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#TTNecker - Tayabali Tomlin Scaling Up presentation at Necker Island

Presentation to entrepreneurs from around the world at Necker Island on scaling up sustainably, profitably and with the right mix of finance and investment.

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#TTNecker - Tayabali Tomlin Scaling Up presentation at Necker Island

  1. 1. Necker Island, Sunday 7 May 2017 Scaling up the numbers and finance or investment
  3. 3. Strategic planning Financial models KPI Dashboards & Reporting Mentoring and masterminds Business Education Programme Exit planning Just some of the TT services developed to transform small businesses
  4. 4. ! ! KPI’s ! Business Plan Business Strategy Business Model An operating plan that summarizes KPI metrics and supported by financial projections. Tool:!Management!Control!Plan!0!BSC! How the business model will be implemented – two companies with the same business model may have different strategies. Tool: Strategy Map How the business will create, deliver & capture value. Tool: Business Model Canvas ChangeMonitor Implement E X E C U T I O N I N N O V A T I O N Why you do what you do; a picture of the business when it’s finally done and what it stands for. Tool:!!Strategic!Planning!Session! ChangeMonitor Implement All the pieces need to be in place for success and the foundation is always the underlying business model. Purpose,Vision and CoreValues Business Design Hierarchy ©TayabaliTomlin 2015
  5. 5. with kind permission of
  6. 6. Seed 50K Angel 500K VCA 2M VCB 10M PE 25M IPO 100M 350K 1.5M 7.5M 50M+ 20% 75% 4% 1% WILDERNESSSTARTUP LIFESTYLE UNICORNPERFORMANCEDESERT with kind permission of Daniel Priestley and Dent.
  7. 7. Growth challenges faced by scale-ups Management, operational and communication systems Conserving cash and accessing the right combination of finance Building their leadership capability Maintaining the integrity of the culture, values and brand promises Having the wrong team or the right team at the wrong time Accessing customers in markets other than home market
  8. 8. The 7 Biggest Mistakes - small business owners make 1. They don’t plan 2. Try to be all things to all people 3. Don’t know (or understand) their numbers 4. Think they can play every role 5. Fail to implement 6. Run out of cash 7. Not knowing their customers, what they want and what they value
  10. 10. “If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.” Warren Buffett
  11. 11. Understanding the language of accounting Accounting MBA in Half a Day
  12. 12. Sales Profit CashOperating! Assets
  13. 13. World class performance (in sport) ”Once we have decided what the goal is, it is crucial to start at the end, do an audit, establish a gap and work out the right intervention to progress towards the goal” Sir Dave Brailsford
  14. 14. SYSTEMS ASSETS: FUNDING ASSETS: Marketing & Sales Mgmt & Admin Key People of Influence Technicians CULTURE ASSETS: Business Plan Valuation Structure Risk Mitigation
  15. 15. Types of funding
  17. 17. “too many opportunities are lost simply because you can’t see them”
  18. 18. Change in technology 1998: Annual revenue of $3.9bn Founded 1999: Debuts subscription service 2000: Declines offer for Netflix at £50m 2007: Hires new CEO Jim Keyes, formerly of 7-Eleven who says Rents 1 billionth video and commences steaming service “I’ve been frankly confused by this fascination that everybody has with Netflix…..Netflix doesn’t really have or do anything that we can’t or don’t already do…….” 2010: Files for bankruptcy 20m subscribers, $2.2bn revenue Valued at $24m Market cap £3.55bn 2015: $6.77bn revenue Value $32.9bn
  20. 20. Tayabali Tomlin Key Partnerships Key Activities Value Propositions Key Resources Cost Structure Revenue Streams Customer Relationships Channels Customer Segments entrepreneurs assurance maximise wealth business advice and know-how www monthly fixed fees commissions IT software partners a better life marketing, promotion and brand innovate technical advise knowledge workers marketing brand as a trusted adviser technology menu of services transaction based fees networks intimate personal relationships 3rd party experts 'oh' moments salaries and training telephone, newsletters and mail building costs strategic partners client relationship managers face to face
  21. 21. Income follows ASSETS
  22. 22. Philosophy Identity Ambassadors BRAND ASSETS: Content Methodology Registered IP ASSETS: Position Channels Data MARKET ASSETS: Marketing & Sales Mgmt & Admin Operations SYSTEMS ASSETS: FUNDING ASSETS: PRODUCT ASSETS: GIFTS PFP CORE PFC Marketing & Sales Mgmt & Admin Key People of Influence Technicians CULTURE ASSETS: Business Plan Valuation Structure Risk Mitigation Copyright of Dent Global. All rights reserved. Not for reuse. Registered UK Word Marks.
  23. 23. TO CONCLUDE
  24. 24. Peter Drucker - The 5 Most Important Questions 1.What is our purpose? (ie “why?”) 2.Who is our customer? 3.What does the customer value? – most important and least asked 4.What are our results? – what do we want to achieve? what do we define as success? 5.What is our plan?
  25. 25. " always act differently to others, have faith, stay strong and put customers at the centre of each day" Michele Ferrero
  26. 26. we are social @aynsleydamery @tayabalitomlin TayabaliTomlin &Tayabali Entrepreneurs Group TayabaliTomlin &TT Entrepreneurs Club Download theTayabaliTomlin App #TTBigEvent #enTTrepreneurs #TTNecker