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Classification of morphemes

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Classification of morphemes

  1. 1. Classification of MorphemesPrepared byAyesha AslamFarwa Khalid
  2. 2. Classification of MorphemesRonald W. Langacker in his book Language and itsStructure has divided morphemes into two classes: lexical morphemes grammatical morphemes
  3. 3. Lexical morphemes are likeboywritepaperpen
  4. 4. Grammatical morphemes are likesomewithathean
  5. 5. MorphemesMorphemes are the minimum grammatical forms of alanguage. Some of them can occur alone, otherscannot. Forms which do not occur alone are boundmorphemes, and those which occur alone are freemorphemes.The whole classification can be represented in thefollowing manner Slide 6
  6. 6. MorphemeFree BoundPrefix InfixSuffixDerivational Inflectional BoundbasesClass-maintainingClass-changing