Evaluation question one part two


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Evaluation question one part two

  1. 1. The camera shots and camera angels also played an important role ofreflecting forms and conventions of real media products. From theinformation and ideas I gathered from the analysis and research of teasertrailers with the same genre as my product, I found that Thriller/Actionfilms use a variety of camera shots and angles in order to emphasise thegenre in the most suitable way. According to my research, the use ofmedium shots and close-ups were the main camera shots and anglesused with teaser trailers that have the same genres of my product. Inrelations to the two teaser trailers I analysed, I found that both usedclose-ups when trying to stress the facial expressions of characters,especially the main characters. For example in the ‘Seven’ teaser trailer Ianalysed the first shot of the clip was a medium close-up of Brad Pittwhich therefore underlined the fact that he was one of the maincharacters alongside with highlighting his facial expression. I used thismethod of emphasise of facial expressions with my own teaser trailerwhen introducing the characters to the audience and used the same shotat 1:20 which was one of the main scenes that I believe engaged theaudience and reflected the genre and the roles of the characters. Itcreates tension and mystery towards the narrative. The emphasis offacial expressions of the characters via camera shots and angles enabledthe audience to reflect and react upon the emotional state of eachcharacter.
  2. 2. I used text transitions such as ‘The quest for a fantastic thriller hasintensified’, ‘Michael Turner’, ‘Aylin Bastas’ and ‘Coming Soon’ within my ownteaser trailer. I especially analysed the way ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ usedtext transitions and concentrated more on the name of the character ratherthan other texts like the ‘Seven’ teaser trailer. I purposely didn’t want to usea lot of texts so that I don’t distract the audience, I wanted to engage theaudience with the action rather than the text. However I think the use of texthelped to explain parts of the narrative. I chose to do my text in whitelettering using a range of font sizes with each text. I particularly chose to dothe title of my teaser trailer as the most highlighted text in order to portraythe importance of this feature. During my editing process, I used fades tomaintain the effect of continuity similarly in the two teaser trailers I haveanalysed. This was another way of how I related my product to real mediaconventions.
  3. 3. For my poster, I again followed the forms and conventions of real mediaproducts in order to reflect a professional outcome. To begin with Iestablished both the characters names ‘Aylin Bastas’ and ‘Michael Turner’on the bottom right hand corner of the page to make the audienfce awareof the two main characters. I used the font Stencil Regular at 50pt for ‘AYLINBASTAS’ and Stencil Regular at 60pt in order to emphasise that MichaelTurner is the significant character.
  4. 4. When looking at the three posters I have analysed, the credits from theposters ‘Reserviour Dogs’ and ‘Terminator 3’ are placed on the bottom of thepage in a very small font unlike the ‘Black Swan’ poster which is still placed inthe bottom of the page but is clear for the consumers to read. On my ownposter I reflected on how the posters ‘Reserviour Dogs’ and ‘Terminator 3’placed the credits; which is placed on the bottom of the page using a verysmall font which enabled it to be the most unattractive feature in the layoutoverall.I reflected this method with my own product in order to abide the importanceof echoing real media conventions. Similarly to the ‘Black Swan’ poster, I madethe font of the credits on my product a bigger font compared to the‘Reserviour Dogs’ and ‘Terminator 3’ posters as I wanted my poster to reflectto all three posters I analysed. I used the font Charlemagne bold at 21pt forAYLIN BASTAS, BILAL SALLI, MEHMET BASTAS and MICHAEL TURNER whichwere all the significant names of the producer, the directors and thecharacters. I used the font Big Caslon medium at 24pt for the wordPRODUCTION and 18pt for the rest of the words. I chose to use various fontsand font sizes with my credits in order to portray the importance of eachword. Hollywood credits are used in many film posters in order to advertiseproduction companies, directors, writers and other essential roles.
  5. 5. Credits from my poster productCredits from the ‘Terminator 3’ posterCredits from the ‘Black Swan’ posterCredits from ‘Reserviour Dogs’ poster
  6. 6. I decided to make the colour of my title white in a bigger size than all thetexts on the page. I placed it on a black background to make it the focuspoint for the audience. I also placed an age rating icon on the bottom righthand corner underneath the characters name, the purpose of this is tomake the audience aware of the preferred audience for my product.
  7. 7. The picture for my poster is a shot from my teaser trailer; I chose to do itthis way as I wanted all my products to have a link between them, allreflecting each other. I chose the image to be a shot reflecting the climaxpoint in my teaser trailer in order to make the poster more interesting as Ichose not to make the poster detailed similarly to the ‘Terminator 3’poster I analysed. Whilst editing on Photoshop, I took great care inkeeping the image exactly the same as it is in the teaser trailer andtherefore didn’t apply any type of effect on the image. Alternatively, myfinished film poster product being a screen shot from my teaser trailerbrings across a strong image that completely reflects this.
  8. 8. Alongside with all my other products, my magazine front cover also usesforms and conventions of real media products as I based my research onprofessional mainstream film magazines and acknowledged their used toproduce print products. I closely analysed three magazine front coversfrom Sight and Sound, Empire and Total Film. I used Total Film as anexample to recreate my magazine front cover using near professionalstandards.
  9. 9. Firstly I decided to use the same font ‘Eagle Bold’ for the main cover lineof my magazine cover being ‘Total Film’. I also used a similar size and fontto the Total Film layout in order to make my product more professional.However in the ‘Inception’ magzine front cover, the ‘Total Film’ is placedbehind the main image of Leonardo DiCaprio, I decided to make the maincover line one of the focus points on the page rather than the image, thiswas to promote the producton company to the consumers. Similarly to theprofessional product, I added a website for those who don’t want aprinted copy. Alternatively, the magazine print industry may benefit fromthis and expand consumerism of their product.
  10. 10. In order to continue the link with all my products I used another screenshot from my teaser trailer as my magazine front cover. It is a mediumshot of the character ‘Aylin Bastas’. This is once again to engage allconsumers and mainly to promote the film. The image uses conventions ofa Thriller as the overall appearance seems very mysterious and one of thereasons for this is because the characters face is not visible. The tag lines,cover lines, and the overall layout helped me to adhere to conventions ofa real magazine front cover.
  11. 11. Main cover lineTag lines andcover lines Web page Two main characters names Main image IconsTitle of the film Used for advertising purposes Barcode and price