Technology Changes, People Don't: Rethinking Work


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Technology Changes, People Don't: Rethinking Work

  1. 1. Technology Changes, People Don’t— Rethinking Work Ayelet Baron Chief Instigator http://linkedin/in/ayeletbaron h"p://  
  2. 2. § Create a truly “social business” § Enable “future of work” § Experimenting culture/Reverse Mentoring ➥  Top 3 “Best Company to Work For” 3+ years ➥  300 new R&D jobs in Canada; $25M grant from the Province of Ontario – and just the x start ➥  Advisor to Federal, Provincial and City Governments ➥  “Connected North” ➥  From #4 to #2 in Cisco ⇒  Global engagement a ⇒  Emerging Markets à Public-Private Partnerships ⇒  Cisco Leadership Fellowship – Social Media for Social Good ⇒  Leadership by example ⇒  Integrating Social into Business (we’ve Outcomes always been social) ⇒  Multi-generational Workforce and Social Media ⇒  Adoption
  3. 3. 1800s: People Are Not As ConnectedOutside their Community Religious Institutions, state, monarchy dictate the agenda Face-to-Face Community
  4. 4. Enter The Age of Mass MediaConnecting People to Information and People
  5. 5. Social Media AgeEverything is Connectedh"p://  
  6. 6. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Religious Institutions, state, monarchy dictate the agenda Professional media dictate Consumers influence channels
  7. 7. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Authority Declining Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Professional media dictate Consumers influence channels
  8. 8. We Trust StrangersPRE MEDIA AGE MASS MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AGE AGE Consumers dictate Authority Declining Many-to-Many Any-to-Any Consumers Professional media Ability to Publish dictate Content Consumers influence channels
  9. 9. THE RELATIONSHIP IS NO LONGER LINEAR Social media: Marketing and PR Transparent Social Enterprise: People and processes Agile Changing how we work and Authentic integrating tools into workflow
  10. 10. What  Mo(vates  Us?     give me $10,000 give me something I give me the want to do prestige of a new title
  11. 11. Technology Keeps Getting Faster Source: 0,31813,2048601,00.html
  12. 12. … But People Don’t Change As Fast Source: h"p://  
  13. 13. People are adopting (expensive) technology faster than an annual plan can accommodateh"p://­‐innova+on-­‐myth   h"p://­‐01/29165.shtml  
  14. 14. h"p://  People are now the weakest link
  15. 15. We are on a collision course Image  by  Dave  Gray,  The  Connected  Company  
  16. 16. ©  Ayelet  Baron.  All  rights  reserved.   h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  17. 17. h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  18. 18. LET’S STOP MANAGING OUR INBOX Use – and misuse – of email costs organizations up to $16,000 per Executives spend two hours a employee day on e-mail per year
  19. 19. ©  Ayelet  Baron.  All  rights  reserved.  h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  20. 20. h"p://­‐passion-­‐employee-­‐engagement-­‐and-­‐money-­‐wasted  
  21. 21. Future of Work Co-creation Relationships Hollywood model Connecting Transnational Mobile Virtual Meaning Real Time Shared Any where Purpose
  22. 22. The social era will reward organizations that understandthey can create more value with communities than they can on their own −Nilofer Merchant, 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Strategic Adoption Framework How Will it Get Why Do It? What Done? Living it What’s the Should it Business Need? Do? Leadership Say/Do Integration Alignment Buy-In Output: Output: Output: Risk and Output: Purpose/ Value Gap Metrics Roadma Proposition Analysis p THINK ACT INTERACT DO ©Ayelet Baron. All Rights Reserved.
  25. 25. Behavior Change Model Awareness Understanding Translation Adoption Internalization Drive Ensure Provide tools Secure Becomes how awareness of understanding of and knowledge widespread shift we work/sell/integrating new what needs to of how to in behavior buildapproaches into change to integrate in day- relationships day-to-day increase sales to-day activities activities revenue
  26. 26. 6 In Summary
  27. 27. Organizations that Go Up and Down1 Hold You Back
  28. 28. 2 Break down the silos We  compartmentalize  crea(vity   Try  to  control  it,  set  targets,  apply  rules   Make  it  the  domain  of  par(cular  job  (tles   Or  box  it  into  brainstorming  sessions    
  29. 29. It’s about3 enduring Relationships
  30. 30. 4 There is no such thing as a social media strategy
  31. 31. 5
  32. 32. There is A 6 Growing Need for Simplicity and Shared Values Work ToolStrategy Another Tool More Tools Adoption
  33. 33. Think small
  34. 34. Keynotes Workshops Leadership Strategy§  Ayelet Baron§ http://linkedin/in/ayeletbaron
  35. 35. This presentation was created not by one person, but by many. It’s a presentation about the power of connecting with people online and using communities to get it done