson you will be able to: • identify the interface of Prezi. • use the free Prezi template. • Change the characteristic of the template. • write text and modify it. • changing the presentation Path.
  11. 11. Open Prezi and to open your account press the log in button.
  12. 12. To log in write your email and the password.
  13. 13. Your account will be open. To start a new presentation press the “New Prezi button”
  14. 14. Wait until the Prezi tamplet open.
  15. 15. You will see many free and beautiful templet. Choose what you want and then press “ choose button”
  16. 16. When you choose a template it will open and then you can do what you want.
  17. 17. To change the template press the “template“ icon like what shown and then press “change template”
  18. 18. Wait until your choice be ably
  19. 19. To write your text click by the lift side of the mouse.
  20. 20. Choose the type, colors and text size by the icon shown near the blue arrow.
  21. 21. You can write in any place do you want. Just choose which slide do you want and then click by the left side button of the mouse.
  22. 22. To change the sequence of the slides click on the “Edit Path” icon.
  23. 23. Inserting, saving and sharing on Prezi
  24. 24. INSTRUCTIONS  This lesson talk about adding new frames on Prezi and inserting pictures, Shapes and video in your presentation. In addition it will show you the way you can save your work.  Try out every points to ensure the understanding of the lesson  You have to ensure the network is available.  At the end of class you should submit your Prezi presentation
  25. 25. Lesson objective At the end of this lesson you will be able to : Insert shapes, pictures and videos Change the format of shape Control the animation path Add frames and control it  save your work and share it
  26. 26. To add a new frame press the “Frames and arrows” icon and choose any frame
  27. 27. When you choose anew frame , a new slide will be added. Write what you want and change the colors.
  28. 28. You can also choose a circle frame from the “frames and arrows” icon
  29. 29. Try all the frames and look the differences between it.
  30. 30. To make zooming in use drew invisible frame.
  31. 31. By the invisible frame select where you want to zoom
  32. 32. To drew arrow click on the “frame & Arrows”
  33. 33. To add a picture click on the insert icon.
  34. 34. You can insert picture by searching from the Google Images or from your computer.
  35. 35. To insert symbols or shapes click on the insert icon
  36. 36. Choose any shape you want.
  37. 37. To insert a video , click on the : Insert:: You Tube video and then write the link
  38. 38. To download your workm click on Share icon and then choose Download as PDF
  39. 39. To present your work, click on the “Present” icon
  40. 40. To save your work and close, click on the “Exit” icon.