Visual Studio 2010 Testing & Lab Management Tools


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From Open Door Jordan 2011 -
By: Ayman El-Hattab

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  • Let’s take a closer look at the Visual Studio Lab Management solution. So what does a logical configuration look like if you want to leverage the Lab Management feature?<Click>It starts with having an Active Directory domain.<Click>Next, you’ll need a System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, or just SCVMM, installation. This is also included in the Ultimate or Test Professional MSDN subscriptions.<Click>SCVMM can be configured a number of different ways from simple single server configurations to richer and more scalable configurations.<Click>For this example, I’ve got a main SCVMM server and second server to host my virtual machines. In SCVMM parlance, this is known as a library server and you have as many as you want or need.<Click>In order to work with virtual environments, you’ll need one or more Hyper-V hosts.<Click>SCVMM is the engine that manages your VMs. As needed you move VMs from your library server and deploy them on your Hyper-V hosts for used by test and development.<Click>You use Team Foundation Server, with Lab Management configured, and one or more build servers to orchestrate and execute your build-deploy-test workflows.<Click>Developers run Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.<Click>Testers use Visual Studio Test Professional 2010.<Click>Developers write code and check it into TFS.<Click>A workflow build is started on a build server.<Click>As part of the build, the workflow snapshots the environment, deploys the build output, and runs tests—all based upon the build configuration.<Click>Once complete …<Click>Testers can connect to and use the newly updated environment.<Click>Using Microsoft Test Manager and the Microsoft Test Runner, testers can file rich actionable bugs with links to …<Click>… environment snapshots.<Click>The bug is assigned to a developer. The developer reviews the bug and IntelliTrace log if provided.<Click>Developer then can connect to the environment …<Click>… in the exact state at which the bug was filed to easily pinpoint and then ultimately …<Click>… fix he bug.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Testing & Lab Management Tools

    1. 1. Microsoft SharePoint MVPTwitter: @AymanElHattab
    2. 2. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Work Item Version Test Case Tracking Control Management• Requirements/ User stories• Tasks TT TT• Bugs TT TT• Test cases•… Reports and Build Lab Dashboards Management Management VM
    3. 3. 30x 15x 10x 5x 1xRequirements, Analysis, Design Coding/Unit Test Integration and System Test Beta Test Programs Post-product Release Source: The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing, NIST
    4. 4. Visual Studio Application 1) Run Test T 2010 IDE test Test Under Test Controller R Agent Microsoft Test 2) Return testTester results and Diagnostic Data Manager diagnostic data Adapters (DDAs)
    5. 5. System CenterLab Manager Lab Management Virtual Machine Manager 2008Microsoft Test Team Foundation Manager Server VM
    6. 6. Compile Code Manually Manually Run RebuildRegression Machines Tests Manually Deploy Application
    7. 7. Compile CodeAutomated Start / Restore Tests Environment Take Auto Deploy Snapshot Application
    8. 8. Lab Management 1) Create test lab VMs Test Case ManagementLab Manager TT T T 2) Create test plan T T T T DDAs DDAs DDAs TestManagement Test Test Test Agent Agent AgentMicrosoft Test Team Manager VM VM VM Foundation Server
    9. 9. Build 1) Create Management and deploy test build Test Case Management TT TT 2) Run test TT TT Test DDAs DDAs DDAs Test casesManagement 5) Access R Controller Test Test Test test results Agent Agent Agent 4) ReturnMicrosoft Test and Team test results Manager diagnostic Foundation and data 3) Execute diagnostic Server data tests, collecting test results and diagnostic data
    10. 10. Active Directory
    11. 11. DevelopmentArchitecture Testing Team Foundation ServerRequirements Project Tracking
    12. 12. Are we making progress How are our builds on running test plans? doing over time? Requirement X What’s the quality Are we fixing of our bug fixes? bugs? Task Test Case Task Test Case BugTask Test Case Bug Test Case Microsoft Confidential