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Spicy food restaurant


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Spicy food restaurant

  2. 2. The FoodWe started by making different foods at the playdough table and in the kitchen. We were interestedin cooking different foods and serving them toteachers and friends.
  3. 3. The RestaurantSoon the idea came from the children to change thekitchen area into a restaurant. The role playing began.Waiters, waitresses, cashiers, cooks and customers werethe roles that were explored.
  4. 4. The Role Playing Spicy food started to be served by the chefs in the kitchen. Spicysausages, spicy bread, spicypancakes etc! There was no escaping the spices and chillies!
  5. 5. Making the sign for the restaurantThere was no doubts about what the name of our restaurant would be. The name of ‘Spicy FoodRestaurant’ was voted by all
  6. 6. Menu Making Menu making began. Foods were drawn, printed and scribed by the children.
  7. 7. The role playing continues using the new props created,and thought of, by the children.
  8. 8. A Visit to A Real CafeteriaWe went to the ISM café toobserve the different rolesand the set up.We also bought eggs inpreparation to make realpancakes.
  9. 9. CookingPancakes were a popular choice in the ISM spicy food restaurant so thepraying mantises asked tomake real pancakes. Yum!