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Basic airport procedures


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For the sole purpose of educating first time travellers about the basic flight procedures.

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Basic airport procedures

  1. 1. TTOM Basic airport procedures
  2. 2. TTOM Psgr and bg flow Departure
  3. 3. TTOM At the airport Check your luggage Present your travel documents (passport and plane ticket)
  4. 4. TTOM Security Check Luggage has to pass through an X-ray check
  5. 5. TTOM Check-in Proceed to the counter assigned to UST Present passport and ticket Check-in luggage Boarding pass will be given
  6. 6. TTOM Proceed to the Terminal Fee Counter You have to pay PhP550.00 for terminal fee
  7. 7. TTOM Immigration Counter Present passport and embarkation card
  8. 8. TTOM Proceed to the Designated Gate Be ready for another customs/security check for handcarry
  9. 9. TTOM Pre-departure hold area You have to present your boarding pass
  10. 10. TTOM Psgr and bg flow Arrival
  11. 11. TTOM Touch down Check handcarry Filled entry card
  12. 12. TTOM Immigration Present passport and entry card
  13. 13. TTOM Baggage Carousel Get your luggage
  14. 14. TTOM Customs Surrender the customs form