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How to use_social_media_&_event_settings


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Published in: Self Improvement
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How to use_social_media_&_event_settings

  1. 2. Click here to edit event. Login to your Ayojak account. Go to Social Dashboard.
  2. 3. You are on ‘Event Setup’ section. Scroll down & Go to ‘Event Settings’.
  3. 4. Select options as per your need. Check it to show Flickr images on event page.
  4. 5. Enter Flickr Tag & number of images. Click here to save.
  5. 6. Images has been added to your event page. You can add more from here.
  6. 7. Check it to show YouTube videos on event page.
  7. 8. Enter your YouTube embed code here. Click to Save
  8. 9. Your Video has been added successfully. You can add more from here.
  9. 10. Click here to save final settings.
  10. 11. Your settings have been saved successfully.
  11. 12. Open your event page in the browser to see your changes.
  12. 13. For support: Email: [email_address] Twitter: ayojak Facebook: