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  1. 1. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations Style You Can Relate ToAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 1
  2. 2. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® is a full service image consulting firm specializing in the area of person- al style, wardrobe management and image development. From photographers and artists to top level corporate executives, Ayo Fashola works with clients who want to put their best foot forward in every area of their lives. With 17 years combined experience in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, marketing, branding, public relations and customer service, Ayo consults and counsels clients seeking coaching in the art of dapper dress, commu- nication skills and an attractive persona, providing her clients with the best resources in fashion, style, beauty and image. Ayo helps her clients project a more fashionable, affluent, urbane chic presence that does not tip on slick. Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® is designed with the modern, progressive woman in mind. Your success is my success. From wardrobe enhancements to full service image makeovers, Ayo has the insight and exper- tise to take your look, style, and image to the next level.Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 2
  3. 3. BIO Image therapist, wardrobe specialist and personal brand strategist are just a few of the strengths and talents, Ayo Fashola, principal style consultant of Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting®, has in her arsenal. Highly in tune with emerging trends, yet starting her own, she delivers a vibrant, intuitive and sophisticated approach to assist her clients, ranging from photographers and artists to top level executives enhance their professional and personal charisma, charm and reputation, gain a competitive edge in their respective fields and attract industry atten- tion. With vast experience in public relations, marketing, fashion, and beau- ty, and with a list of Fortune 500 client/experiences to include YUM! Brands, JP Morgan Chase, Providian Financial, Fidelity, Sprint (formely Nextel), Estée Lauder, Color Me Beautiful, and luxury retail- er Barneys New York, Ayo gathered first-hand knowledge of the spe- cial desires, wants, unique challenges, and needs of today’s image and style conscious consumer. Ayo says, “Branding yourself through your personal style is not only for Rockstars and celebrities. The average person has got to stand out from his or her competitors in a positive way in an image-conscious society and hard-work alone will not help. It does not matter how tal- ented you are. If you are not packaged in a way that engages and con- nects with others, it is just not going to work.” Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® became as a way to help women weed through the complexities in their wardrobe. Ayo Fashola Life- style Consulting® is dedicated to empowering women through their “Image is integral personal style. and relevant “The subject of image and personal style has never been taken serious- ly.” Ayo says. “We’ve been conditioned to believe that caring about within the grand the way we look is vain, self-indulgent, and shallow, and in the grand scheme of things. scheme of things, unimportant. But image is integral and relevant It’s a serious within the grand scheme. It is a serious matter, because it affects how we live, the way we feel about ourselves in the world, and how we matter, because it choose to interact with others. What could be more serious than that?” affects how we Ayo holds a B.A. in Communication with a concentration in public live.” relations and an added specialty in business marketing from the Uni- versity of Texas. Ayo has appeared in top Dallas Socialite publications as Papercity, F!DLuxe, Dallas Modern Luxury, The Dallas Weekly, and Dallas Weekly’s The Journal as well as TV style segments on TX21 News and Metro Channel 8. Recently on Lagos, Nigeria’s SilverbirdTV. Ayo also volunteers as an image consultant and model for Attitude and Attire, a non-profit organization dedicated to increas- ing confidence and self-esteem in women.Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 3
  4. 4. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations Ayo Fashola has secured accounts from the following: Recording Artist/ Personalities Savi Learning, Inc. Dede Murcer Moffett, -singer, entertainer EBA, Inc. Leticia Magnana-Actress Michele Wahlder Life Coaching Ramirra Stackhouse-wife to NBA player of the A Fresh Approach Consulting Dallas Mavericks Jerry Stackhouse Hampton Inn Hotels Corporate organizations Kleiman, Lawrence Baskin Fitzgerald L.L..P The Container Store Farmers Insurance Group Mary Kay Corp. Andrea Krolick Custom Interiors Colemant Insurance PIP Insurance Services GE-General Electric DHL International (ng) Affiliated Computer Services Escada (Highland Park Village-Dallas) Boys and Girls Club of America (non profit) Barneys New York Briggs Freeman Real Estate Estee Lauder Casey, Gentz, & Magness L.L.P Color Me Beautiful Director-The Marketing Arm Advertising Agency Flori Roberts Cosmetics Imap Global Logisitics IMAN Cosmetics Holcomb Wealth Management Nova (401k) Associates Northwest Mutual Financial NetworkAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 4
