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How to Create Your First Ticketing Event


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to Create Your First Ticketing Event

  1. 1. How to Create Ticketing Event Page?
  2. 2. Enter Your Email Id & Password to login.
  3. 3. Click here to go on Dashboard.
  4. 4. Click here. You are on Dashboard.
  5. 5. Give Your Event a Name and a brief about it.
  6. 6. Choose event start date, time and event end date, time. Give contact info of the organizer. Assign your event a category. Click Here
  7. 7. Fill your event venue details. Choose to show Google map. Click here
  8. 8. Check boxes to show attendee comments, attendee list or to enable invitation-only feature. Click Here
  9. 9. Choose ticket type.
  10. 10. Fill basic details of your ticket. Choose your discount option. Choose your Ticket association.
  11. 11. Click on the service fee option, you want to add to your ticketing. Click here to save.
  12. 12. Your ticket is created successfully Click Here to Proceed.
  13. 13. Fill your bank account details.
  14. 14. Enter invoice and billing details.
  15. 15. Click Here to Proceed. You can also skip this form to fill it later.
  16. 16. Choose your favorite header image. Alternatively, you can upload your own header image. You have option to upload your logo.
  17. 17. See preview of your design just below the options. Click ‘Skip’ or ‘Next’
  18. 18. You can see preview of your event, test your event page, save it to draft or just publish it. If everything is OK, Click on Publish button to make it live.
  19. 19. Your event page is published successfully.
  20. 20. Enjoy ! Your event page is live now 
  21. 21. For support: Email: [email_address] Twitter: ayojak Facebook: