Facebook Tips and Tricks


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Facebook tips and tricks for personal use. The slides were part of AUBOC's annual workshop entitled Social Media 101.

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. AUBOC’s Annual Social Media 101 Workshop Third EditionFacebook Tips and Tricks Given by Ayman Jalloul
  2. 2. Outline•  Facebook Etiquette •  The do’s and the don’ts•  Tips and Tricks •  20 Essential Facebook Tips and Trick•  Q&A
  3. 3. Facebook Etiquette THE DOs
  4. 4. One!•  1. Message Private Matters Instead Of Posting On Wall•  The walls indeed have ears [and eyes], especially so for the Facebook Wall.•  It’s best to keep these conversations behind closed doors: in Facebook Messaging.
  5. 5. Two!•  2. Be Mindful Of What You Post•  Your friends come from different backgrounds, jobs, beliefs and so on. What you might find to be interesting might be considered offensive by other friends.•  Think about how a post might be misterpreted.
  6. 6. Three!•  3. Call Rather Than Post Personal News•  Common sense, personal news is best communicated in person.•  Be it good or bad ones it’s always better to have some form of genuine communication through voice tones and body languages
  7. 7. Four!•  4. Reply To Comments Especially If They Are Questions•  If your friends take the time to write a comment, make sure you take the time to reply.•  Imagine a real life scenario
  8. 8. Five!•  5. Avoid Posting Comments On Every Post•  It’s no secret. Everyone is checking everyone’s profiles. But don’t go commenting and liking everything they do.•  It annoys your friends, friends of friend and will seem not genuine of you.
  9. 9. Bonus!•  Make sure you mind your tone. It’s easy for someone to think you are being sarcastic when you are not, or misunderstand you in any other manner for that matter•  One way to compensate for this is to use emoticons. A smiley always makes things better !
  10. 10. Facebook Etiquette THE DON’Ts
  11. 11. One!•  1. Make Friend Requests To Strangers•  Don’t add a stranger just to increase your friend list or to appear popular•  If you have a valid reason, like approaching a crush, use some sort of introduction or a mutual friend. Being blunt about it, will leave a very bad impression
  12. 12. Two!•  2. Tag Your Friends In ‘Unglam’ Shots•  Be sensitive about the photos you tag, especially the awkward photos.
  13. 13. Three!3. Overshare Yourself•  Don’t bombard your friend’s feeds with mundane posts about yourselves•  Make sure each post has something of worth
  14. 14. Four!4. Vent About Your Work•  There’s still a risk that what you post can reach people you wouldn’t want it to reach•  Your co-workers and boss are the last people you want to mess with.•  So, just play safe and leave your venting to somewhere private.
  15. 15. Five!5. Post Chain Status Updates•  Not posts like chain emails, but posts related to causes.•  Although the intention is good, but sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t good.•  When you see your news feed updates filled with the same status, you get annoyed instead, and you associate negative emotions to that social cause
  16. 16. Bonus!•  Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion on the free internet, so there’s no need to put anyone down just because you disagree with them•  Sometimes people criticizing the comments of their friend’s friend who replied to the post, whom they don’t even know. It’s embarrassing not only to yourself, but to your friend as well.•  Keep this in mind in whatever communication we have online, in Facebook, forums, emails, etc. Don’t ruin it for everyone.
  17. 17. Facebook Tips and Tricks
  18. 18. Activity Log•  Your activity log is a list of your posts and activity, from today back to the very beginning. You’ll also see stories and photos you’ve been tagged in, as well as the connections you’ve made – like when you liked a Page or added someone as a friend.
  19. 19. Hiding Yourself From Search•  Facebook gives you the option of hiding yourself from its search engine and other search engines such a Google or Bing.•  You can access these features through the privacy settings menu [Located under the Gear Icon on the Top right of the screen]
  20. 20. Log In Notifications•  To turn on Login Notifications:•  Go to your Security Settings page ( > Account Settings > Security)•  Click on the Login Notifications section•  Check the box next to the type of alerts youd like to receive and save your changes•  Note: If you want to receive text message alerts, youll need to add a mobile number to your account
  21. 21. Log In Notifications•  Nexgt time you log in, Facebook will ask you to register your device and name it•  An email will be sent to confirm the device name.
  22. 22. Lists•  Facebook lists are a great way to manage your experience online.•  Lists can be used with friends. These lists are useful when posting and on chat.•  You can also create interest lists and subscribe to other people’s interest lists.
  23. 23. Default Lists•  Close Friends: You can add your best friends to this list to see more of them in your news feed and get notified each time they post•  Acquaintances: This list is for friends you don’t need to stay in close touch with. People on your acquaintances list will rarely show up in your news feed.•  Restricted: This list is for people you’ve added as a friend but just don’t want to share with, like your boss.
  24. 24. Other Lists•  Smart lists: are lists that update automatically based on info you have in common with select friends, like a school, job or city. And you can manually edit them.•  Custom lists: You can also create custom lists to organize friends and create custom privacy settings.•  When working with Lists, your friends will not be notified of these settings.
  25. 25. Custom Lists•  From the Left of you Home Page you can access your Friend Lists.•  From there you can create lists and later have customized settings for them
  26. 26. Interest Lists•  Go to your Interests page [www.facebook.com/ bookmarks/interests]•  Click Create List.•  Search for the people or Pages you want to add to your list using the search box at the top of the screen, or use the categories on the left to browse.•  After youve selected all of the things you want to include on your list, click next.•  Pick a name for your list.•  Select a privacy setting•  Click Done.
  27. 27. Interest Lists•  Note: You dont have to like a Page or subscribe to a person to add them to your list. Adding things to a list and subscribing to a list are independent from liking or subscribing to the Pages and people featured in the list.•  If you think one of your friends would enjoy seeing the information featured on one of the lists youve created or subscribed to, you can share that list with them. Heres how:•  Go to the list by clicking Home > Interests > More > click on the name of the list•  Click Share at the top of the page
  28. 28. Chat Settings•  You can customize chat by appearing offline to lists. This can be accessed by pressing the gear icon:
  29. 29. Advanced Chat Settings
  30. 30. Keyboard Shortcuts•  While working in the chat menu, you can navigate through your conversations by using Keyboard Shortcuts.•  You can access the menu by clicking on the gear icon in the full chat window.
  31. 31. Keyboard Shortcuts
  32. 32. Status Updates
  33. 33. Unsubscribing•  Do you have this friend that over-shares everything about themselves?•  If you have that friend you can limit how much they show on your feed by adding them to the acquaintance list.•  On the other hand you can go to their profile, click on the friends tab and uncheck “Show In News Feed”•  This is reversible and your friend will not know.
  34. 34. Scheduling Status Updates•  Using TweetDeck [freeware] you can schedule Facebook updates
  35. 35. Download Your DataThe data you download will include:•  Your timeline information (ex: your contact information, interests, groups)•  Content that you and your friends have posted to your timeline•  Photos and videos that you have uploaded to your account•  Your friend list•  Notes you have created•  Events to which you have RSVP’d•  Your sent and received messages•  Any comments that you and your friends have made on your timeline posts, photos, and other timeline content
  36. 36. Download Your Data•  Press the gear in the top right of the screen•  Go to the General tab•  At the bottom left there is a “Download A Copy” link•  Click of “Start My Archive”
  37. 37. Download Your Tagged Photos•  Using PhotoGrabber App you can download all your tagged photos.•  PhotoGrabber is a free app and is available for Mac and PC.
  38. 38. Download Your Tagged Photos•  After downloading the application and installing it, Log In•  You will be asked to allow the give the application permission to use your data.
  39. 39. PhotoGrabber
  40. 40. PhotoGrabber
  41. 41. Over-sharing?•  You may post something you find normal on Facebook, but then its linked to your LinkedIn work profile and youve put your job at risk.•  If you post pictures of your family and couple that with information like, "my husband is out of town this weekend” then safety could be at risk. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them until it does, so safety first is a good default mode when using social networking sites•  If you share your address and phone number on a social networking site, you open yourself up to threats of identity theft and other personal dangers like burglaries.•  Identity theft also can happen when you post your full birthday and along with your full family relationships.
  42. 42. Controlling Your Apps•  They can they access your information•  Post on your behalf•  Effect other online services you use [Such as Skype, LinkedIn Profile…]•  App settings can be accessed from clicking on the Gear Icon at the top right of the screen then going to: Account Settings and then Apps
  43. 43. Controlling Your Apps
  44. 44. Download Facebook Videos•  Go to www.downvids.net•  Copy/Paste the URL of the videos•  Click download
  45. 45. Nutshell Email•  A Facebook app that sends email in a newsletter format with customized updates.•  Applies to other Social Media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  46. 46. Facebook Search•  When you type an entry in the Facebook search bar, it starts suggesting items based on your patterns of usage•  For example, friends you interact with most appear first.•  You can access the full search for further filters and even web searches and posts by friends
  47. 47. Time Rabbit•  On average, a person spends 7 hours/day on Facebook•  Time Rabbit is a Windows App that monitors your mouse movement, browser activity and keyboard activity to calculate how long you stay on Facebook and use it.
  48. 48. SelfControl•  Ever found yourself too distracted by Facebook? Or does Facebook kill your productivity?•  SelfControl app is an application that blocks Facebook (and other websites you choose) for a certain period of time.•  SelfControl blocks Facebook on ALL browsers and will continue working even if you quit it, log out or even restart your computer.•  www.selfcontrolapp.com
  49. 49. Questions?
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