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How to create_premium_ticket


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How to create_premium_ticket

  1. 2. Sign In to your Ayojak account and go to My Ayojak.
  2. 3. Click here to go to Ticketing Dashboard
  3. 4. Click here to edit your event page
  4. 5. Click on Tickets button.
  5. 6. Select your default currency Click on this to create a Premium Ticket
  6. 7. Give your ticket a Name, e.g. Social Meet Describe briefly, e.g. For MBA Students Specify how many tickets you want to sell through Ayojak and What is the price of One ticket Specify time period of tickets, available online Define, how many tickets can be purchased at a time.
  7. 8. Click ‘Yes’ to give your attendees discount. Click ‘No’ if not applied. You can either let your attendees use this ticket for entire event or only for event sessions. Choose, whether you want, your attendee will pay Ayojak service fee besides ticket fee or it is included in ticket price. Click ‘Save’ to Complete or reset it to make it again.
  8. 9. Congrats ! You have created your premium ticket.
  9. 10. For support: Email: [email_address] Twitter: ayojak Facebook: