Adventure Research DRC10


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Adventure Research DRC10

  1. 1. ADVENTURE RESEARCH If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? – Albert Einstein @aisforayla Normative Design, Toronto
  4. 4. t ure Adventure Adven “It’s n en ot it’s wh what you lo t ure at you ok see...” at that m v att ers, Ad —Ralp in the city! h Wa ldo E “If yo ! merso uc e city backy an’t find a n ard, y dv ou’ll n enture in y WHA th ever fi o nd it a ur own ADV T IS in nywh —Ellia n A. B ere!” in the ell ENTU To a RE? d your “If you can’t find adventure in ventuown city! “to c omm re esse backyard, you’ll never find it anywhere!” ntial it to c hance ly means “A—Ellian A. Bell man .” : when pract h ices t h and r e breaks t e art of ad en h v book ews his li e chain of enture s, fe ro new f traveling through r utine ri to e and a ends, taki new plac ading new dopti n e ng ne g up new s, making w vie hobb —Wil fred A wpoints.” ies . Pete THIS rson ADV E NTU The e ve RE? some ning will o le artist f the man ad you thr ic yh o of Va expressio istorical ugh ncou t ver’s ns and sen reasures, Kitsi Kitsi lano n sory delig For t hi eighb ht la Khats no was na orho s two p s adventu od. eo re il m who r ano, an In ed after C and o ple, roug you will n f cour h e e d In the sided near ian Chief a f hie se, an ly $10, all ed: open 6 enjoy 1960 ’s, “K the b n each d his ban An Ev mind senses, e . e i un vibes d a period ts,” as it i til 1930. d in a s ning in Kit er sil .T o youn oday bot f hippy lo ow called sn a full ies of adve ano is par d n t g at h h v eart p the youn e and goo , diver ay in three tures that 3 of 3 se nei s lay, li g ve an and the d ghbo of Vancou pans d wor rhoo ver’s kh Each ds. For this adventure you will need: ere. #4 ub adven ture i two people, roughly $10, all 6 senses, c|po s acce wel ssi and of course, an open mind. l bu s rou ble from t te. he s An Afternoon Downtown is part 2 of 3 For m o in a series of adventures that spans cultu re inform ralad a full day in three of Vancouver’s ventu ation & m ring@ ap diverse neighborhoods. ¤Illu gmai s: stratio ns by Ali H Each adventure is accessible from the all #4 ubc|powell bus route. E FRE FREE For more information & maps: . f3 N 1o o Nocu2uofl e3n 3 ¤Illustrations by Ali Hall {A {A cultural afternoon for two in Vancouver} lt ra ncou ver} veing fo r two FRE om th e ing fo r two in Va in Va ncou ver} E tural m orn N o3 o { A cul f3 aps: m l
  6. 6. GIRLS SHOULD BE...
  11. 11. 1 Enter the Millenium gates 3 At Arts de Chine 5 Rock, water, plant, frame; 7 “We are immersed in a living to the centre of the earth… a sign reads: the yin and the yang sea of sound…” Feed a lion a hand; free tasting for interested of a Ming Dynasty garden —Yehudi Menuhin turn the ball tea drinkers! lends a moment of peace So listen, three times So find a little teapot, inside the city. over Chinese BBQ duck and good fortune & Buddha’s mellow iron; Known as Guo Fu, and gai-lan in oyster sauce. shall be yours! ask Daniel to steep the “Father of the Country,” You can practice You are now entering (three times!) Dr.Sun Yat Sen the fine art of conversation: Chinatown… any tea in store… built democracy listen, speak, listen in 15th c. China to the voices of many cultures, 2 Observe a world record 4 “The work of art sums up as well as your own. as you pass: at only 6 feet, and reflects the discoveries Do you speak adventure? the world’s arrowest building the artist has made about 6 To market to market is office to Mr. Jack Chow his environment and about to buy a dried… himself” lizard! —D’arcy Hayman Boil his tail for soup, look and he shall heal your back. N Go! W. H astin gs S t. Abbott St. hastings and abbott bus downtown to Take the #4 powell W. Hastings 5 2 w hastings Pend er St .W Columbia St. taste 1 pender at taylor 4 101 e pender smell Pender St.E touch 2 7 6 pender at carrall 142 e pender pender at main Main St. listen dream Carralll Keef Keefer St. er Pl 3 578 carrall Keefer St.
  12. 12. What’s your adventure research story? @aisforayla Normative Design, Toronto