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Let's Play Fonts! 2 [Typography Illustrated]

Fonts can tell more about a person that you know! They represent your personality. Whether you are a boring, lazy ass guy, or someone who just wants to fly, your use of fonts showcases your personality. So be bold, use 'Gothic', 'Little Snorlax' or what you believe that makes you stand-out from the rest of the crowd and lets you be yourself.

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Let's Play Fonts! 2 [Typography Illustrated]

  1. 1. LET’S PLAY
  2. 2. I just love Font: From Cartoon Blocks cartoons
  3. 3. Font: Arial Black I used to PAST rock the
  4. 4. Font: Helvetica You can find me in the iPhone
  5. 5. Font: Century Gothic I’m I always look professional Century Gothic
  6. 6. And some fonts just hang in there Font: Hanging Letters
  7. 7. Font: Britannic Bold I’m Bold Britannic
  8. 8. Fonts even talk about Font: LITTLE SNORLAX cultureAnd not to mention festivity
  9. 9. Font: Showcard Gothic i fly Like to
  10. 10. Font: abeatbyKai I’m as cool as these devices
  11. 11. Font: Helveticamazing I’m font The ‘ICONIC’
  12. 12. TIMES NEW ROMAN DEAD Font: Times New Roman
  13. 13. COMIC SANS IS COOL n o t Font: Comic Sans
  14. 14. Website:
  15. 15. 0.1 LET’S PLAY To check out Click Here!