  5. 5. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting c/o 1634 W. Maypole Ave Chicago, IL 60612 O: 312-857-6601 The Company A full service image consulting firm founded in 2006 Mission Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® is dedicated to self-discovery, beauty of expression, excellence, and loving life. I empower women to recognize their self worth, to believe in the best that they are, to design an image as a powerful self-expression and to nurture their communities through love, con- nectivity, collaboration and communication. Services  Wardrobe Consultations  Personal Shopping Assistance  Cosmetic and hair consultations  Color Analysis  Personal Style Assessment and Image Development  Verbal and Nonverbal Communication  Personal and Organizational Branding Pricing Chief Personnel: Ayo Fashola-Principal and founder No-fee initial consultation Project pricing based on needs assessmentAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 5
  6. 6. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations SERVICES Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® Helps You With The Following: KNOWING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU  Evaluating your personality and lifestyle  Analyzing your career and business situations  Selecting appropriate dress in various social situations  Stylish dressing for leisure activities  How to cross over and adjust your wardrobe accordingly UNDERSTANDING YOUR SELF-IMAGE AND ATTITUDE  How updating your image can bring out self-confidence  What your body language is saying about you  Identifying your best qualities and creating a signature style  Understanding why feelings affect the way you look  Why attitude can change an outfit  How to make yourself feel and look better while you are dressing IDENTIFYING AND MINIMIZING YOUR FIGURE FLAWS  How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths  Why color makes or breaks an outfit  Creating balance in an outfit  Achieving high style in spite of figure flaws  When certain fashion rules should be broken  Which rules to disregard so you can look your best DEVELOPING A WINNING WARDROBE  How to regain control of your closet daily and effectively  Which pieces to hold onto and which ones to discard  Focusing on "investigation pieces" that provide fashionable fun for the "long run"  Mixing and matching colors for maximum impactAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 6
  7. 7.  Expanding your wardrobe with fewer pieces  Devising great looks that "wont break the bank"SELECTING UNDERGARMENTS AND LINGERIE  How to correctly choose a bra for your body type  The appropriate undergarment for specific outfits  What types of lingerie are best for you  Choosing stylish pantyhose with the right texture and colorEVALUATING ACCESSORY CHOICES  How to alter the personality of an outfit with: jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, shoes, and hats  Letting accessories take you from day into evening  Accessorizing to bring last years look into this year  Expanding your wardrobe with only a few acces- sories  The dos and donts of accessorizing  How to care for your accessoriesKNOWING WHERE AND HOW TO SHOP  What type of store caters to your needs  Which brands are designed for you  A clothing list for each season  When a sale is not a sale  How to comparison shop  Learning about fashion through magazines  Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics  Distinctive stamps of workmanshipCONSTRUCTING A DIET AND FITNESS PROGRAM  Discussing and studying your eating habits  Finding easy solutions you can live with  How to develop a fitness program in your life that you will enjoy  Setting realistic goalsANALYZING HAIRSTYLES AND COLOR  Selecting an appropriate hairstyle and color  Choosing the right hairdresser  Learning how to use a blow dryer effectively  Finding and working with hair products  Setting up a hair maintenance programAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 7
  8. 8.  Alternative hairstyles for special occasionsUSING MAKEUP AS AN ENHANCEMENT TOOL  Makeup starts with good skin care  Makeup in 5 minutes or less  Choosing colors that dont clash with your hair or clothing  The proper eyebrow shape and corrective measures  Enhancing your best facial features  Minimizing tricks for physical facial flaws  Makeup for special occasionsLEARNING ABOUT NEW COSMETIC PROCEDURES THAT WILL WORK FORYOU  Cosmetic enhancement procedure options and costs  Reviewing all cosmetic surgery procedures including dentistry, laser hair removal to eyebrow tattooing  How to select the right procedure and doctor  Lunch time treatment versus surgeryAyo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 8
  9. 9. Lifestyle. Image. Public RelationsDallas Modern Luxury May 2007 Dallas Weekly March 2007Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 9
  10. 10. Lifestyle. Image. Public Relations Contacts Ayo Fashola Lifestyle Consulting® Fashola Lifestyle Consulting 10