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Young, strong, financially influential, globally connected. These are some of the attributes of young people of our times. With a cumulative purchasing power of $ 592 billion i.e. bigger than the economy of Switzerland, they are far more powerful and equally more capable of bringing radical change.
Though the young today are more dynamic than their counterparts in yesteryears but the basic motivators stays the same. Here is how I think this market can be targeted more effectively

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Youth Trends - Consumer insights with Ayesha Saeed

  1. 1. Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Young and strong Consumer trends – insights into global youth market
  2. 2. Spending Power Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed
  3. 3. Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Source: TRU global study Teen 2009
  4. 4. Being Young - A typical day Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed • 38 hours a day • 4 things at once • Multi-media exposure • Social media pressure Source: MTV being young
  5. 5. Exposed – Connected – Informed Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed
  6. 6. The Cause to Connect Social media is just a medium of story telling its not the story itself Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Source: All 50 Youth Marketing Trends for 2009 by Graham Brown mobileYouth
  7. 7. What’s in it for ME - WIIFM Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Will you make me famous Will you enable me to make a difference Will you enable me look cooler A facebook page to promote trial
  8. 8. Similar Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Has anything changed between the youth of yesteryear and of The only difference is that 2009? youth today has tools and means to NO – both want to voice themselves more loudly than make a difference and their counterparts of yesteryears both need enablers
  9. 9. What does it mean? Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed • Style without substance is not only meaningless, it is damaging – If you want to win them for life, please learn to stop selling meaningless cool image. It never was and never will be the sustainable promise. With more and more connected youth, they have started to see behind the scenes faster than our imagination. The information sharing cracked the communists (case study Chinese earthquake and how people retaliated against govt. officials) so imagine what it can do to you. Ref: Clay Shirky’s presentation on TED Possible meaningful styles options could be – Nationalistic pride (especially for Asian audience) – The Smarter wiser informed youth, overworked youth ready for an over demanding life
  10. 10. What does it mean? Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed • Powerful – Cumulative purchasing power of $ 592 billion i.e. bigger than the economy of Switzerland. With more tools in their hands, more connectivity and extreme urge of being different. They are far more powerful and equally more capable of bringing radical change Youthland - They are connected and have crossed geographic boundaries. No government, no brand and no market can afford to take ‘em lightly. And they grow in groups, so a product promise in US which hurts people in Mid-East can hurt the product far more successfully than before. Similarly you hurt ‘em in Iran you will hear the roar in world
  11. 11. What does it mean? Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed • The culture of entrepreneurship – More than ever, today’s business landscape is bombarded by young and energetic entrepreneurs. Sometimes a fluke, sometimes genuine business sense but most of the time they are faster than any of the business entity in taking advantage of the change which connectivity is bringing Motivator: A brand, a concept and/or a government that is going to spend in motivating them and nurturing their risk-taking nature either through investment or through engagement will be successful
  12. 12. What does it mean for Arab youth? Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed • Understand the young Arab first – He is optimistic, religious and like his global counterparts he is nationalistic, seeks gender equality, future oriented and seeks a mean to make a change. (Source – ASDA youth study) Ask yourself – did you harness the power of youth? - If your brand promise adds to Governments: Did you invest in them? his passion, or if it provides him Did you provide them with a chance to make a with a platform to make a difference? Did you engage them? change? You are on the right track but If not then you have Brands: Did you channelize the patriotism? not targeted him at all (he is Did you ignite the passion for a positive change? choosing you out of lack of Media: Are you producing the content choices) which is relevant and allows them to add to your story? Are you giving them a chance to get heard?
  13. 13. Some Examples Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed JWT Mumbai helped the Times of India encourage ordinary people to get involved in politics and choose better political leaders for India. The campaign included the Lead India television contest program where shortlisted candidates competed to be the first of a new class of citizen leader. A multimedia campaign by JWT Mumbai across TV, print, radio, internet and mobile encouraged Indians to take part in the contest and share their views through blogs, SMS, videos and other activities. Over 37,000 people participated and the campaign website has registered more than 1.3 million hits. Lead India garnered significant awards, including the Cannes Grand Prix for Direct as well as Titanium and Integrated Cannes Lions. Source: WPP- the impact of our work For details click here
  14. 14. Timberland is committed to environmental stewardship. This includes incorporating more recycled and renewable materials into its products, reducing its use of chemicals Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed and cutting waste. Timberland’s Earthkeepers footwear and apparel are made with the environment in mind. They use materials like recycled PET, organic cotton and leathers that come from a tannery that received a silver rating for its reduced energy use, reduced waste and quality water treatment. MediaCom Hong Kong helped Timberland increase public awareness of its Earthkeepers range, using the strapline “go green with your latest style”. The ads show that Earthkeepers provide durability, comfort and a reduced environmental footprint. Earthkeepers were one of the best- selling shoes in Hong Kong in 2008. Source: WPP- the impact of our work
  15. 15. MTV anti-slavery campaign Modern day slavery is big business. According to the UN, 25 million people can be classified as slaves. To dramatise this, we targeted a Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed provocative campaign at people who are part of big business using the language of big business applied to the slave trading ‘industry’. The strategy was to stir up a response and hopefully prick a conscience or two. Launch And Execution: An email was sent to financial journalists and big names in the City promising them a ‘hot new investment’. Clicking on the link took them to Four Continents Capital Management, a company that seemed to be investing in slave labour. An interview featuring the head of Four Continents was filmed and posted on various web sites. We blogged, set up fake web sites for the other companies involved and mailed a prospectus to big names in finance, journalists and NGO’s. Finally we ran For the video click here or go to JWT ‘s website for the case study TV versions of the interview directing people to a web site where you could sign a petition.
  16. 16. Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Consumer Insights with Ayesha Saeed Explore more consumer trends and consumer insights