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  1. 1. // Assignment: Sorting using bubble sort, selection sort and insertion sort// Author: Ayesha Saif Bhatti// Class: BSE 3A// Date: 15-12-2012#include "stdafx.h"#include <iostream>#include <time.h>#include <conio.h>using namespace std;//Fucntions implementing sorting algorithmsvoid bubbleSort(int myArray[], int size);void insertionSort(int myArray[], int size);void selectionSort(int myArray[], int size);//Utility functionsvoid generateArray(int myArray[], int size);void displayArray(int myArray[], int size);void copyArray(int dest[], int source[],int size);int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){ const int size = 1000; int theArray1[size]; //Declare three arrays, each array will have the sameunsorted values int theArray2[size]; int theArray3[size]; time_t start; time_t end; time_t elapsed; generateArray(theArray1,size); //Generate the array of random numbers cout<<"The original unsorted array is: "<< endl; displayArray(theArray1,size); copyArray(theArray2,theArray1, size); //Copy the same values to the two otherarrays copyArray(theArray3,theArray1, size); // ******** Bubble Sort *********/ start = time(NULL); bubbleSort(theArray1, size); //Call the bubble sort function end = time(NULL) ; elapsed = end - start; cout<<"After bubble sort, the sorted array is: "<< endl; displayArray(theArray1,size); //Display the sorted array cout <<"Time taken by bubble sort: " << elapsed * 1000 << " milliseconds." << endl<< endl; // ******** Insertion Sort *********/ start = time(NULL);
  2. 2. insertionSort(theArray2, size); //Call the insertion sort function end = time(NULL); elapsed = end - start; cout<<"After insertion sort, the sorted array is: "<< endl; displayArray(theArray2,size); //Display the sorted array cout <<"Time taken by insertion sort: " << elapsed * 1000 << " milliseconds." <<endl << endl; // ******** Selection Sort *********/ start = time(NULL); selectionSort(theArray3, size); //Call selection sort function end = time(NULL); elapsed = end - start; cout<<"After selection sort, the sorted array is: "<< endl; displayArray(theArray3,size); //Display sorted array cout <<"Time taken by selection sort: " << elapsed * 1000 << " milliseconds."<<endl << endl; getch(); return 0;}//////////////////////////////////Function to Display the Array////////////////////////////////void displayArray(int myArray[], int size){ for(int i=0;i<size;i++) cout<< myArray[i] <<" "; cout<< endl;}//////////////////////////////////Bubble Sort////////////////////////////////void bubbleSort(int myArray[], int size){ int temp; bool switched = true; for (int pass = 0; pass < size-1 && switched == true; pass++) { switched = false; for (int j = 0; j < size-pass-1; j++) { if (myArray[j] > myArray[j+1]) // elements out of order { switched = true; temp = myArray[j]; myArray[j] = myArray [j+1]; myArray[j+1] = temp; } // end if } // end inner for loop } // end outer for loop}//////////////////////////////////Insertion Sort////////////////////////////////
  3. 3. void insertionSort(int myArray[], int size){ int key; for (int j=1;j<size;j++) { key = myArray[j]; int i = j-1; while(i>=0 && myArray[i]>key) { myArray[i+1]=myArray[i]; i--; } myArray[i+1]=key; }}//////////////////////////////////Selection Sort////////////////////////////////void selectionSort(int myArray[], int size){ int temp; for (int i=0;i<size-1;i++) { int min = i; for(int j=i+1;j<size;j++) if(myArray[j] < myArray[min]) min =j; temp = myArray[i]; myArray[i] = myArray[min]; myArray[min]= temp; }}//////////////////////////////////Generate array of random numbers////////////////////////////////void generateArray(int myArray[], int size){ srand(time(0)); for(int i=0;i<size;i++) myArray[i]= rand()% size;}//////////////////////////////////Copy elements of an array into// another array////////////////////////////////void copyArray(int destination[], int source[], int size){ for(int i=0;i<size;i++) destination[i]= source[i];}