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Interaction 09 Mashup/Recap


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My shamelessly subjective, 
out of context & utterly biased recap I will give to my team back in SF of what I got out of the Interaction09 Conference held in Vancouver and homage to the fabulous, thought-provoking speakers I saw there.

Sounds: Walk Slowly by Supercar
(sadly not well know in the US but you should check them out)

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Interaction 09 Mashup/Recap

  1. redux shamelessly subjective, out of context & utterly biased As presented to the IxD Team Aynne Valencia, San Francisco
  2. First, highly researched background* * stuff I found on wikipedia
  3. 80 Percent of the world’s population speaks languages other than English
  4. 42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college. 1/3 of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  5. In 2007 the United Nations Population Division projected that the world's population will likely surpass 10 billion in 2055
  6. By 2012 the majority of the By 2020 the population of Asia United States will be over the will have a age of 65 more people retired than in the work force
  7. That’s a lot of older people
  8. 1/3 of the worlds population has access to a mobile phone 1/3 of that third has internet access on a computer * Thats a lot of mobile stuff
  9. 75 Percent of the world lives in poverty conditions.
  10. 17 million Africans are using mobile airtime as currency John Thackera, Experiencing Sustainability
  11. why am I telling you this?
  13. influences design Stating the obvious that we don’t always remember
  14. we have the ability to influence culture
  15. our medium is behavior Mark Rettig, How to Change Stuff in a Complicated World
  16. because there is a global trend shifting from “I” to “we” Mark Rettig, How to Change Stuff in a Complicated World
  17. some SmARt* things we can do, right now today *Speci fic, Actionable, Repeatable
  18. ? what if...
  19. A Marketing Plan became an Engagement Plan? Manifest Digital, UX Designers: Business Leaders Needed
  20. a Creative/Project Brief became an Experience Brief? My Addition
  21. SEO became an Social Engagement Marketing? Manifest Digital, UX Designers: Business Leaders Needed
  22. we start by asking what we want the experience to be? My Addition
  23. a little secret: no one gets excited about a wireframe Dan Saffer, Carpe Diem
  24. “what cannot be overcome by reason can be subverted by glamour” Dan Saffer, Carpe Diem
  25. emotion causes the wow Dan Saffer, Carpe Diem
  26. for big projects Journeys of Motion Video or stills to create a narrative Step by step narrative of the user journey write a script use sound or voice over to express the emotion + Chloe Gottleib & Jill Nussbaum, RGA
  27. for all projects Parti Diagram Show the conceptual architecture of the site, service or product Concept Statement Y! Example: “The Dashboard for what you love on the web” Design Principles Statement Driving characteristics of the design Y! Example: Enhance the Core Check in behavior Immediate engagement Luke W. Parti and the Design Sandwich
  28. for design for play Game Design Document Genre/Platform Audience Aesthetics Who will play it What are the entities (avatar/no avatar) Verbs for desired controls What is the reward system? How does one progress? What are the customization options What is the tutorial, help or learning curve Nadya Direkova, Razorfish
  29. “the best way to predict the future is to invent it” Alan Kay By way of Dan Saffer : Carpe Diem
  30. believe you belong
  31. To Read: “101 Things I Learned in Architecture School” - Matthew Fredrick Sea Change Design Process - Lauralee Alben To see: “Carpe Diem” - Dan Saffer’s closing keynote Manuel Lima Gestalt of Interface Design Doors of Perception
  32. thank you Aynne Valencia