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Marketing to Muslims - Ramadan Tips

Ramadan is coming, you must be working on your Ramadan Campaign. Here are some tips for those marketers who plan to differentiate.

What is worth mentioning here is that Brand Communication has learnt to ride on the waves of uneasy insights and relate to the consumer. But somehow, all of those learning fail to affect the way we produce Ramadan Campaigns.

This presentation brings out Insights into the Muslim World that waiting to be tapped. Please don’t waste your time reading it any further if you don’t plan to differentiate.

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Marketing to Muslims - Ramadan Tips

  1. 1. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comRamadan brandingTips & Insights
  2. 2. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comRamadan Kareem.Branding should do better than just showing Hilal & DatesTrust me, we (Muslims) don’t sit in our couches and wait for you to showthe prettiest Hilal on your adverts.Ramadan is about Spiritual detoxing, Patience, Compassion,Self Control, Honesty and about understanding the messageof God (Quran). Lets talk about that
  3. 3. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed
  4. 4. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comYour Logo & TaglineCREATING A CLONE AGAINTHIS RAMADAN?Here is a standard format.The least you can do is to Save thedesign cost and give it to Charity.
  5. 5. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comBrandCommunicationhas learnt to rideon the waves ofuneasy insightsand relate to theconsumer.But somehow, allof those learningfail to affect theway we produceRamadanCampaigns.
  6. 6. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comInsights into Muslim Market
  7. 7. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comAnother ½ thinks,it is a symbol ofFreedom.Everyone isentitled to choosetheir attireOPPRESSION FREEDOM½ of the worldthinks Hijabshould be banned..It’s a symbol ofoppression
  8. 8. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comThis movie moved the Muslim world,it talks about how stereotyping iseffecting the Muslims.The movie makers found this insight,but the brand managers cant?Surprising!AND I AM NOT A TERRORIST
  9. 9. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comHe is a Muslim who runs one of theworlds’ largest philanthropist center.The reason you don’t know him andmany others is that MuslimPhilanthropists have never beencelebrated at broader level hence leavinga cavity in perceptions about Muslims.Enlighten your audience- show thebrighter side of the pictureDo you know him?Most probably, No.
  10. 10. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comMeat is the only thing associated with Halal,not the fact that your brand is truthful, avoidsall forms of illegalities, bribes and everythingwhich is forbidden in Islam.Educate and enlighten your audience. Halal isnot how you slaughter a cow, it’s a way of life.
  11. 11. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comFew Ideas for the campaigns
  12. 12. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comEnlightenI Cover is a photo book by a Muslimphotographer talking aboutsuccessful Muslim women whocoversSupport a causePick any cause, from dishonesty tocharity and support it. Your CSRcampaign can be your RamadanCampaign
  13. 13. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comSupport the man behind thecausePromote the Stars of Muslim World.Let the world see us in a differentlightEducateWhat is Halal?What is Islam?What is Ramadan?Try to talk about the real meaning of these conceptsFasting is more than just hunger management
  14. 14. InsightsbyAyeshaSaeed www.CustomerTrendlog.comInteresting presentations – Marketing to MuslimsYou may find the following link useful, if you are looking for morepresentations on the same subject