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  1. 1. Forest and Wildlife Resources
  2. 2. •Our earth is home for millions of living beings, starting from micro-organisms and bacteria, lichens to banyan trees , elephants and blue whales . INTRODUTION…
  3. 3. Flora and Fauna
  4. 4. In India •India is one of the richest countries in terms of biological diversity. •20 per cent of mammals are in threatened list. •Pink headed duck, cheetah .,etc is on the verge of extinction.
  5. 5. Classification of Species •Normal species •Endangered species •Vulnerable species •Rare species •Endemic species •Extinct species
  6. 6. Causes of depletion of flora and fauna • The various factors that cause depletion of flora and fauna are : Large-scale development projects Shifting cultivation Mining Grazing and fuel-wood collection Over population
  7. 7. Factors responsible for decline in India’s biodiversity :  Habitat destruction  Hunting  Poaching  Over – exploitation  Environmental - pollution  Poisoning  Forest fires
  8. 8. Himalayan Yew in Trouble
  9. 9. • Conservation preserves the ecological diversity and our life support system-water, air, soil. • The Indian wildlife act was implemented in 1972 • The central government also announced several projects for protecting specific animals.
  10. 10. Project Tiger Launched in 1973. There are 27 Tiger Reserves in India.
  11. 11. Conservation of environment in U.A.E • Since 1960s, the Emirate has been working on the creation and revival of several natural habitats and wildlife reserves which saved several endangered species from the brink of extinction.
  12. 12. Type and distribution of forest and wildlife In India much of its forest and wildlife resources are much of its forest and wildlife resources are managed by the government . They are classified under: • Reserved forest • Protected forest • Unclassed forest
  13. 13.  Local communities are struggling to conserve these habitats along with Government official, to secure their Long – term Livelihood.  In Sariska Tiger Reserve , Rajasthan , villagers have fought against mining by citing the Wildlife Protection Act .
  14. 14.  The famous in the Himalayas has successfully resisted Deforestation in several areas . > Also shown that Community Afforestation with indigenous species can be enormously successful.  programme introduced in 1988 in the state of Odisha shown the good example for involving local communities in the management and restoration of degraded forests.