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  2. 2. India (Introduction)• Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931• Operation in Konnagar (near Calcutta)• Changed its name to Bata India Limited in 1973• ISO: 9001 certification.• Largest retailer and Leading manufacturer• 30,000 dealers
  3. 3. Founder Thomas Bata Thomas Bata, founder of the 17/9/1914 - Toronto-based Bata Shoe 31/8/2008 Company -which has hundreds of manufacturing units and retail stores globally, including India --is 93 years old. Tomas Jan Bata ,(September 17, 1914 - September 1, 2008) also known as Tomas Bata Jr. and“Our success is built on ourlegacy of values and beliefs” Tomas Bata ml and "Shoe"Thomas G. Bata, maker to the World", ran theChairman and Grandson of Bata Shoe Company fromFounder" the1940s until the 80s.
  4. 4. HistoryBata first establisheditself in India in 1931and commencedmanufacturing shoes inBetanagar in 1936. Atthat time the Bata ShoeOrganization washeadquartered in theCzechoslovakia town inZlin, the residence ofThomas Bata, thefounder of theorganization.
  5. 5. Evolution• 1894 T.& A. Bata Shoe Company registered in Zlin, Czechoslovakia by the siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata• 1895 Tomáš Bata takes over the company leadership alone• 1897 Tomas introduces the “Batovka”• 1909 First export sales and first sales agencies in Germany, in the Balkans and in the Middle East• 1925 The Bata School of work founded• 1929-1931 factories in Swiss, Germany, England, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, Holland, the USA and India• 1934-1937 factories in Holland, in the Dutch Indies, in Singapore and in France in 1937
  6. 6. contcont…• 1940 Part of the Company management under the leadership of Thomas J. Bata starts to operate from Batawa, near Toronto, Canada. 1970s Private labels are created to be marketed to new customer segments: Bubblegummers, Power, Marie Claire, North Star. 1990s 1990’s• Creativity, product innovation and research for higher quality levels lie at the core of Bata product development policy. The result is the international high standard Bata Premium collection.
  7. 7. Cocont…• 2001 Thomas G Bata, founders grandson becomes the Groups chairman.• 2008 The Bata Emerging Markets Unit was created in order to maximize the synergies of all operations in Latin America, Africa, Asia and India.
  8. 8. Today• Serves 1 million customers per day• Employs more than 40,000 people• Operates 5000 retail stores• Manages a retail presence in over 70 countries• Runs 33 production facilities across 22 countries
  9. 9. A store at Korum mall ,Thane
  10. 10. International Bata• Batas reach is worldwide; its presence is local. Our novel international manufacturing structure allows Bata facilities around the globe to respond to the unique needs and wants of local customers. As a result, Bata is honored to be a local company in every country it serves. Bata continues to be guided by the same core principle it has followed for over one hundred years: to know its customers and to create the best possible products to meet their needs.
  11. 11. Brands
  12. 12. PRODUCTION DETAILS Bata India Limited, through its subsidiaries, engages inthe manufacture and marketing of footwear primarily inIndia. It manufactures leather, rubber, canvas, and PVCshoes. The company offers various selection of footwear,such as men, ladies, children, schools, sports, canvas, andhawai footwear. In addition, the company offersaccessories, including socks, polishes, belts, brushes, andschool bags. Bata’s brand portfolio comprises HushPuppies, Dr Scholls, North Star, Power, Marie Claire, andBubble gummers. The company sells its products throughits retail outlets, as well as through wholesalers. Asof July 13, 2007, it operated approximately 1,100 storesin India
  13. 13. The company’s net income grew at a compounded annual growthrate (CAGR) of 50.2% while sales grew at a modest 12% during 2005-2010. PAT surged 42% and revenues were up by 14.7% year-on-yearbetween 2009 and 2010.
  14. 14. CONTROLTop quality is ensured by forming strategic alliances with keysuppliers and through best in class processes in terms of:- Raw material selection- Sophisticated and strictly controlled of all production processsteps- Respect of Bata shoe Organization quality specifications- Supplier selection based on strict compliance and respect forinternational environmental laws and workplace safety,minimum wage and child labour policiesproduct quality testing and inspection in the laboratory before,after and during production by a professional team of 20quality inspectors.
  15. 15. TURNOVER PER ANNUM 29.07.2009• Bata India net profit up at Rs 25.9 cr30.07.2010• Bata India reports Rs 351.20 crore turnover for quarterended Jun 2010 27.10.2011• Bata India net profit up at Rs 20.7 cr
  16. 16. Top Competitors for Bata India Ltd. • Relaxo Footwears Ltd. • Bhartiya International Ltd. • Liberty Shoes Ltd. • Superhouse Ltd. • Sarup Tanneries Ltd.
  17. 17. COMPARISION OF BATA WITH ITS RIVALS1. While Reebok plans to close shutters to more than 300 stores, Bata India has added 67 stores in March 2012 quarter.2. Reebok , Nike and Addias doesn’t have wide range of products like Bata! As they only focus on sports wear.3. They don’t concentrate on other brands. Whereas Bata has sub brands
  18. 18. Comments1.BIG NO to BATA Hyderabad Punjagutta - By: Sam | Sep 28, 2012• This is happened to me in Hyderabad @ Punjagutta shoe room. There is a flaw in several BATA models. Right side strip is bigger than the left one. The shop guys are not even accepting them for return one we buy, even that is a problem at their side. I checked nearly 20 pairs, all of them were at the same condition. I requested them to not put that model in display to avoid my situation to the next customer.• I will say Big no to BATA from this moment.
  19. 19. 2. Dont even think of it -By: Raj | Jun 26, 2012 I was brand lover of Bata for decades because of their quality and reliability of products were high. Now days they forgot their loyal customer base and just wanted to sell their NAME. Because their quality of products falling down and no value on the product for the price (road side shoes are far better) I am leaving from Bata loyal community.
  20. 20. 3.Good service and delivery By: Rahul | Feb 08, 2012Placed order on 26th Jan 2012 paid by Cash. Got instant confirmation of order. Later when I inquired about the product delivery ,they said it will be delivered on 3rd Feb 2012 and it was delivered on 3rb Feb 2012. Websites also provides all the necessary information and images as required.
  21. 21. 4. The best qualityBY Sonia | May , 05,2012I had purchased a pair of shoes from Bata. As I always keep Bata as my first preference. I like the quality it provides and so I choose it. It has high durability than other shoes in the market. I hope they keep up the standards.
  22. 22. Research
  23. 23. Questionnaire Question 1: Question 2: shoes have has lot ofhigh durability? variety?a. Yes a. Yesb. No b. Noc. Maybe c. Maybe
  24. 24. Question 3: Question 4:Are all Price of shoesshoes are very much is cheap?available? a. Yesa. Yes b. Nob. No c. Maybec. Maybe
  25. 25. Question 5: Question 6:Is shoes Are theattractive and stores easily available ?comfortable? a. Yesa. Yes b. Nob. No c. Maybec. Maybe
  26. 26. Question 7: Question 8:If any problem, Do you think, as ashoes can be brand,returned very easily? has a strong image?a. Yes a. Yesb. No b. Noc. Maybe c. Maybe
  27. 27. Recommendation1. Variety2. Price3. Durability4. Exchangeability5. Availability6. Convenience
  28. 28. Research Conclusion• Bearing all the limitations in mind the research was continued just for the fact that, it would only give an insight into the problem at hand. The researcher does not expect all the recommendation to be carried out by the company.
  29. 29. Thank You