Abram Ying-Kin Chan - UX Research and Interaction Design portofolio


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Abram Ying-Kin Chan - UX Research and Interaction Design portofolio

  1. 1. Abram Ying-Kin Chan User Experience (UX) RESEARCH. ANALYTICS. DESIGN. ePortfolio My most notable project I did with Desire2Learn is under NDA so I cannot show that work here. If you’re interested in discussing my work experience beyond this portfolio please contact me. Email: ayingchan@gmail.com
  2. 2. Open Doorz Research and Design Card Sorting Study Maintenance Task Study I used a card sorting study of maintenance tasks to understand how users viewed and interacted with home maintenance in their daily lives.
  3. 3. Open Doorz Research and Design Re-design Prototyping Research based design for maintenance scheduler Using the findings from the card sorting study I designed user- centered wireframes which I used to discuss the research findings with the CTO of Open Doorz. After receiving the CTO’s input I created prototypes to synthesize both user needs and business goals.
  4. 4. Open Doorz Responsive Design Mobile Mockups Overview I created mobile responsive design samples for two of Open Doorz’ active web pages. Responsive mobile Site All the content in these responsive web pages are taken directly from the original site and arranged to be optimized for mobile. I proposed to my stakeholders that they did not have to create a new mobile site they really just needed to use CSS media queries to arrange the web assets they already had.
  5. 5. Open Doorz Research and Design User Journey Maps Renovation, Maintenance, and Satisfaction Calculators Through User Journey Mapping I worked with the CEO and CTO of Open Doorz to create these applications as part of the overall user experience strategy for the company.
  6. 6. Deck Refresh Redesign Proto-persona Wireframe Website redesign and user goals I redesigned the company’s website to better meet the goals of their users. First I created proto-personas with the CEO based on his direct experience with the company’s clients. I then catalogued the data elements of their website and prioritized them based on the personas. To follow up I created multi- platform wireframes.
  7. 7. Deck Refresh Redesign Redesign Prototype Website redesign visual prototype Based off of my wireframes I created a hi-fidelity prototype. This design encapsulates the stakeholder research and interaction design principles outlined in my previous wireframes. This prototype prioritized elements from the tablet wireframe to make it cross- functional. Original New Redesign
  8. 8. Your Local Market Co-op Analytics and Strategy Web Analytics Social Media and Website Audit I worked with a team to create a Digital Media Audit report based off of data from Google Analytics and Sysomos MAPS. In our report we made web design and social media recommendations. Contact me for full report
  9. 9. Your Local Market Co-op Strategy and Design Proto-Personas Appendix 1: Recommended Personas Photo Source: Versluis and Uyttenbroek, 1995-2012 Customer based strategy As part of the report I worked with my team to create personas of customers to embody the goals, attitudes, and behaviors that customers have in interacting with YLMCs website, social media, brand identity, and physical assets. Contact me for full report
  10. 10. GMAIL Usability Proposals Thread Merge Function. (1) Currently there is no way to combine email threads in Gmail. I propose that a “merge” button to allow users to combine multiple threads into a single thread. The emails in the thread would be organized based on recencey, with the most recent emails showing up at the top of the thread. Additionally I proposed the inclusion of a dropdown menu with the options “merge” and “quick view”. Quick view would allow users to view multiple threads as a single thread without merging them. Email History Navigation Function. (2) Currently sorting through old emails is painful. The task involves looking through pages of emails until you find what your looking for. Here I propose that it would be helpful to create a filter that would allow users to view their emails based on the time period which they where received or sent. Feature Design Prototype 1 2
  11. 11. Viewport Responsive Scroll-bars (3) Currently when your browser viewport drops below 60% of the full screen size the Gmail webpage stops being responsive. I propose here that secondary minimalist scroll bars would allow individuals to navigate more successfully in Gmail while multitasking on their computer. GMAIL Usability Proposals Feature Design Prototype 3
  12. 12. UWaterloo Library Conceptual Prototype Mobile Application Wireframe Application concept for UWaterloo Library to meet student needs I collected data on undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students using field interviews to understand student goals, attitudes, and behviours in their interaction with academic libraries. I then translated the findings of these interviews into a mobile application for the University of Waterloo to help users with their study and research needs.
  13. 13. League of Legends Feature Proposal Feature Design Prototype Dealing with users exhibiting toxic behaviour Currently there is no good way in League of Legends to deal with toxic players during character selection. Here I propose a system to boot toxic individuals from the game where players can vote to boot a player from the current game. Success of this action is based on a majority vote.
  14. 14. League of Legends Feature Proposal Cool down Period for Toxic Behaviour I would then suggest that a 5 minute waiting period be enforced on the toxic player who was just booted. During this time the player would not be able to join a new game. This would allow the player time to cool down from whatever negative circumstances that led them to decide to act toxically. Feature Design Prototype
  15. 15. Peel Region Research and Strategy Scoping Review Contact me for full report Aspergers Research Landscape With a project team I worked on creating a scoping review of the psychological research done on Aspergers Syndrome. This was done as part of a larger report done for the Region of Peel on best practices for supporting children and youth dealing with Aspergers Syndrome.
  16. 16. Voice Technique Poster Graphic Design: Print Marketing Poster for Voice Classes I help do voice coaching for people who want to get better at ethnographic interviews, and public speaking. I created this poster to market my services to undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo.
  17. 17. ePortfolioPhone #: 519-729-7238 Email: ayingchan@gmail.com END Abram Ying-Kin Chan User-Experience (UX)