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How to change_header_image_and_event_logo


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Published in: Self Improvement
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How to change_header_image_and_event_logo

  1. 2. Login your Ayojak account, go to Event Setup Page. Click here to change header image and logo of event page.
  2. 3. Choose from the beautiful Header Images shown here.
  3. 4. You can also upload your own header image. Image size should be 938X200 pixels, in jpg/jpeg format. Click here to upload your own logo. Recommended Size- 94X94 pixels, jpg/jpeg format.
  4. 5. You can see your applied changes instantly, below upload options.
  5. 6. Click ‘Next’ to complete.
  6. 7. Open your event page in browser. You have successfully changed header image and Logo.
  7. 8. For support: Email: [email_address] Twitter: ayojak Facebook: