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  1. 1. Ayesha Saif Bhatti BSE 3A
  2. 2.  AIBO means “companion” in Japanese Artificial Intelligence roBOt An entertainment robot Designed by Sony Different models since 1999
  3. 3.  Autonomous – Not Remote Controlled Not just a toy – True companion with emotions and instincts Goes through the developmental stages of an infant, child, teen and adult If you praise him when he plays with his pink ball – scold him and he will eventually learn to ignore the ball Responds to friendly pats on the head, chin and back
  4. 4.  Six different emotional states including: ◦ Happiness, Dislike, Anger, Love, Sadness, and Surprise. Instincts, or drives including: ◦ Movement, Fear, Recharge, and Search. He expresses his emotional state with a wag of his tail or by changing the color and shape of his eyes or by his body movements. AIBO learns the name you give him. his built- in stereo microphone, voice-recognition technology
  5. 5.  Grassroots of AIBO - Early 1990’s Advances in terms of computer processors, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and visual technology Dr. Toshi Doi had the ingenious idea that these technologies could be brought together to conceive an autonomous robot By 1997 the first prototypes were beginning to emerge
  6. 6.  The very first prototype actually had six legs and was the first step to having a robot on legs
  7. 7.  Touch ◦ On his head, chin and back Hearing ◦ Stereo microphones Sight ◦ A camera in his head Other Sensors ◦ Infrared distance sensor, an acceleration sensor, and a temperature sensor, pressure sensor etc.
  8. 8.  64-Bit RISC Processor 576 MHz Clock Speed 64 MB Memory Operating System: Aperios Real Time OS Wireless LAN Memory Stick – Photos taken by AIBO Operates on 6 to 8 Watts
  9. 9. Tear Down of AIBO Colour digital camera mounted in the head section
  10. 10. Tear Down of AIBO A pair of microphones, one on each side of the head The microphones are mounted on the axis of the ears.
  11. 11. Tear Down of AIBO The touch-sensitive pad on the top of an Aibos head to receive information The blue button is a pressure sensitive switch
  12. 12. Tear Down of AIBO Similar to Domestic Pets Aibo leg module
  13. 13. Tear Down of AIBO Similar to Domestic Pets Aibo tail module
  14. 14. Main Circuit Board (An earlier model)Processor
  15. 15.  Also called “4-legged league” 2 Teams, 4 against 4 robots 2 halftimes, 10 minutes each No human intervention allowed Numerous institutions from around the world would participate Competitors program a team of AIBO robots to play games of autonomous robot soccer against other competing team
  16. 16. Build an autonomous humanoid robot until 2050 which is able to beat the current world soccer-champion by the rules of the FIFA.